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Black’s Bodega

Store in Houston

Black’s Bodega is a funky little shop in Houston, “serving everything you need” from beer and wine, cold pop, prepared foods, and free hugs! As soon as you walk in, it will make you feel good. Owner “Courtney Blackmore” really goes out of her way to take care of her customers. Black’s Bodega is a shining example of what Houston needs. Their products are often “locally sourced and the owner is a big supporter of local artists and musicians” which make this shop so unique. They have a great selection of local Texas brewed beers and you can grab a New Vintage record to play.

(832) 831-9966

BOH Pasta

Restaurant in Dallas

Located inside of Bravery Chef Hall in downtown, BOH Pasta & Pizza serves an “Italian inspired menu,” including Roman-style pizzas sold by the cut as well as fresh, handmade pastas led by “Chef Ben McPherson.” He has a genuine passion for Italian cuisine and has spent many years honing his craft. In addition to their Italian staples, BOH also offers “Antipasti options” such as local vegetables and artisanal salumi. Their pizza are unique because of the pan it is cooked in and the long fermentation it takes makes the dough. The result is a crispy crust that is light as air on the inside! BOH Pasta focus on the “simplicity and quality of the ingredients” that are mindfully sourced from farmers, purveyors and artisanal producers.

Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Kitchen

Restaurant in Houston

"Cherry-Block is a pop-up style restaurant in Houston's Bravery Chef Hall, specializing in grilled meats". "This is a foodie stop" because "from owner to butcher they take the steps to make culinary art". And, "every dish has care and soul". They have "delicious, mouthwatering steak". Their "Shrimp + Cracklins" has a "very nice kick to it". They also have "spinalis" which is a "ribeye cap that's been tied-up, rolled-up, and sliced into steaks". This is "supposedly the tastiest, most-marbled, and most-tender part of the ribeye!" You can have it "cooked medium". It is "outstanding", "well-seasoned, great outer sear, smoky flavors and yes very moist from all that glorious fat uniformly distributed throughout the meat". And, "you almost didn't need the butter". You will have an "interesting experience at Cherry Block" and will "love the concept of this fast-casual steakhouse, especially with meat of this quality"In the mood for chicken fried steak? Head on down to Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Kitchen to experience one of the 6 best local chicken fried steaks in Houston.

(713) 909-0691

ChiChi Mix Trail MixNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

ChiChi Mix Trail Mix is a Houston, Texas original trail mix! This is a specialty trail mix with a West-African flair based on a Nigerian snack called chin-chin. Their Trail mixes are made with gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and keto-friendly ingredients. Their Trail mixes are nut-based, seasoned, and baked to perfection using only the finest Texas ingredients!

(713) 609-3897

Craft Beer Cellar Houston

Craft Brewery in Houston

Craft Beer Cellar Houston is all about one thing: “really amazing beer!”  These “beer geeks” have invested much time and effort in learning everything they can – from how beers are made, to the ingredients, the best food to pair it with, about draft systems, taps, and even how to brew their own batch! And they have certainly applied their knowledge – in selecting the beer types and brands they carry and through their recommendations to their patrons. Also, all of Craft Beer Cellar Houston’s beer geeks are Apprentice Beercierge or Cicerone® Certified Beer Servers; the store owners have their Beercierge and Cicerone® Certifications as well, so each visitor is sure to be in good hands!

(713) 227-0199

Dish Society (Houston Downtown [Finn Hall])

Restaurant in Houston

Dish Society currently operates on 5 branches and 4 of which are located in Houston, Texas. The Dish Society at Finn Hall in Downtown Houston is one of them. The restaurant itself has multiple concepts. It provides a counter service for breakfast, brunch, and lunch while it offers full service during dinners and social hours.Moreover, it offers American and Tex-Mex food specialties that are locally-sourced from nearby farms, ranches, and artisan producers. It offers an extensive seasonal menu that covers anything from the classics to the most creative ones. Enjoy their "avocado toast" with their hearty "brussels sprout super salad" as a breakfast. Or perhaps, you'd like their all-time favorite "shrimp & grits" to go along with your ice-cold beer. And speaking of beers, this restaurant also features a rotating selection of local craft beer options along with an approachable wine list and handcrafted cocktails.However, if you're not in the mood for some alcohol, you can also enjoy their nutritious juices and elixirs, or perhaps, order for your regular cup of joe. Sky's the limit here, folks! You can't go wrong here at Dish Society!Dish Society continued to deliver excellent food during the pandemic. It was featured as one of the 9 Local Food Delivery Options in Houston During COVID-19

