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Cibolo Grange Farmers and Artisans Market

Farmers Market in Cibolo

Cibolo Grange Farmers and Artisans Market is described as a beautiful market that's worth the drive.  It is a "lovely farmers and artisan market with something for everyone!" You can find local business owners offering great local products.  Plenty of good food, freshly baked bread, produce and season, and everything in between. Other goods you can find in the Cibolo Grange Farmers and Artisans Market are jams, jellies, lotions, natural soaps, and even prairie meat sausage! 

(210) 722-9054


Restaurant in Cibolo

Kindling sits in a 107-year-old home in the heart of Downtown Cibolo, and is considered is a regional heritage Texas restaurant. It takes great pride in its "wood-fired" cooking and incorporating seasonal ingredients from local farms and ranches, as well as seafood from none other than the Gulf Coast. It offers a menu that the founders described as "heritage Texas cooking", featuring traditional appetizers "house chips" and "crispy pickles", entrees "Angus beef ribeye" and "heritage pork chop", along with sides "charred broccoli" and "corn in a cup", and a selection of sweet treats including "peach cobbler" and "apple pie".

(210) 957-0158

Mako’s On The Creek

Restaurant in Cibolo

Mako's On The Creek is where eating, entertainment, and relaxation come together. If you are eating or drinking inside, the warm feeling of the restaurant's interior will completely put you at ease. Once the food hits your mouth, that's when you know you've made the right decision to treat yourself here. It gets better. Head over to the patio and enjoy listening to live music or watch a classic movie, if the weather permits. Order a beer or cocktail from the bar. You are all set for a relaxing end to your day.

1(830) 730-5630

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