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Cafe ZunZun

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

Anyone interested in having high quality coffee and tea? Cafe ZunZun is an “artisan coffee roaster,” located in Cypress, Texas, founded in 2013 by “Pascale and Joel” They roast single origin coffees from around the world. With their delicious artisanal and fair trade coffees, they aim to contribute to a better world one cup at a time. All their excellent cup of coffee came from a bean that was responsibly grown on an “organic farm by fair trade farmers” using sustainable environmental farming practices. Aside from roasting on demand organic coffee, Cafe ZunZun also creates organic loose leaves tea blends that can be delivered to your door. They also offer private events to teach aspiring roasters on how to prepare a better coup of coffee.

Farm to Kitchen CollectiveNo Own Retail Location

Co-Op in Cypress

While not exactly a farm or ranch themselves, the Farm to Kitchen collective gives access to consumers to farms and vice versa. They have partnered with local farms like Lone Star Mushrooms, Peas Farms, Three Sister Farms and other small farms to make exceptional local produce available and more accessible to the public. They currently serve four locations in Cypress, Tomball, Norchester and Fairfield, with plans of expanding in the future. Unlike the traditional CSA format where you only get what's available at a single growing location, the Farm to Kitchen Collective gathers whatever's fresh from multiple farms to give you a wide variety of produce with every single box!

(713) 822-1834

Fly Gap Winery

Winery in Cypress

Fly Gap Winery is located in the heart of the Llano Uplifts. "Concrete fermentation is the signature method that Brock wants Fly Gap to be known for". They are striving for a style that is unique to the world and unique to Mason County.  The owners "have taken a stab at concrete fermentation methods in winemaking". A process that "allows a bit more control over tweaking and adjusting the winemaking process than other classic methods". Visit during normal business hours and try the "Mason Punch" which is a "2010 vintage blend of Tempranillo and Touriga". "Take the plunge off of HWY 29 and head down the dirt road and check this place out sometime. It's a cool winery worth your sipping time!"

(832) 723-2203

Hanan’s Cafe

Restaurant in Cypress

Hanans Cafe is a casual, counter service cafe serving barista style gourmet made coffees, fresh house-made pastries, and healthy menu options for lunch and dinner. This cafe features a "chalkboard menu", which changes regularly based on the availability and seasonality of fresh, local ingredients. The menu is composed of pancakes & waffles, salads & soups, burgers & sandwiches, tacos, and sides. They also offer few gluten-free offerings such as "fresh fruit parfait", "gluten-free pancakes", and "fish tacos". The House Favorites include "black bean burger", "Mexican street tacos", and "chicken and waffles". Aside from the regular menu, they offer a kid's menu, making this place ideal for family lunches and dinners.Hanan's Cafe has been featured in Kim's Lists featuring 5 Brunch Places in Cypress with Delivery check out the link to read the feature!

(832) 653-6903

Hazel Loves PieNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

Whether you are going for a whole pie, or just craving for a slice, Hazel Loves Pie got you covered! A sweet tribute to her hardworking grandmother Hazel, piemaker Jenn Wilson personally handmakes the pies, crusts, cookies, candies, and toppings "from scratch, using all-natural, premium, and minimally-processed ingredients." She also supports local in sourcing nuts, honey and produce. As she follows her directive to “do everything in love,” you will surely love all her delectable offerings! You can choose from the 13 amazingly smooth, rich, sweet, or tangy options of her full-size 9-inch pies or grab some of them in individually-wrapped party-sized slices. If you are still in the mood for more treats, she also whips up a mean batch of flavored muffins and cookies!  

(281) 725-6165

Hungry Hippo Ice Cream & Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

Hungry Hippo Ice Cream & Treats makes and sells scratch-made ice cream, fresh marshmallows, meringue cookies, and other treats at various farmers’ markets and pop-ups. We bet “no other ice cream is good enough once you’ve had Hungry Hippo” as “you can definitely tell the difference in taste and texture versus commercial ice creams” that y’all will certainly “doubt store-bought ice cream from now on or think of store-bought ice cream like frozen pizzas.” This is the real deal, folks! Imagine a rich chocolate ice cream, loaded with caramel, and toasted with walnuts. Think of a perfect bite of rich and oozing ganache poured in a graham cracker base and topped with “amazing” marshmallow fluff. Visualize a toffee ice cream that is so rich and decadent with lots of toffee pieces, roasted nuts, and fresh caramel. All these are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, you know what to do.

(832) 504-1623

Kickin Dips & Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

Even the most delicious salsa can taste stale or boring if there is no variety. Thankfully, Kickin Dips & Salsa had the foresight to make several different salsa dips. They have Wrangler Ranch, Dadgum Spicy Garlic Sauce, Bless Your Heart Pineapple & Roasted Rodeo Red Medium, and Hot Salsa. The question now is what you are having? If you are craving their salsa, you can always visit the nearby farmers market. Or leave them a message and see how you can stock up on salsa so you don't run out of supply fast.

(281) 642-7741

Lil Emmas Seafood

Food Truck in Cypress

Get the “freshest shrimp around” from Lil Emma’s Seafood, a provider of wild-caught shrimp. They offer high-quality and always fresh shrimps that are 100% natural and straight from the Gulf of Mexico.  Valuing sustainable farming and gathering, Lil Emma’s is the more conscious place to get your shrimps from.  Unlike many grocery stores, Lil Emma’s gets their shrimps fresh off the boats. Directly sending the shrimps from to gulf and straight to your table. The quality is “absolutely fantastic” and comes at “a great price”.  For shrimp lovers out there, Lil Emma’s is a great option for shrimp that “is always fresh and delicious”!

