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Best Catch Fish and Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Huntsville

Best Catch Fish and Seafood Market, as its name says, offers only the best and the freshest seafood at great prices, with “top quality service.” Being in the industry for several decades now, this place has been a go-to place when it comes to seafood needs. Some of their inventory include year-round and seasonal items like the crawfish, blue crabs, shrimps, oysters, red snappers, snow crab legs, tilapia, live catfish, and more! Best Catch Fish and Seafood Market is not just about retail, but they also whip up amazing seafood dishes for their patrons like homemade seafood boudin, seafood gumbo, shrimp po-boys, fish sandwich, and more recipes they think of!

(936) 291-2511

DKC ApiaryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Huntsville

DKC Apiary produces and sells bottled honey from 1 pound to 5 gallon bucket. DKC Apiary is located in the city of Huntsville in Texas. There is a growing consumer base looking for local raw honey for sale. Here is the price for DKC Apiary honey: $10 for 1 pound. If you buy five pounds, you get one free. If you buy 10 pounds, you get two pounds more for free. Finally, a 5-gallon bucket costs $450.

(936) 661-2048


Farm & Ranch in San Diego

HerbanEggs has "the best customer service and best organic eggs!" It is "delicious" and "the chickens are beautiful and well cared for". The chickens are also registered with the Texas Animal Health Commission and of National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). The herbs, produce, plants and chicks and fertile eggs for hatching are available from time to time. They also plant Texas Tulips and Daffodils and are also breeding Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. As posted on their website, they have moved to Wheelock, Texas for larger produce gardens, more grazing areas for animals and native wildflower meadows. They will have a grand re-opening in Spring 2020.

(936) 661-3270

Knox Circle Winery / Froggy Wines

Winery in Huntsville

Knox Circle Winery / Froggy Wines is a "Very cute little shop" just North of Huntsville, Texas, off of Highway 19, in Walker County.  This is the first winery to open in Walker County. Also, the legal name of the winery is Knox Circle Winery (the street the winery is located) but they are doing business as Froggy Wines. Froggy stood for “Forever Rely On Gods Gifts to You" and they have made many award-winning wines as non-commercial winemakers. "They don't grow the grapes" but "they buy them and make their own wine". "The people are awesome and very helpful and knowledgeable about the wine". This is "definitely worth the trip even if to just taste some great local wine". A winery with "really nice family" who runs it and can even have "time" to "explain the many facets of winemaking that create a work of art". A "small and friendly winery" that can also "cater events and parties at their homey location".

(936) 293-8855

Teysha Vineyard

Winery in Huntsville

You will have an "extraordinary experience at Teysha Vineyard" because of the "great wine and ambiance". It is a "gem" to the "Huntsville area" and they have only started wine sales in April 2019. There are "so many delicious varietals" and "some very unique varieties" which you can enjoy along with "cheese and crackers". You can have flights with a four or six wine selection and you can do the tasting at the tasting bar or at one of their numerous tables in the tasting room. "Visit because there is always something new to discover" aside from the "atmosphere and views" that are "absolutely beautiful". They are located not too far from Interstate 45.

(713) 817-3448

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