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Poteet Country Winery

Winery in Poteet

Poteet Country Winery is "small yet well thought out business" is a "perfect spot to bring the kids to pick some strawberries when they are in season". You will have "a nice South Texas country feeling down here" especially "if you enjoy a nice sweet wine". The "quiet country drive" for "this trip is perfect" when you are "on the way to the Poteet Strawberry Festival". If you want to taste "fantastic" wines "made from fruits other than grapes", you will leave buying their "Strawberry, Mustang, Blackberry, and Peach" wines after "sampling a couple of their wines". It is also "sulfate-free" so "no headache" afterward. "You won't find any fructose in these wines either". Their "tasting room is interesting, rustic and has staff that makes you feel warm". This is a winery that really "demonstrates that you can make some fine fruit wines in the state".

(830) 276-4440

Poteet Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Poteet

The Rotary Club of Poteet is the sponsor and organizer of the Poteet Farmer’s Market. Currently operating every 2nd Saturday of the month from 8:00am to 1:00pm at the Strawberry Festival grounds, the market is one of the latest initiatives by the Poteet chapter of the Rotary. The Rotary members hope to spur economic activity by helping local farmers sell and distribute their crops at the city’s doorstep instead of traveling to farmer’s markets in other cities or selling their produce by the roadside.Together with local farmers, many local artisans have also started joining the Saturday market days to sell one-of-a-kind creations. There also vendors who sell baked goods and other food items.

(210) 846-1728

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