(701) 353-5694

Farmer’s Market DeliveryNo Own Retail Location

Online Service in Houston

Farmer's Market Delivery is Houston's First Virtual Farmers Market! Anything you can find at a farmers market, you can order online and have it delivered straight to your door. All of their vendors are guaranteed to follow sustainable practices and produce some of the best goods this side of Houston! In fact, almost all of their vendors and suppliers have been hand-curated here at TexasRealFood and have their own listings! It's some of of Houston's best Farms, Artisan Food Producers, Bakers, Ranches, Butchers and more available at one Virtual Location with the option of having the products delivered straight to your door! Talk about convenience!

(832) 875-3661

Flavors Indian Fast Food

Restaurant in Houston

Flavors Indian Fast Food in Houston, Texas is a "great place for fast, high-quality Indian food".  Try out their take on Indian menu staples like the chicken tiki masala, lamb curry, chicken biryani, saag paneer and more!  Make sure to drop by for a "good quick Indian lunch" to have an "overall great lunch experience".  

(281) 915-8084

Inglorious Vegan

Food Truck in Houston

The Inglorious Vegan specializes in their vegan burgers and fruit infused water. Try out “one of the best burgers” in the Houston Texas Market, “hands down”.They use biodegradable packaging for their food so you won’t have to worry about wastage. This is also a great place for non-vegans to try out plant-based burgers—it’s mind-blowing!Unfortunately, Inglorious Vegan operates seasonally, the best way to catch them in action is by following their Instagram account to get the latest updates.Their “wonderful Poblano burger” and their “pretzel bun” are a definite must-try when you get the chance.

Michael’s Cookie Jar (Louisiana)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Michael's Cookie Jar's tagline "It's worth the calories" certainly speaks volumes about the quality of their cookies! And you know what? They're right! Always freshly baked and made with real butter, fresh eggs and natural flavors, each cookie from Michael's Cookie Jar is so fulfilling and satisfying. They have daily-baked fresh cookies, custom cookie cakes, and even seasonal decorated cookies. Whatever your mood, there's a cookie from Michael's Cookie Jar for it!

(713) 771-8603

Oddball Eats

Restaurant in Houston

Oddball Eats is serving the "best Falafel in Houston" 7 days a week. It showcases a Mediterranean-inspired menu, along with vegan and gluten-free offerings. The menu mainly consists of brunch fare, sandwiches, salads, sides, and drinks. Aside from the "famous falafel", other best-sellers include "lamb chorizo fries", "full Egyptian breakfast" and "chicken shawarma sandwich". The drinks menu, however, is limited as you can only get "fresh mint limeade". You can enjoy discounted prices on shareable dishes such as a "bowl of falafel" and "hummus and pita chips" during "happy hour", which runs from 3 pm - 7 pm daily.

(281) 205-0911

Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy

Restaurant in Houston

For all you vegans out there, are you ready for something that’s “out of this world”?  Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy serves mouthwatering food that just leaves you wanting more. Their chefs “truly step out of the box with their vegan creations!”  But you don't need to be vegan to enjoy their dishes.  Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy is definitely a great and healthy option for vegans and even non-vegans out there. “Pepperoni pizza and buffalo wings with sugar cane” are a must! ***Their Restaurant is currently under construction*** They will make an announcement on their social media pages once they open! So stay tuned!

(832) 461-7022

Strato 550

Restaurant in Houston

Situated above the downtown skyline, Strato 550 is a staple power lunch destination serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine paired with "impeccable" cocktails and wines. This chef-owned restaurant boasts an "expansive" and "elegant" dining area with "spectacular" views as you enjoy a "delicious" meal and a "spacious" lounge where you can unwind while indulging in after-work drinks and snacks. Devoted to the farm-to-table concept, it proudly features the season's best produce, sustainably raised meats, and locally-sourced ingredients from neighboring farmers and purveyors. The menu features appetizers like "fried cauliflower", soups like "butternut squash and mushroom", greens like "caesar", entrees like "top sirloin filet", and desserts like "custard".

