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Bruno & George Winery

Winery in Sour Lake

Bruno & George Winery is "interesting small winery" is "easy enough to find with Google maps, but definitely off the beaten path". Visitors need to "book an appointment first". This boutique winery began in historic Sour Lake in early 2000. Their wines are blended from original Sicilian recipes. "Beautiful venue, and a charming host, definitely worth it to visit". Their award-winning unique specialty is "Other than Standard Raisin Wine" which "almost has a cognac sipping quality". They have "full, authentic, and smooth flavors" and "stunning fruit wines" such as the "Three Rivers Red Wine" which is "a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc".

(409) 963-8235

J & R Meat Market

Store in Sour Lake

A tidy little store on the long stretch between Cleveland and Beaumont, J & R Meat Market offers “high quality meats, deli, and all the things you would expect in a convenient store.” They have the freshest meat in the area, making it easy to go get by the pound when you need for a quick dinner. They have friendly staff that are always welcoming. Their lunch meat will beat any processed packages you can buy at the store! They also have “BBQ plates, sandwiches, and more.” J & R Meat Market a nice place for a quick bite to eat on the go or to bring home to family.

(409) 287-3640

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