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Angela’s Oven

Bakery in Houston

Angela’s Oven is a family owned and operated bakery in the Houston Heights that was “founded by Jerry and Angela Shawn in 2006.” All of the bread and pastries they offer are handcrafted without the use of preservatives or dough conditioners. Everything is “fresh and delicious,” and the staff are always friendly. The handcrafted bread are made with unbleached and unbromated flour, in a range of “vegan-friendly styles like sourdough and baguettes.” There are also several breakfast and lunch options on the menu. Angela’s Oven has a storefront in the Houston Heights and also sells artisan bread at farmers’ markets around town all week.

(346) 571-3740

Boomtown Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

It all “began with the dream of serving coffees that we all wanted to drink — roasted with care, brewed with precision, and always served with love.” Lifting the spirits of coffee drinkers one little boom at a time, Boomtown is “a cool eclectic coffee shop nestled in The Heights area. A good escape from the hustle and bustle of Houston life” that unquestionably has “the best coffee and latte” in town. Y’all will also “love the bottomless drip option” and the “super-smooth cold brew!” While “too many boutique coffee shops are ridiculously pretentious,” we “haven't found that to be true of Boomtown’s great atmosphere, super friendly staff, and most importantly– really good coffee.” Recently opened their third location in Understory, Boomtown not only focuses on caffeine but also on the creative side of it. Their coffee packages come in “beautiful illustrations and a bit of diorama drama,” and they also participate in “latte art” competitions in the neighborhood. 

(281) 846-6995

Dish Society (Houston Heights)

Restaurant in Houston

Dish Society currently operates on 5 branches and 4 of which are located in Houston, Texas. The Dish Society in Houston Heights is one of them. The restaurant itself has multiple concepts. It provides a counter service for breakfast, brunch, and lunch while it offers full service during dinners and social hours.Moreover, it offers American and Tex-Mex food specialties that are locally-sourced from nearby farms, ranches, and artisan producers. It offers an extensive menu that varies depending on the season. Still, it covers anything and everything from the classic favorites to the most creative ones. They have steaks, seafood, tacos, salads, snacks, and even all-day-breakfasts! And if you're not planning to munch on these goodies and just wanted to chill out, you can also enjoy their great beverage selections. From coffee and nutritious juices to local craft beers, wines, and handcrafted cocktails, they've got it all for you! Sky's the limit here, folks! You can't go wrong here at Dish Society!

(713) 715-4735

Down House

Restaurant in Houston

Down House is primarily a coffee shop that also serves "delicious" farm-to-table food. It is focused on serving professionally-executed specialty coffee, a chef-driven menu, and a quality-focused craft bar. Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner, the menu features classic brunch food like "chicken & waffles", snacks like "house-made hummus with pita", shareable plates like "korean fried cauliflower", sandwiches like "heirloom tomato grilled cheese", entrees like "shrimp & grits", and desserts like "tiramisu". You can also enjoy $5 all classic cocktails and beers when you drop by on "happy hour", which runs from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends. Ultimately, Down House proves that a coffee shop is also capable of serving "great food" paired with an "impeccable" list of alcohol.

(713) 864-3696

Eleanora’s Market

Farmers Market in Houston

Eleanora’s Market started with an idea by founder Federico Cavatore to revitalize the neighborhood feel of the area where they live and do business. Named after Federico's wife, the market first opened in June 2017. Since then, every Saturday, the family’s restaurant parking lot became the neighborhood venue for shoppers to buy fresh produce and browse for unique local finds.Federico’s first father started the restaurant in 1983, and the family has since witnessed the rapid growth of the area. At the pace it was growing, Federico felt the area was losing its sense of community. By gathering local food producers and artisans and giving them a weekly place to do business, he also hopes to restore the area’s sense of community engagement.

(713) 869-6622

Eureka Heights Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Houston

The six owners of Eureka Heights Brewing Company, three married couples actually, named their brewery after a fault line that runs through The Heights area in Houston. By design, the brewery specializes in “sessionable beers” with low ABVs. Seasonal offerings - some with higher ABVs - complement their core beers.At the spacious 20,000 square feet taproom, a former food distribution warehouse, visitors can see the gleaming stainless steel tanks while enjoying their beers. Open since fall 2016, the brewery is popular for their Wednesday Trivia Nights. The breweries started canning their beers in summer 2018, and these are already available in major stores. The team keeps things around the brewery light and humorous. For example, the owners usually name their beers after inside jokes or references.  Food is available via local food trucks, and the outdoor seating area is pet-friendly.

