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Cross Timbers Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Franklin

The Cross Timbers Ranch is a small ranch located in Robertson County, Texas. They grow their animals in a synthetic chemical-free and environmentally responsible manner. They sell pasture-raised beef and are moved frequently to keep the land healthy.  They are moved frequently for good grazing of a fresh grass/legume mix. They also use a DE, kelp and salt mix is as feed as a de-wormer/mineral mix. No growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides or animal by-products are used on their beef products, ever.

(469) 525-7281

Hollydew Farm

Farm & Ranch in Franklin

Hollydew Farm is established by a couple who wanted to consume the freshest food possible, especially for their son who had a reaction with preservatives and additives in food.  Now they are proud to say that most of what they eat is made and grown by them from scratch!  They grow their own fruits, vegetables, whole grains and raise their own meat. They assure everyone that they use organic, sustainable, and humane methods when it comes to their farm.  Their products are all homemade and handmade in small batches. 

(325) 642-8454

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