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PSR 1880

Farm & Ranch in Menard

PSR 1880 or the Pecan Spring Ranch was established in 1880. The ranch has been in the family for generations. They distribute premium meats and jams/relishes. They offer Wagyu beef and Dorper lamb. Also available are Jayne’s Specialties Homemade Preserves. With many flavors to choose from and only using the freshest and most natural ingredients. Zero preservatives or colorings, just old fashioned, homestyle preserves. You can browse these jams at their online store. You can also email PSR 1880 for inquiries about their products. Check out their social media page too.

Texas IbericoNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Menard

Texas Iberico has 100 % Iberico breed pigs that are raised on the Trail's End Ranch in the Texas Hill Country by rancher Ashly Martin. The Cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pig) has a different genetic makeup than industrial pigs. These animals transform their diet – acorns, fresh grass, mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit – into heart-healthy fats much like extra virgin olive oil. That’s how Iberico pigs got the nickname "four-legged olive trees". "It is not like bacon done in the U.S.", you will be "very happy with it's flavor". "This bacon is great!" It "tastes the way bacon use to taste". You will also be able to "appreciate the salty taste". It has "thick smokey slices", also with "very rich flavor!" "So good!!!"

(757) 741-4016

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