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Patty’s Herb

Farm & Ranch in Weston

Patty Johnson starts to take care of herbs and flowers in Pearsall, Texas, in 1981. She is the founder of Patty’s Herbs, which became the leading grower and supplier of fresh-cut culinary herbs in Texas. Years passed, Patty Herb’s becomes restaurant wholesaler and specialty herb farm suppliers with 26 varieties of fresh herb products packed in the USA! The food safety is essential to Patty’s Herbs; that is why their employees have training conducts at regular intervals, and they have annual food safety audits. One of their clients says, “I would recommend Patty's Herbs. It is such a cool recipe that I can't wait to try. It is so appealing.” Check their website for more information about Patty's Herbs! 

(830) 334-3944

Youngblood HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pearsall

Honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. Located in Pearsall, Texas, Youngblood Honey is a family owned and operated business that produces “the best tasting honey” in town. It was 1925 when “Todd Youngblood's great-grandfather” started the Honey company. Like any other artisan food producer, Youngblood Honey started as a small honey producer that turned into a successful business that has a nice facilities. Today, this fifth-generation beekeeping business is still buzzing with their hives on more than 100,000 acres across South Texas. Their local honey are always “raw and never processed.” You can use their honey to add some sweetness to your food. It also keeps your body healthy!

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