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Discover local Texas food businesses in ZIP Code 77503

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Esteban’s Homemade SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pasadena

Esteban’s Homemade Salsa is all about giving its patrons the “authentic Texas salsa experience.” This “purveyor of fine salsas” has developed an assortment of flavors, ranging from mild to wild, in terms of hotness. There’s Adios Amigo, the combination of sweet papaya, ginger, tequila, “and a little bit of the hot stuff.” Or go for the traditional Salsa Verde, and the Homemade Salsa Roja. Or if you want to go for something that will fire up your senses, try the Santa Muerta, with nine peppers including dark chocolate and ghost chilies!

Real Peel JuiceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pasadena

Real Peel Juice is a local business that specializes in fresh fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juice. Each product is made fresh with “the unique combinations of fruits and veggies” that cannot be beaten. Not to mention that “they taste so delicious and they are nutritious” as well. You can replace your “morning coffee” with these juices, I must say. Not only do they “help you start your day,” but you’ll be “shocked” that you will “never feel hungry or have a headache” for several hours. Thus, we highly “recommend this to anyone who wants to kick their cravings to the curb or anyone who needs a restart in their digestion to form good eating habits” as these juices completely work! In addition, Aubrey “is always super quick” in answering questions and “goes above and beyond” for you to get your juices on time. 

(832) 671-9250

Silver Sycamore Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Pasadena

Located in Pasadena, Texas, Silver Sycamore Farmer's Market is a monthly Farmer's Market. Hosted by Silver Sycamore every 3rd Sunday of the month. "This place is amazing". You can find and shop local vendors, produce and goodies at this market. If you are an interested vendor, you may contact Silver Sycamore via email or check out their Facebook page for the updated schedule. They "will not be accepting craft vendors for the farmer's markets". But, they will accept Neighborhood Tables. Meaning, if you are local resident who grows produce but doesn't have enough for your own booth, you and your neighbors can purchase a booth together.

(281) 487-4033

Sycamore Grounds Coffee House

Restaurant in Pasadena

The Sycamore Grounds Coffee House fully maintains its main philosophy of providing its customers with “top quality coffee” and “top quality atmosphere.” Drop by to meet friends, study, get some work done, hold business meetings, or take a short breather. All these, while having the finest quality handcrafted coffee, in-house pastries, and the famous breakfast tacos! Sycamore Grounds Coffee House is also all about supporting local! Sycamore Grounds uses coffees, which are locally roasted by Houston coffee roaster, Amaya Roasting Co., as well as cold-pressed juices and raw honey from other local producers. Local musicians and artists are also highlighted through their open mic nights.

(281) 978-6307

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