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Beerfoot Brewery

Craft Brewery in Galveston

Calling itself a one-stop destination is probably an understatement for Beerfoot Brewery. This “one-of-a-kind venue” claims the title “THE place to enjoy beer”. It’s well-deserved. Located at the historic Seawall Boulevard of Galveston, the brewpub has over 30 draft craft beers on tap and over a hundred different bottles and cans. That should make someone’s idea of paradise. It has a great view of the Gulf, too!With a mission to “share with our guests our appreciation for craft beer and fine wines”, the brewpub strives hard to find the next great craft brewer and his beers. They’d like to be able to say – “we knew him when…” Sampling Beerfoot’s offerings will be easy despite the dizzying array of beers. They have a Beer Nut program that rewards you for simply tasting all the different beers!

(409) 762-2337

Devil and the Deep Brewery

Craft Brewery in Galveston

Opened in February 2018, Devil and the Deep Brewery was the second craft brewery to open in Galveston. The brewery’s opening was the culmination of founder Eric Walker’s efforts and dreams. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Eric first joined the Navy and then the Army. In the course of his military career, he eventually transferred to Fort Hood, and in 2011, moved to Austin. After volunteering in various breweries, he decided to open his own brewery in 2016. Along the way, he almost shuttered his plans because of a foundation problem with the first building he leased. As luck would have it, someone else offered him another lease, and the rest, as they say, is history.With its deep blue sea motif, the brewery specializes in Belgian and rustic ales. There are retro arcade video games lined up on one wall, and the climate controlled spacious taproom has picnic table seating. There’s art on the walls, too!

(409) 220-3313

Fresh Continental Delights

Food Truck in Galveston

Fresh Continental Delights serves delicious and flavorful dishes that anyone should try. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the flavors of Indian cuisine, this is a great start. Their “fresh and delicious” food range from flavorfully seasoned chicken tikka masala to fluffy and warm naan bread. Fresh Continental Delights also offers a range of “very good vegetarian choices”. Their menu is perfect for foodies out there who want to try something new. So, if you’re getting bored with the typical flavors and need that extra kick, Fresh Continental Delights is a great food truck to try out!

(281) 851-7286

Galveston BreadNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Galveston

One of Galveston’s gems, you can get "bread and sweets for gifts, special occasions, and everyday use" from Galveston Bread. Described by its faithful buyers as “amazing, aromatic, fresh, unique, organic and extremely high quality”, its flavorful bread are made from "only the finest organic flour" of different types, "winter and spring wheat, whole wheat and rye," along with the baker’s "carefully nurtured starter." Their head baker Philip started baking a quarter of a century ago and vouches for the quality and the flavor of his baked goods because "he will only sell something he would serve to his family and his friends." Galveston Bread’s menu includes their bestsellers: cinnamon rolls, bagels, and Cuban bread, as well as sourdough, whole wheat, and Heidebrot rye loaves of bread. These are available upon request and at the Galveston Farmers Market. 

(409) 692-9873

Galveston Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston

Galveston Coffee Roasters offer various “Custom Blends” featuring coffees from around the world and also a wide selection of flavored coffees. It’s a Local Mom & Pop Shop selling a multitude of Coffees they fresh roast themselves.They roast a couple of times per week as needed so your order is always fresh. They also package mail orders in nice Blue Foil bags that are heat sealed to keep fresh while shipping. If you care about coffee that tastes like coffee, you gotta try this place. The coffee is to die for! From the friendly, knowledgeable owners, to the coffee-themed ambiance, you’ll definitely love it here. Try the amaretto blend, simply “the best coffee” you’ll ever had. They have free refills and sample cups out to try all of the blends.

(409) 497-2754

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Galveston

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market (GOFM) was founded in October 2012. A few years later, it has managed to take significant steps to ensure it fulfills its mission to “build and sustain a local food community through a vibrant, producers-only marketplace, improved food access, and educational programming”. Consider these accomplishments:
  • GOFM is the first (and one of just two) Houston-area producers-only market to accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) clients;
  • GOFM is the only Houston-area market with a double dollars program; and
  • GOFM is the first and only Houston-area market service WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) customers through vouchers.
While implementing these programs is a long and tiresome process, the organizers of GOFM made sure to accomplish them. In keeping with its mission and purpose, the market has managed to make it more equitable and accessible to those who need it the most.

