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Bedias Creek FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Iola

Bedias Creek Farms, Certified Grassfed by AGW, raises the Aubrac and Red Devon cattle breeds because they are a good fit for their grass-fed cattle operation. They selected these "two breeds because of their outstanding genetic expression based on a grass-based diet". "They graze on only fresh forages and are never given grain, routine antibiotics or growth hormones". Their "freezers are in Tomball, cows are in Iola!" This farm is also "offering chicken, pork and fresh eggs" to their "deliveries". You can also check out their social media page for more updates. You can order online at their website too.

(281) 250-2082

No Worries Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Iola

Carrie and Todd Parris are the farmers behind the No Worries Cattle Company. In the beginning, the farmers initially raised and bred Aberdeen Black Angus cows. However, they enjoyed the nutritious beef a lot that they ventured in selling their steers too. They also sell the best dry-aged grass-fed Angus beeves.The farm is about 20 minutes from the BCS are in Iola, Texas, and they have been there for over forty years.If you got no time to visit their farm, you could drop by Brazos Valley Farmers Market in Downtown Bryan every first and third Saturday of the month. But, if you have no time at all, contact them, and they'll have it delivered right into your doorsteps;"Shout out to The No Worries Cattle Co.! For 2 Sundays in a row, I have seriously enjoyed a delicious ribeye."

(979) 595-3094

Texas US Farms

Farm & Ranch in Iola

The Leveridge family are the proud owners of Texas US Farms in Iola. The family specializes in aquaponically grown produce including different varieties of tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, kale, and other leafy greens. They also grow tilapia, catfish, and stocks of Giant Malaysian River Prawn. In their efforts to promote sustainable living at different levels, they also raise earthworms for composting, fertilizer, and bait, and hold workshops on fish and pond management, and the latest innovations in aquaponics. They also offer design and consultation services to build an aquaponics system. The family just launched their newest product -- small-batch homemade pepper sauces.At the farm, the kids help mom and dad with the farm chores. Get to meet the whole family at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market every Saturday.

(936) 394-2931

Texas US Farms

Farm & Ranch in Iola

This is an Aggie Family Owned Farm. "They have a very impressive enterprise going on here. It's amazing that something so useful could come from something as simple as worms. The castings are fresh, clean, and very nutritious for your gardening". Also, "the folks in charge are nice and easy to deal with as well". They love to share their love of gardening with their unique projects and sustainable living practices. They are also building aquaponics systems and provides fresh, local produce to their community. Their "produce looks fresh and smells wonderful, the tilapia are clean and freezer-ready, and the Hot Mama sauce is tasty and blazing hot!" So, "if you want great product at a good price and locally grown on top of that, this is the place to go".


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