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The Croissant BarNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan

The Croissant Bar makes family-sized loaves of freshly baked croissants. Who doesn't love croissants? Because they make it the size of a family-sized loaf, it is great for sharing with the family, over breakfast or when we are having a snack in-between meals. What's great at The Croissant Bar is that you can choose from four different flavors: original, chocolate, almond, and cinnamon sugar. The Croissant Bar is located in Bryan, Texas. If you live here, you can request to have your custom-made croissant delivered!

(346) 216-1889

The Farm Patch Market

Store in Bryan

The Farm Patch Market has become their patrons' favorite go-to place when it comes to stocking up on their needed produce!  They sell only the freshest fruits and vegetables that are "gorgeous" and "colorful" and can "open up your appetite."  "If you live a good life, this is the place to go to for produce."  Check out the whole store and all its aisles for other delicious treats, beautiful flowers, home decor, as well as "some delicious finds" at their refrigerator section!

(979) 822-7209

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