(832) 953-4677

F.I.T BrineNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

F.I.T Brines, also known as “Flavor Infused Tenderizing Brines” started out as a kick starter project for 2 friends from Houston.They develop a range of savory brines that could help any would-be BBQ host cut their preparation time down considerably, thus giving themselves more time to enjoy the day. Their spice blends are unique mixture of sea salt and all natural herbs, spices, and extracts specially designed to be mixed with water to flavor, tenderize, and make meat more juicy after cooking! They can also perfectly season vegetables for roasting or sauteing! There are 9 flavors available in the F.I.T Brines range giving you complete coverage across all of your favorite meals and all of these flavors are 100% natural and gluten free.

(772) 222-7463

Harold’s Restaurant, Bar & Terrace

Restaurant in Houston

Harold's provides "delicious" Southern cuisine accompanied with Southern hospitality. Located in a 95-year-old, renovated building that once housed an iconic store nestled in the heart of Heights on 19th Street, its seasoned culinary team enjoys using the freshest ingredients possible. Working closely with over 17 local and regional farmers to ensure that everything on the menu is consistently fresh and seasonal. The menu features classic brunch food like "fried chicken & waffles", appetizers like "artisanal cheese plate", salads like "the caesar", handhelds like "southern pulled pork tacos", entrees like "gulf shrimp & grits", and desserts like "chocolate bourbon pecan pie". Enjoy discounted cocktails, wines, and bar bites on happy hour, which runs from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday - Friday.Harold's Restaurant, Bar & Terrace is known as one of the 7 restaurants for the freshest steaks in Houston!

(713) 360-6204

Heights Epicurean Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Houston

"Handmade, homemade, and homegrown". These are the three words that the Heights Epicurean Farmers Market uses to describe the goods found at their market. Held at the historic Grace United Methodist Church Campus in Houston, the organizers hope to bring together “good things that bind and build a healthy community”.Houston is a a melting pot of different cultures, and this Houston market brings together an assortment of unique products from different parts of the world. Aside from fresh produce from local Texas farmers, one can purchase - among many other wonderful finds - the following items:
  • Traditional French macarons
  • Moroccan Argan oil
  • Venezuelan Arapes
  • Handmade Peruvian jewelry
  • African Shea butter
  • Home-cooked Indian food
Market day is every first Saturday of the month from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

(832) 310-5563

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Houston Heights

Restaurant in Houston

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Houston Heights is located just a stone's throw away from the  “First Saturday Arts Market”  at Houston Heights. This location is a great place to chill and enjoy a handcrafted burger (and some boozy drinks!) after a long day of shopping at the Heights area. They're famous for their 100% Angus beef burgers and freshly baked buns, but they also have specialty burgers like their Ahi Tuna burger which is made with sashimi-grade tuna meat and infused with a variety of Asian flavors like nori chips, teriyaki, and honey wasabi.

(346) 250-2100

Houston Winery

Winery in Houston

Houston Winery is in the process of renovating the tasting room but their wines are available in several Farmers Markets. You will "love the selection of wine they offer". Try their "Blanc du Bois" which is "very light white with a slight taste of citrus" or the "new version" of the "Viognier" or even the "sweet strawberry-peach Blanc Du Bois called Hippy Juice". They also have "The Houstonian" which is a delicious ruby port with great fruit flavors and a caramel finish and great with dark chocolate or a fine cigar. Check their website for updates on their tasting room and the wine tastings they have in multiple locations.

(281) 489-9463

Jab MixologyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

"JAB" means just add booze. This means Jab Mixology's main job is to make cocktails that you can mix with anything - tequila, gin, rum, whiskey, mezcal, etc. They provide the solution for those whose problem is the need for a new alternative besides traditional chasers. Jab Mixology is located in Houston, Texas. The flavors are just delicious. They have Lavender Orange Spice Tea and Orange Vanilla Tea. They have Spicy Bacon Green Mary and Spicy Vegan Bloody Mary.    

