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Baugh Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston

For generations, the Baugh Family has farmed with the mission to supply the freshest and best produce possible to the people of the North Texas area. They have "great, fresh, natural, sustainable and heirloom fruits and vegetables". These are "kind and generous folks too". Also, "they have the best peaches". You will also have "the best tasting tomatoes anywhere". Some folks even "try to get there around 8 AM on Saturday to find a parking place and get those incredible Heirloom Tomatoes, Early Girl Tomatoes, and great peaches". Don Baugh, the current still has the same passion for picking fresh produce. He also continues to tirelessly provide consumers at the Dallas Farmers Market with his trademark heirloom tomatoes.

(903) 316-6190

Clutch City ShopNo Own Retail Location

Store in Houston

Clutch City Shop knows the importance of selling everyday essentials. In this case, coffee, hot sauce, and face mask. It may sound like an odd assortment of items to sell, but it makes sense. The best way to make a day better is to have a nice cup of coffee (I can't see how a cup of Clutch City Shop's Pumpkin Spice Coffee, or Peppermint Mocha, or Mexican Hot Coffee can't turn your day around). The best way to enjoy a meal is to put a little spicy kick to it. And the best way to stay safe today is to wear a mask. Like I said - essentials!

(281) 549-2123

Corrupt CupcaquiriNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Corrupt Cupcaquiri is the perfect blend of creative, decadent, and delicious. It is not just in the name, but the product itself speaks volumes. The cupcakes they make here are heavenly. The way they make it, you can see that there is care put in it. The way they design it and conceptualize new products, you can tell that the owner is not afraid to push the limits and explore the potential of the humble cupcake. And if you are of age, do not forget that they offer liquor-infused cupcakes.

(346) 268-7849

Flip ‘n Patties

Restaurant in Houston

Flip 'n Patties "is nice and roomy" with "big portion serving & reasonably priced" with "great service, clean, and" you will also "love the ambiance". They "started out as a food truck and this is their Brick and Mortar location that opened up". It is "cozy with a comfortable neighborly feel". Their "menu choices have all the food-truck favorites and expanded with other tasty options". "The staff" is "very accommodating and the place had a festive environment carrying over the karaoke fun" because "it's not a proper Filipino establishment without a karaoke set up". Also, their "Flip 'n Patties burger" is a "beef burger with a stuffed portabello mushroom (that also has muenster and cheddar cheese!), bacon, and spicy sauce".  This is one of their bestsellers and "this burger tasted great". You can also try their "Lechon Kawali (fried pork belly)", "Chicken Pupu" and "Longanisa Burgers". Or, just "get anything that comes with the stellar garlic rice". For sure, you will "definitely plan on coming back to try more items". Flip n' Patties continued to deliver excellent food during the pandemic and was featured as one of the 9 Local Food Delivery Options in Houston During COVID-19

(832) 243-5061

Juice Fruits, LLCNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

The concern of those who are not confident drinking bottled fresh fruit juice is quality. Sure, the final product looks appealing, golden orange or bright green. But is the fruit or vegetable of good quality before it was processed? That is what Juice Fruits LLC tries to address. They promise to always hand-pick only the best fruits and vegetables when buying from farms or markets. A healthy body also means peace of mind, and this is what Juice Fruits LLC can give you.

Phoenicia Specialty Foods (Westheimer Market)

Store in Houston

Phoenicia Specialty Foods is a “55,000-square-foot” food market and distribution headquarters in West Houston, with its buying power achieved from the “imports of international gourmet foods.” Both wholesale and retail operations are conducted in their state-of-the-art facility and the patrons have come to appreciate their “down-to-earth gourmet food prices.” Phoenicia now carries more than “10,000 products from more than 50 countries.” As the original one-stop YUMMY shop, they are pleased to offer fresh-baked artisan breads, award-winning European pastries, boutique wines and beers, quality meats and cheeses, fresh seafood and meat, fine catering, tasty prepared foods, exotic produce and housewares. Phoenicia Specialty Foods - Westheimer Market is not just a grocery, it is an experience!

(281) 558-8225

Sam’s BreadNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Houston

Sam’s Bread makes breads, cakes, and cookies and sells them at the Braeswood Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. Sam’s Bread is located in Houston, Texas. Here are some of Sam's Bread's specialties: gingerbread and fruit buns, focaccia and white bread, walnut bread and polenta rosemary bread, and jalapeño cheddar bread. Sam's Bread also makes cookies in three different flavors: chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut, and pistachio butterscotch. These are all very delicious!

The Funnel BarNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

The Funnel Bar makes the best funnel cake! It is freshly-made so it is warm. The mix of ingredients gives it a crunchy but fluffy mouthfeel. Overall, it is a sweet funnel cake perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth craving for a yummy dessert. If you are wondering where you can catch them next, here are the places they frequent: The Heights, Humble, Pearland, Katy, and Eado. This is not just a sinful treat but this is also healthy too because the fruit toppings are fresh.

(832) 504-7075

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