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Blessington Farms

Farm & Ranch in Wallis

Blessington Farms is just 40 miles west of downtown Houston, so get ready to have some fun! They offer a relaxing atmosphere, best in creating memories.Blessington Farms offer a fun-filled experience of picking strawberries, blueberries, and thornless blackberries.
Aside from berries, they also grow pumpkins. In October they host a Pumpkin Patch and a harvesting festival.If your family loves fishing, they also have a beautiful pond where you can do just that. Just bring your bait and tackle to enjoy it for free.For more adventures for kids, checked their Funland. Lots of options to play around and plenty of picnic areas for the adults to chill. They also host birthdays, field trips, and corporate events.

(832) 444-8717

Susan’s Little Chicken House

Farm & Ranch in Wallis

Within 12 miles south of Sealy, you can find Susan's Little Chicken House in 218 South 4th, Wallis. It is also just 15 miles from Rosenberg. In Susan Martin's one-acre property, she raises 41 hens that lay a variety of colored eggs where they enjoy foraging for grasses, seeds, and insects. Besides, she has Americanas chickens that lay blue, green-tinted eggs. Moreover, she has been keeping chickens since they moved to their present residence in 1996. Also, she makes tote bags from the chicken feed sacks and sells them on Facebook, Etsy, and at local farmer’s markets. If you want to visit and want her to be onsite, contact her via email, call, or text.

(281) 865-3240

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