(832) 770-8866

Juice Girl

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

A popular juice bar in Huston, Juice Girl’s menu spans “organic juices, vegan shakes, and smoothies.” They also offer smoothie, acai bowls, and a selection of organic energy snacks which is made in-house daily. Juice Girl’s primary focus is freshly pressed concoctions combining organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. They also have “soft-serve juice cream,” made using some of their most popular juice blends including Green Glow, the Flaming Lips Zinger and Fruit Punch. It has a consistency similar to sorbet or frozen yogurt and offers a healthier twist on dessert. The Juice Girl’s wide variety of non-dairy and vegan ice creams that has been a hit among customers with rotating flavors.

(713) 478-7486

Juice Well

Restaurant in Houston

Upon visiting, you will find that "everyone is so friendly and positive and the location is full of adorable positive quotes and post-it notes that brighten it up". "The inside of Juice Well is very fun and interactive and actually kinda... Encouraging". The "view is very scenic location-wise, with great indoor and outdoor seating". "The amazing atmosphere doesn't even begin to scratch the surface as the products are so amazing as well".  You can even "go to this place to give" you "an energy boost" because "there is something about organic, fresh, juice and smoothies that makes your body feel so good". And, "healthy juice is the only kind of juice to drink". This is where "Juicewell is the best". You will "love the juice cleanses and the smoothie bowls". Their "Acai bowl with coconut meat is delicious". Finally, "the staff" is "super friendly and the music fit the vibe of the experience perfectly".

(713) 401-9698

Kolache Shoppe The Heights

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

The Kolache Shoppe in The Heights is located in Houston, Texas. This artisan food producer serves the best kolaches in Houston, made from scratch daily since 1970. Choose from the classics and traditional varieties to modern and seasonal flavors. But if you're following a dietary restriction, they also offer such – vegetarian, vegan, and more! Sweet or savory, varied sweetness levels, and dietary restrictions – all these are possible here, folks! Not to mention that they also have an outstanding coffee. So, when you're in the Houston Heights Shoppe, don't forget to drop by. Hate lines? Make your life simple by placing your order online. They also do curbside pick-ups or drive-thrus.

(281) 846-6499

Kraftsmen Baking

Store in Houston

Kraftsmen Baking opened as a “wholesale bakery” in 2002, representing Houston with “true artisan style production” and absolute commitment to quality. Kraftsmen Baking was born when “Chef Tycer” saw a void in Houston’s market for fresh, artisan bread. All products are lovingly “made by hand,” using only the finest ingredients. The flour used is top milled and free from bleaching agents and bromate. No chemical preservatives are ever added, making their breads and pastries “the best product on the market.” Their breads are not only served in the Kraftsmen Cafe, but in local Houston, Austin and Galveston restaurants. Kraftsmen is also BYOB, so bring those mimosas to enjoy brunch on the weekends!

(832) 649-4307

Leona’s BakeshopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

"Classic. Comforting. Baked with love."  These are the cornerstones of Leona’s Bakeshop, bringing you back to your happy childhood memories with your family, through a bite of their high quality, handmade products. Baked fresh every day and with lots of options and flavors of cookies, bundt and mini-bundt cakes, bread, and pies to choose from, you would have to fight your cravings on which one, or more, to bring home! And one thing that the buyers of this home-bakery love about them, their thoughtful “customizable options” such as building your own pie, by choosing your preferred filling, crust and size, as well as gluten-free options.  

(281) 623-8438


Food Truck in Houston

With “great staff and wonderfully delicious food”, Pop&Pan is a great place for brunch or to grab take out.Serving freshly made paninis, that are absolutely divine. “The flavors are all there”! For recommendations, try their smoked turkey panini, it’s “amazing!” If you’re looking for a to chill out and enjoy, Pop&Pan is a “great place to enjoy excellent food”.“Catch live music and support local Houstonians” at Pop&Pan’s. It’s important to support thriving local communities. You won’t regret it!

(281) 662-8652

Rainbow Lodge

Restaurant in Houston

This "restaurant is beautiful" with a "very elegant, yet homey feel". Rainbow Lodge is a "100-year-old log cabin situated on a decent amount of land with a gorgeous deck along a little creek". Their "whole outdoor area is lined with lights to enjoy at night". "Such a gorgeous landscape". Perfect for those "looking for a romantic place for a special occasion or even for just a nice date night". The "inside is quaint and split into a few different rooms as you would expect in a log cabin". Also, "the walls are lined with big, open windows" overlooking "the scenery and it's just such a romantic experience". "The food is divine!" such as "their grilled beef tenderloin". Also, their "crab cake is exceptional and literally overflowing with the freshest lump crab meat". "It sits in a mustard like gravy sauce" leaving "you tempted to lick the plate". Their "rainbow trout is" one of their "top fish dishes" you could "ever had". "The trout is stuffed with crab meat and pecans". It is "then topped with a brown butter sauce". They also have "the mixed grill if you are in to wild game". Or, you can just have "their traditional beef ribeye". This "is on par with all the top steakhouses in Houston". Finally, "the wine list is great and reasonably priced as well".

