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El Argentino Grill

Food Truck in Houston

El Argentino Grill introduces everyone to an “authentic Argentinian barbeque” experience!  Proud to be serving "the best Argentine plates" and the "best barbecue in the city," El Argentino Grill is also a personalized event planning, catering, and entertainment services company.  Aside from letting its stall patrons and event clients indulge in the true flavor of the Argentine cuisine, El Argentino Grill is also said to be “one of the top caterers in all of Texas” with the exemplary customer service they have shown from planning to the event itself.

(832) 768-9848

Loves MacaronsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Loves Macarons specializes in making custom macarons and their trademark macaron tower, which are perfect for all occasions! This lovely company that makes excellent sweet treats is located in Houston, Texas. Who could have thought that macarons can be more than just a sweet dessert or a sweet tooth's choice for a quick snack? A box of handcrafted macarons lovingly made with custom candy colors is a perfect gift - birthday, anniversary, even for Christmas! Loves Macarons is making us see macarons in a new light.

(832) 860-6501

Sunny Jay CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

There are two things I love about Sunny Jay Cakes. First, this business is an inspiring success storyn that shows you there is no limit if you don stop dreaming and working hard. Sunny Jay Cakes is owned by a self-taught baker. The second thing I love about Sunny Jay Cakes is the types of cakes to choose from. The Number Cake is very popular today, but they can also make you any of the traditional cakes like Chocolate Cakes or Deluxe Cake Flavors if that is what you want. Caramel Toffee Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, Lemon Cake, and Strawberry Cake are also on the table so just go ahead and order.

(979) 997-0854

The Wicked WhiskNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Houston

Who says sweet cannot be badass? That is totally not the case with The Wicked Whisk, “where life is made wickedly sweet, savory and extraordinary!” Here, owner and baker Teri Neumann fuses together “pride, passion, quality ingredients and dedication to flavor” to produce “homemade yummy deliciousness.”  Using recipes that have been in her family for about a hundred years and constantly tweaking and experimenting on them over the years, you can be assured that everything from her kitchen is “made from scratch, made to be delicious, made with love and made to be shared.”  Check out her menu for some quirky and witty offerings, aptly called as the Badass Decadent Delights! Grab these amazingly tasty and wonderfully indulgent cakes, cupcakes, muffins, bread, cookies, and a whole lot more Delicious Delights!  

(832) 704-0055

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