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7 Fat Cows FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

In Hempstead, 7 Fat Cows Farm "sells bulk pasture-raised pork & grass-fed beef". Besides, their livestock goes under a strict management intensive grazing program to provide the highest quality pork and beef possible. Currently, they are "raising Brangus cattle", and "their pigs are mainly Red Wattle" crosses either with Large Black or Berkshire. Moreover, they "grow a limited amount of Dwarf Nigerian goats" for their egg and milk needs. To schedule a tour or place an order, contact them via email or website. A few delighted customers said, "The uncured bacon is the best!" and "We purchased different cuts of pork, and everything was wonderful".

Arlan’s Market – Hempstead

Store in Hempstead

Arlan's Market - Hempstead is the Hempstead, Texas branch of Arlan’s Market. This is a family-owned business, with headquarters in Seabrook and San Antonio, Texas. It opened its doors in 1991 and today, Arlan's Market is a popular shopping destination in Texas. If you can't visit the store, you can use Arlan's Go and order online. It gives you two options: to have your groceries delivered to your home, or have them ready for curbside pick up. For years, Arlan's Market - Hempstead has helped locals with their grocery and shopping needs.      

(979) 826-2436

Blackwood Educational Land Institute

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Blackwood Educational Land Institute in Hempstead, Texas, is a 33-acres non-profit organic teaching farm. The farm is on a mission to model and teaches the indispensable role of restorative, sustainable food systems. They provide programs for youth and adults alike. For youth, they facilitate tours, overnight stays, a farm school, as well as day and overnight camps. And for adults and families, they offer Blackwood, Bounty. They also offer a CSA program, classes and workshops, overnight and day retreats, and volunteer opportunities. Happy client says, “The Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a magical place portraying the 21st-century farm. A family would be happy to raise their kids on a farm that is a beautiful, productive, and very active place. This is how they can raise a set of new young farmers.” To know more about Blackwood Educational Land Institute, you can visit their website at blackwoodland.org/thefarm/csa/.  

(888) 741-7199

Bluebonnet Herb Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Bluebonnet Herb Farm offers more than just herbs. They carry a vast selection of herbs, yes. But, they also sell unusual plants. If you love to garden, they'll satisfy you with their seeds.  You can get vegetables, wildflowers, fruits, and herbs seeds.Designing your garden with their seeds will not be complete without getting some decor. Well, they have that too. And oh, they can create your lawn for you!Just visit them in your free time. While you are on their farm, be sure to try the cafe! You will love the food there. Furthermore, you might also want to see other stuff they sell like gift candles and more.

(979) 826-4290

Dilorio Farm and Roadside Market

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Dilorio Farms & Roadside Market is a family-owned 20,000 square feet, open-air and fan-cooled produce market open twelve months a year, seven days a week. Now with 4th generation family members serving the community of Hempstead, Texas, it started only as a seasonal roadside market in 1956. By 1968, the family expanded its operations year-round. After that, they built the present-day facility in 1986.The family allocates about 600 acres of farmland to its watermelon produce. Dilorio watermelons are famous and popular. “Now that I'm pregnant, I crave watermelon but will not be satisfied until it's Dilorio's!”They also carry another homegrown fresh produce year-round, as well as gourmet pickles, jellies, and preserves. There’s also an all-occasion flower shop personally managed by the family matriarch.

(979) 826-2688

Dilorio Farms and Roadside Market

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Visiting the Dilirio Farms and Roadside Market is like stepping back in time. There's always seasonal produce available as well as rice and raw honey. If you're looking for wood for BBQ then they have a large selection available. They also have roasted peanuts and pecans available depending on the season. It's definitely worth dropping by if you're in the area. It's fun to see what hey have in season and you can get great bargains! 

(979) 826-2688

Laughing Frog Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

The Laughing Frog Farm is a small farm in Waller County, Texas. It is a 21-acres farm that is sitting in a partially wooded land. Since then, the farm is using permaculture methods and organic principles in raising their trees, vegetables, and gulf. They are mostly raising heritage breeds like Coast, Native Sheep, and Freedom Ranger chickens. Also, they are producing red wattle pigs, tomato starts, and microgreens. Contact them directly to order CSA boxes.

(713) 542-6615

Lonesome Pine Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mountain Home

Lonesome Pine Farm may sound like a sad farm, but they are the complete opposite. The farm specializes in making their livestock, poultry, and dogs happy at all times. In addition to that, the farm practices organic farming that allows them to produce some of the best heirloom vegetables in Texas. Their ducks are free to graze in pastures to produce eggs that will make you forget about chicken eggs. One of their happy customers says, "We love her duck eggs and handmade soaps!" Moreover, the farm offers herding lessons and behavioral training for dog owners and dogs. If you want to keep a happy relationship with your dog, be sure to try it out! 

(832) 275-8453

Oaks of Mamre Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

In 50 miles northwest of downtown Houston, you'll find the small 25-acre Oaks of Mamre Farm. They are a little further northwest of Waller and northeast of Hempstead.Lori and David Crank are the founders and managers of the Oaks of Mamre Farm. With a small land and a state-approved facility, the farm can raise several poultry animals like turkeys and Cornish chickens. They primarily sell pastured eggs, chicken and turkey. Egg color varies from blue, green, to brown. They also have a small number of cattle and goat.The farm also operates as a poultry processing center for fair show birds, FFA, and backyard flocks.

(979) 826-9812

Rise and Shine Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Rise and Shine Farm is located on a 10.1-acre property outside of Hempstead in the little town of Pine Island. They are willing to deliver, straight to your door, completely free range and pastured chicken and duck eggs, as well as vegetables and delicious local honey. They have "fresh products" offered coupled with "excellent service". "Good eggs and beautiful Labradors" are also noticeable. And, they have the "best tasting eggs" you will ever have "in ages". "Rotisserie chickens, breakfast sandwiches/tacos, and more". Book them "for private parties or events now". Do not forget to visit their social media page too for more updates on their farm.

(713) 819-2564

Zero-Point OrganicsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Hempstead

Zero-Point Organics is an urban farm in Hempstead, Texas that specializes in microgreens, wheatgrass, edible flowers, and more. They offer the freshest, most nutritious, and sustainable ingredients for everybody to enjoy. Their "sunflower and radish microgreens" are definitely must-tries! They're "super fresh, delish, and healthy" that they're worth recommending "to friends, family, and" even "patients" too! Along with that, they also sell micro basil pesto, micro mustard bbq sauce, nasturtium marinade, infused local honey, and more.
"Superior products, reliable communications, and consistent delivery" – what more can you ask for? Catch them at Brazos Valley Farmers Market and Heights Mercantile Farmers Market. Or, buy their products at Henderson & Kane and Central City Co-op.

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