(713) 861-8666

Red Dessert Dive

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Red Dessert Dive is the tribute of the owner, Jessica, to her mother, whom her father fondly called as Red.  This “funky, fun, eclectic bakery in the heart of Houston’s Historic Heights neighborhood” offers desserts, coffee, beer, and wine.  The owner holds on to several important principles, which she got from her “sugar research”to bake fresh daily, use the highest-quality ingredients and freshest fruits available, and “that a made-from-scratch dessert is best when paired with a perfectly poured latte, craft beer, or Pinot Noir.”  Check out Red Dessert Dive’s menu and check out their line-up!  Choose from sweet or savory items:  sandwiches, kolaches, muffins, croissants, scones, quiches, cakes, and desserts!  They’ve also got a gluten-free and vegan line for those with special diets and preferences. Eat these goodies with coffee, or along with their wines or local craft beers.

(832) 649-2977

Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Offering a healthy alternative to traditional coffee shops, Revolucion Coffee + Juice serves Klatch coffee and homemade cold-pressed juice and nut milks along with tamales, pitaya & acai bowls and paletas along with other healthy vegetarian food. Their Revolucion latte is a delicious local honey and lavender flavored espresso that customers really love! It was the first and only 100% Vegetarian coffee and juice establishment in San Antonio in a few areas to offer acai & pitaya bowls and cold pressed juice paletas. Revolucion’s mission is to offer healthy products made fresh daily in a clean professional environment while offering grab and go convenience. They aim to provide San Antonians with healthy alternatives to traditional coffee shop food.

(346) 227-2941

San Felipe Specialty FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

San Felipe Specialty Foods creates some of the best handmade stroopwafels in Texas! What's a stroopwafel? Think crispy waffle cookies with a caramel center! Their stroopwafels are so crispy and they come in a variety of flavors and fillings. They're perfect for snacking but they're even better with coffee! Step aside biscotti, the stroopwafel is here!

Smoothie Strong

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Eating healthy can be super fun and easy with Smoothie Strong’s lineup of dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free smoothies.Enjoy the freshness and nutritional value of Smoothie Strong’s healthy drinks and bowls are what you can need to add in your everyday diet.From their green smoothies to their acai bowls. All of their delicious “smoothie drinks and bowls” are made with super simple but uber nutritious ingredients that are great for you. You’ll be served with the freshest of fruits, juices, plant-based milk, and nut butter.Nourishing your body is made a lot easier with Smoothie Strong’s “perfect refreshing smoothies”.

(832) 849-1326

Tea in TexasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Established in 2005, Tea in Texas is a local tea company that offers “award-winning” and handcrafted loose tea blends. With 15 years of experience, this company has certainly stood the test of time. To date, they continue to follow the same old traditional methods that have pleased the countless numbers of customers by offering a full range of tea and supplies including local herbs and spices, clay teapots, and other Texas gifts. I must say, “they hold themselves to a higher standard as artisans.” The teas are really invigorating and fresh. They are perfect to enjoy any time of the day. If you’re thinking of gifts to give your tea-drinker loved ones, search no more as this company can provide that for you with guaranteed satisfaction. Find them at select farmers market or check out their website to order.

(832) 955-1767

Verdine (Food Truck)

Food Truck in Houston

Verdine was once a small vendor at the local farmers market is now a full-fledged food truck dedicated to providing flavorful vegan meals made out of seasonal and plant-based ingredients. Amidst the majority of food trucks that serve unhealthy street foods, Verdine stands out from the crowd and allows you to eat guilt-free. And we're not just talking about salads, we're talking about your comfort foods - foods you are familiar with - such as burgers and fries. Who would've thought they could be healthy? For instance, they serve "veggie burgers", "fries made out of sweet potatoes", and "jackfruit tacos". With a mission to provide "creative vegan food", Verdine strives to make your favorite meals a healthy one.

(713) 876-4768

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