(361) 920-0515

Pied Out CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

If you want to be strict with your diet and eat only vegan, soy-free food, then try Pied Out Cookies. They take pride in making cookies that vegan and soy-free. Their cookies are made using virgin organic coconut oil, unbleached flour, and organic sugars. Like you, they too understand the value and benefits of cooking and eating this way and having them is good for the community. Just by looking at the photos of the cookies, I am convinced that these are really yummy sweet treats!

(832) 558-7849

Salsa Maya

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

A spread for spicy food lovers! Made in Texas, Salsa Maya is a Gonzalez family recipe. It's handmade in small batches with the freshest ingredients. It is potently spicy and tastes good with everything. Every batch is made with “all natural ingredients” and is gluten free, and dairy free. They don’t use artificial flavorings or preservatives. Salsa Maya is a multi-use sauce, it can be used to marinade any kind of meat, chicken, seafood, or simply as a dip or spread. It goes great on everything and will enhance any dish. Salsa Maya's creamy texture makes you want more with every bite, and has a great kick to it. Since the habaneros used are so fresh, the heat can differ slightly from batch to batch and in that way Salsa Maya is like a fine wine!

(888) 589-3360

Season’s Harvest Cafe

Restaurant in Cypress

Season's Harvest Cafe serves meat and vegan dishes made from ingredients that are in season and grown locally. The cafe has a "farm house vibe" in it and a "spacious patio" for the guests who want to enjoy the fresh air. They serve breakfast and brunch from Tuesdays through Saturdays, along with dinner on Fridays. Their entrees mainly consists of "avocado toast", "turkey pannini sandwich with salad on the side", and "organic vegetable chilaquiles frittata with pozole soup". They also serve mouthwatering desserts such as "brownies and ice cream", "yogurt parfait", and "creamy chia pudding with coconut yogurt".Season's Harvest Cafe has been featured in Kim's Lists featuring 5 Brunch Places in Cypress with Delivery check out the link to read the feature!

(832) 534-8686

Splendid Life Cake BarNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Cypress

Splendid Life Cake Bar offers artisanal bread and pastries full of love and memories! Owner, pastry chef, and home baker Meghan Clark attributes her love for baking from her grandmother, from which she got her recipes, even dating back to 1937. She added a modern twist and her own flair to these prized heirlooms, and here come these "deliciously sweet and savory bread selections," delectably sinful cakes that can be "tailored to your taste and style," rolls, biscuits, cheesecakes, cobblers, and so much more that she can weave her magic hands into! She’s also open for special dietary requests for those who are vegan, or following a gluten-free or sugar-free diet! 

(832) 258-5257

The Pie LadyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

Pies that “taste just as wonderful as they look,” grab them from The Pie Lady!  She has made it her mission to use only the “best all-natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients and premium extracts,” to create the best-tasting pies. Everything is “handcrafted from scratch and made in small batches,” upon order, ensuring the freshness of each pie! Her faithful buyers and even the new believers believe that her creations are “heavenly pies” “that taste fresh from the farm!” And you can grab your own pie too, from her extensive selection: like the Sinful Bourbon Pecan Pie, Cherry Cheese, Key Lime, Blackberry Peach, Caramel Apple and so much more!  And to make it even better, she offers these pies with a gluten-free option! So, for your next pie fix, parties and family gatherings, just remember “pie makes everything better!” 

(832) 309-6167

Twisted Acre Brewery

Craft Brewery in Cypress

When Robert Brogdon and wife Nicole opened their brewery Twisted Acre Brewery and taproom in December 2018, it was the fulfillment of a dream. The couple had been homebrewing since 2012, starting with Nicole giving Robert a home brewing kit. Since then, they’ve enjoyed a reputation at local festivals with their beers.Despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, the couple went ahead with their dreams. They even quit their jobs to set up the brewery. “I told him if we waited until we had enough money to do this, we'd be waiting forever," Nicole says in an interview prior to the opening of the brewery. The brewery currently has a 3.5 BBL equipment. They would have wanted something larger if the Kicstarter campaign had been successful.For their beers, the couple focuses on “unexpected flavors”. They’ve incorporated “rich flavors like toffee and caramel”. A butterscotch cream ale, Buttercream, is one of their more popular beers.

(832) 953-4707

What’s CrackalackinNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress

What’s Crackalackin is a Houston-based artisan food vendor that offers the freshest pork rinds and cracklings around. These keto snacks are made weekly in small batches, cooked in lard, and seasoned with their secret blend of Cajun-Asian inspired spices. Thus, they are “absolutely the perfect snack! It’s great with just about everything. Try munching them with your favorite beverage,” or while watching your favorite series or movie, and you’re good to go. But I gotta warn you, “these are so addicting!” Their “cracklings are meaty and delicious”; and, their “small bite pork rinds” are so “flavorful too!” Oh, their “small bites are the bomb!” Trust me, you cannot resist eating it “in one sitting!” Such “excellent product and quality” is something that no one should miss. Therefore, we highly recommend you trying them as soon as possible.

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