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4J Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Houston

4J Brewing Company is a family-owned craft nano-brewery owned and operated by four siblings. The “J” refers to their names – Jessica, Jackie, Joana, and Jennifer. They currently offer five varieties of craft beers ranging from 5.1% to 6.7% (plus non-alcoholic root beer!). This 100% female-owned and female-brewed operation is based in the Houston/Spring Branch area and serves Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, and American Stout at their taproom.The 4J’s beers are only available at their taproom. The siblings have decorated the place with many repurposed items from the 4J Ranch. (Mom and Dad also own 4J Ranch in Blue, Texas.) They also accept special private events at the taproom and offer memberships into the 4J Ladies. The 4J Ladies hold monthly events on the last Thursday of each month, and usually invite female business owners to talk about their expertise.

(713) 678-0776

Buff Burger

Restaurant in Houston

Buff Burger is a hamburger restaurant in Houston, Texas that serves local, sustainable, and natural products. All "burgers are GREAT!" Their "goat cheeseburger is sublime" and "the Texas burger" is "juicy and full of flavor." On top of that, their "tater tots are worth the trip!" – Yeah, even if you came outside of Texas! Their "perfectly done," especially the "tots with the jalapeño ranch." Their "truffle fries are addicting" and they've got "the best ice cream" too! And if you have a "picky eater" with you, their "chicken strips" will never disappoint. All these food are so good that it's quite difficult to believe that they're made from local and natural ingredients!
A "great atmosphere" along with "excellent food and customer service" – what more can you ask for?

(281) 501-9773

Magnol French Baking

Bakery in Bryan

Serving the greater Houston community with “Authentic French-inspired baking,” since 2019, Magnol French Baking provides “handcrafted, small batch, high end French baked goods & organic artisan French breads.” It is the culmination of a long-envisioned and carefully planned dream of “Chef Otto.” The menu features artisan baguettes, seeded baguettes, epi bread, whole wheat baguettes, plain and seeded boules, batards, white and whole wheat loaves, and walnut and cranberry bread. They use “organic ingredients and make everything fresh.” The chefs are not only great when it comes to baking, but they also have great personalities and they are so inviting! They value unfailing respect for their craft.

(281) 846-6661

Nourish Market

Store in Houston

Nourish Market is not your typical grocery store.  Its main core is to help people pursue a healthier lifestyle “easier, tastier, and a lot more fun!”  From breakfast to lunch, dinner, and even snacks, or for any cravings, Nourish Market got that covered with its wide assortment of products, which are healthy, organic, all-natural, and most important of all, local!  This is also a great food source for those with special diets, food restrictions or preferences such as “sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo, primal, raw food and vegan.”  Supplements and chemical-free personal care products are also available, to fully live that healthy and all-natural lifestyle!

(713) 677-0159

Scotty’s Stout SauerkrautNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Scotty's Stout Sauerkraut is known for producing 100% naturally fermented foods that are never pasturized and doesn’t contain any added preservatives. Owner, “Scotty Sheridan” makes the most delicious and nutritious fermented foods available on the planet, all made by hand. He makes a variety of “Fermented SauerKraut, KimChi and Veggies” that are filled with beneficial pro-biotic bacteria. These are being fermented using locally sourced vegetables when available in a specially designed ceramic crocks for a period of one week to three weeks depending on the product. And since Scotty's Stout Sauerkraut offers living product, they only distribute to the greater Houston area.


Store in Houston

VegSide Mkt is a “new vegan market” based in the Spring Branch area of Houston that offers Vegan Foods, Personal Care, Pet, and Household Items.They have an “online service” where you can simply place your order via website and once your payment has been made, they will email you to schedule your pickup day and time. You can also visit their physical retail store to “walk in and shop the shelves.” VegSideMkt currently have products in stock from various amazing vendors to fit your “plant based product and zero waste needs.” They are always adding new vendors to expand their market, and they consider carrying the items that their customers are requesting.


Yellow Rose Distilling

Distillery in Houston

Yellow Rose Distilling is Houston's first legal whiskey distillery. They are "located in a strip mall". They have a 13 product portfolio to suit a wide audience. Visit them because "even if you are not a big whiskey drinker" you will find that "their maple syrup stored in their used whiskey barrels is to die for!" They have a "tour and tasting" that can last "for about 15 minutes". The tour "includes samples of most of their products" such as the "whiskey blend, the syrup, and the chocolates". Their "Caliber stuff (flavored "whiskey") is for the novice only". You will also "learn a little more about whiskey".

(281) 886-8757

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