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Constanzo Farm

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

If you want "fresh okra", they have it here. They have "the best" okra which you can make into "some stewed okra, Yum!!" Constanzo Farm, Inc. was originated in 1915 by Tony Constanzo Sr. after coming to the United States from Italy. The Constanzo's hired Brad Stull, a Texas A&M Graduate, to help with daily operations, set up and delivery of orders, and to manage the pesticide control program in order to give its customers the best quality product. They are now buying from six local farmers, giving them the opportunity to be a part of a larger operation and sell on a scale they would not otherwise be able to compete. They also have two refrigerator trucks for delivering produce to buyers. Their current base includes H-E-B, Fresh From Texas, and local Markets. Their number of employees ranges from 3-20 people depending on crop and season. Also, Constanzo Farm works with contracted harvesters to meet the growing market. Constanzo Farm, Inc. has earned the reputation of a reliable, reputable, and honest company. "And they have the best and freshest veggies ever".

(210) 622-5389

Rancho Seco MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Atascosa

Rancho Seco Meats offers different types of grass-fed meat:  beef, pork, poultry, lamb and rabbit.  Fresh eggs are also available on this farm. You will be "enjoying some pork chops and fresh eggs on this beautiful morning". Their "egg layers" are a "cute mix of leghorns, black sex links and Easter eggers". Also, "farm pick up and delivery available". Visit their website for more information about their Farmers Market schedule, Delivery, Ranch visits, Weekly Specials, or you can subscribe for their Newsletter.

(210) 347-9694

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