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Campfire Restaurant

Restaurant in Bryan

Campfire Restaurant serves three meals 7 days a week, made fresh daily with locally-sourced ingredients. This restaurant boasts a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, where Southern hospitality and authentic Texan cuisine are present. They feature an extensive menu along with a kids' menu. Their menu mainly consists of classic breakfast fare like "hanger steak & eggs" and a lighter option such as "wild oats & greek yogurt"; sandwiches like "pimento grilled cheese"; dinner entree like "braised beef short rib"; and campfire confections like "Texas pecan cake". Happy hour at Campfire lasts long enough for you to have a "good time". It takes place on weekdays 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM, promising the "best happy hour" of your life.

(979) 421-4444

Wise Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bryan

Helen and Harvey Wise manage and own the Wise Family Farm. A commenter said, "Best eggs & chickens in Brazos County. And the nicest farmers!" Offering freshly-hatched eggs from a farm that's only seven miles down the road, the provide eggs at a lesser distance. They've been providing fresh food for over eight years through a white pickup truck. Every four o'clock in the morning, they gather all the newly-hatched eggs from their chickens and brings it to the market. They also offer pastured-chicken, produce, and herbs. Sometimes, they have sunflowers too. Check them at Brazos Valley Farmers Market today!

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