(832) 819-1561

Island Aquaponics

Farm & Ranch in Galveston

Island Aquaponics opened in 2011 with a mission to bring fresh premium greens, herbs, and lettuces to the community. While they temporarily closed, a new owner made it possible for the farm to reopen their doors in January 2018. Cassi Boatwright and Diane Glowacki have worked together to restore the 2100 square feet greenhouse. In just six months, they are already back at the market, selling their first organic produce. The farm is proud to share that they feed their plants with all organic fertilizer and only let them drink 100% rainwater. With a system so efficient, they make the above claims easily possible. There is still a lot of renovations in the future, but they are slowly getting there. 

(409) 370-0864

Katie’s Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Katie’s Seafood Market is known for having the “freshest seafood on the island!” This family-owned enterprise was established in 1998 and is a vision-come-true for owner, and former commercial fisherman, Buddy Guindon. The business also had their shot at the limelight when Guindon and their seafood business were featured in the 2015 National Geographic reality show, Big Fish Texas. In their more than 20 years in the industry, Katie’s Seafood Market gained its name by having the “largest retail display on the Galveston Island.” The inventory includes Red Snappers, Groupers, Golden Tile Fishes, Flounders, Oysters, Shrimps, and Blue Crabs, sourced from local fishermen and shrimpers of the Gulf of Mexico.

(409) 763-8160

Local RoastNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston

As its name speaks for itself, Local Roast Co is a local coffee roasting company that is based in the beautiful island of Galveston. They offer freshly roasted coffee following the “primitive roast” method and using their own roaster housing a vintage-salvaged cast iron grill. And yes, they roast even on stormy days and sell their craft at various farmers market such as Galveston’s Own and Peach Street Farmers Market in Angelton, Texas. They sell five coffee profiles from Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Columbia, so y’all be assured that these are some “delicious” ones. You “definitely have to go pick some up,” folks! I’m “sure” you’re going to “love it!”

Riondo’s Ristorante

Restaurant in Galveston

Riondo's Ristorante specializes in Northern Italian cuisine crafted from the conventional recipes handed down from the family's generations to generations. Located in the heart of historic downtown in Galveston Island, they serve three meals daily, offering an extensive menu including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. For starters, their "crab stuffed baby bellas" is a "show-stopper". The most popular dishes from their entrees include "gnocchi di spinachi a la panna", "margherita pizza", and "Chef Rico's famous lamb and chocolate chip raviolis". You can enjoy drink specials on "happy hour", which runs from 3pm-7pm Monday - Thursday exclusively at the bar or at the patio, and $5 appetizers from Sunday to Friday 3pm-7pm.

(409) 621-9595

Sampson & Son’s Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Sampson & Son’s Seafood Market provides the freshest seafood, along with “exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and reliable and speedy service.” These guys get the best reviews about how “efficient” they can be in processing each purchase and about them being “knowledgeable” about their products and “how different cultures may want their items prepared.” Sampson & Son’s Seafood is a “no-frills” market which offers Colossal shrimps, fresh stone crab claws, crawfish, oysters, blue crabs, snappers and more!

(409) 763-9316

She Devil PastryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston

She Devil Pastry is a home bakery based in Galveston, Texas. It is owned and operated by Janina Farias who is a classically trained pastry chef. Therefore, she specializes in decadent desserts that can be enjoyed on all occasions. Unlike American pastry, French-style pastry is a much more sublime experience that will not give you the trip to the dentist. It’s also a technique-driven line that requires a lot of time, training, and high-end products. Thus, it’s admirable that this business strives “to bring high-quality French pastries to the valley.” This bakery has a lot of unique goodies to offer including French macarons, cream puffs, Mexican hot chocolate buttercream, scones, and gooey bars. However, the list doesn’t end there. Janina adjusts her menu from time to time to make sure that its patrons won’t be fed up with the same treats. Basically, she can make anything and we highly recommend her for all your decadent baking needs.

(409) 877-4223

Strand Emporium Marketplace

Store in Galveston

The Old Strand Emporium is the “longest running retail store on the Strand,” specializing in Texas foods and gift items since 1974. The Emporium offers fresh fudge, a deli, cold drinks and a “large assortment of imported and domestic beers and Texas wines.” They have over 170 different beers. The Emporium has all the feel of an “old-fashioned ice cream parlor and sandwich shop,” with candy bins, hard-to-find cooking goods and sauces, and more. You can grab a snack or sandwich, and head outside to one of the Emporium's comfortable, convenient outdoor tables and watch The Strand in action. Quite simply, The Emporium is a “Galveston institution” not to be missed. Amazing service, fresh food and the history of this place is fantastic!

(409) 515-0715

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