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Alamo Red

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

A new line of Texas Crafted recipes straight from Alamo Red’s kitchen to yours! Their products are made in Texas by Texans who pride themselves on their craftsmanship. They have Texas inspired Salsas, Bar Mixers, Quesos, Dips, Spices, BBQ Sauces and Marinades. They are using a proprietary “small batch” production process that achieves crafted flavors that complement your favorite dishes or drinks and developed a hand craft production process that ensures that each batch produced delivers on their commitment to quality and great flavor. Alamo Red won “Small Business of the Year” awarded by the Small Business Administration (Greater Houston Area) in 2013 and “Medium Business of the Year” awarded by Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce on the same year.

(713) 896-4196

B Mann Farms LLC

Farm & Ranch in Houston

B Mann Farms LLC grows their certified organic rice in Edna, Texas and their Certified Organic beef in Washington, TX. Their rice is certified to the National Organic Program standard while their Organic Bonsmara beef is grass-fed and organic hay-fed. They also have Organic Wagyu beef of the Tajima-Gyu strain (但馬牛) that originates from the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.

(713) 464-0606

Black Hill Meats

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Located in Houston, Black Hill Ranch was “founded by Felix Florez” who have been in the service industry his whole life, starting with his first restaurant job at the age of fifteen. Black Hill proudly supply “pasture raised meats” to some of the finest restaurants and stores in the country, as well as delivering to private residences. They raises the “finest breeds and sells the highest quality meats that Texas has to offer.” Their pigs are treated with the greatest care and attention to ensure that they produce the “freshest and tastiest pork available.” They are fed a healthy and hormone-free diet of whole grains, nuts, acorns, fruit, vegetables, maple syrup and even red wine!

(713) 937-1255

Momma’s Mexican Food

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Momma’s Mexican Food is a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Houston, Texas.  With such an “excellent food and service, you will feel right at home.” Their “menu is a fusion of Mexican and South American” cuisine featuring the “best tamales” in town. You’re also going to “love the breakfast tacos” and the exquisite burritos that they serve. Oh, and that “Tequeños are delicious,” I must say. “Anna, and the other staff members are amazing” too! They are “always friendly” and very accommodative. Besides their restaurant, you may also catch them at “Farmers Market at Chimney Rock and Braeswood on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”

(832) 243-6412

R-C Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Houston

R-C Ranch is discerning about the animals raised on the farm and the quality of meat these provide them. This is the reason why they are considered specialists in Texas craft meat. The term craft meat refers to the production of meat (pork, beef, chicken) in small batches. Animals are chosen and raised the R-C Ranch way, using an approach they think is best so that the meat is high quality. This is what you want to see from a company providing your meat and meal. Those that put the effort into providing quality, and not just resorting to any method that guarantees a profit. This is why R-C Ranch is held in Texas with high esteem.

(713) 937-1255

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