(832) 280-8977

The Baker’s ManNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

The Baker’s Man is a small mom & pop shop in Houston, Texas that specializes in miniature bundt cakes. It is a direct to customer bakery; thus, they bake the cakes in a commercial kitchen, then courier straight from the oven to the customer. Currently, they offer eight cake flavors to choose from and I assure you, “every bite was heaven!” Among these are carrot, chocolate fudge, strawberry cream, blondie caramel, coconut macaroon, funfetti, red velvet, and lemon cake. Their “carrot cake is by far the best” in the neighborhood. It has “plentiful bits of carrot in every bite and this cake truly is extremely moist.” On the other hand, “the blondie was sweet and has a nice crunch” followed by a “good toffee flavor.” The “red velvet, lemon cake, and strawberry cream” are “fantastic” too! Seriously, you should try them all – “best mini bundt cakes ever!” 

(832) 418-1457

The Pupusa Bar

Food Truck in Houston

Serving “fresh, all-natural, gluten-free Pupusa menu with a modern twist”, the Pupusa Bar is a great option to try out Salvadorian food for the first time.The owners traveled around El Salvador to research and encapsulate the authentic taste of pupusas. By taking the traditional recipe and putting their own twist on, their food is put to the next level.If you’re looking for “great authentic pupusas”, you will enjoy their original and refreshing “pupusas, pickled cabbage, chips, and salsas”. To try out their locally made menu, follow their Facebook page to know about their whereabouts and delivery services. They also offer catering services that will be “an instant hit!”

(832) 241-2950

Theodore Rex

Restaurant in Houston

Theodore Rex is located in Houston's historic Warehouse District and is led by Chef/Owner Justin Yu. This restaurant is primarily known for its signature appetizer "tomato toast", toasted rye bread with tomato jam spread delicately over it and layered with fresh tomatoes. There's no way you can visit Theodore Rex without trying out their best-selling dessert called "Paris Brest", a choux pastry filled with Swiss cheese cream and caramelized honey. This dessert is best paired with their "milk chocolate ice cream" for the "perfect combination". Their main courses are wonderful too, including the "sliced wagyu beef" and "steamed oyster".

(832) 830-8592

Tout Suite

Restaurant in Houston

Situated in the Houston neighborhood of East Downtown, commonly referred to as EADO, Tout Suite is a "lively" neighborhood cafe serving "simple", "fine" food, freshly-baked pastries, and "good" coffee. The menu classic brunch food like "smoked salmon toast", snacks like "bacon mac and cheese", soups like "roasted corn chowder", sandwiches like "grilled cheese", and plates like "spaghetti pesto". It also features a wide variety of pastries, from "quiche" and "loaves" to "blueberry muffin" and "strawberries and cream croissant". This cafe is the "perfect" place to grab a cup of coffee on-the-go, get some work or studying done, and enjoy an "amazing" meal. Regardless of what you're in for, you'll find yourself "comfortable" and "welcome" at the Tout Suite.

(713) 227-8688

Urban Harvest Farmers Market @ City Hall

Farmers Market in Houston

Urban Harvest’s Saturday Farmers Market started with just seven vendors in 2004. This is a "great location" with a "beautiful setting downtown".  A "wonderful place to get some local, prepared food for lunch". You will "love that there is a mixture of finds for nearly every patron". "There are vendors who sell pecans, salsas, probiotics, lavender bath products, soaps, succulents, etc... but there are far more vendors selling prepared foods". They have "dumplings, pupusas, and indian food" too. You will also "enjoy seeing the vendors who come back week after week and produce delicious food". Also, "the set up along City Hall makes it for an enjoyable lunch experience". "AND... there's live music".

(713) 880-5540

Vino Vero Wine Company

Winery in Houston

Vino Vero Wine Company is "an importer of Italian Wines and distributor based out of Houston and services Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio". They "specialize in crafted wines from producers that are passionate about the wines they produce". Their import partners include Ideal Wine & Spirits and Sawm Imports (Spanish and Argentine wines). They also have two Greek import partners including Cava Spiliadis and Verity. Their import partner Nobile Tuscan Imports provides them, Corte alla Flora, while Tambu Wines is their importer of fine Portuguese wines at an incredible value. Their "wines come at an attractive value and their customer service is very attentive".

(713) 522-9700

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