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Easy E Farm

Farm & Ranch in Stockdale

Pure Pastures by Easy E Farm is a family-owned and operated ranch practicing 100% regenerative techniques. They are owned by "very nice people". They raise cattle, pigs, lamb, and fowl. Also, their animals live on rich soil in grassy pastures. You will also experience "excellent customer service" from them. They have also been working since 2015 to perfect their rotational grazing practices to provide the most flavorful and nutrient-dense meat. And they offer "tasty wonderful pasture-raised meat". They also have "THE best porkchops" that you will ever have.

(210) 393-7635

Eazy E Farms

Farm & Ranch in Stockdale

Since 2015, the Eazy E Farms is known for their rotational grazing practices. These practices allow them to provide sustainable and tastiest pasture-raised meats in Texas. They offer raising heritage breed, pastured pork, dabble in beef, rabbits.  For them, to sustain the high quality of their products, they need to use regenerative agriculture practices. The practices allow them to ensure the land will be healthy enough. Eazy E Farms has plenty of good reviews. One of their happy clients says the following. “Thanks for providing a local source for happy, delicious pasture-raised pork.” Check their website to know more about Eazy E Farms!

(210) 393-7635

Get Grazed FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Stockdale

The owner switched from Angus cattle to Longhorn cattle raising in 2013. They wanted to raise the healthiest beef possible, beef that even a heart patient could enjoy. Longhorn beef is some of the leanest and healthiest beef available today. They also do not use hormones, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Instead, their cattle are grass fed\free grazed and you have a beef product that you can safely put on your table for your family to thoroughly enjoy. They participate in the Seguin Farmers Market. You can "try some of the ground beef" and it is "really awesome" and "flavorful". "They offer grass-fed beef by the pound. It is nice to be able to customize it the way you want, instead of buying large packages! Stop by and grab a sample and get more info".

(210) 284-8403

Hartman FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Atascosa

Hartman Farm is a 10-acre farm that is home to healthy poultry animals that bring joy to everyone's table. Some of the poultry animals that the farm raises are chickens, geese, ducks, and quails. You would love how tasty their quail eggs are! Their products are available all year round. One happy customer says, "I won't eat eggs if they are not farm fresh fro, Hartman Farms!" The farm also grows several types of produce. Theresa, one of their patrons, prefer to get a lot of peppers and okra from the farm for her pickles and salsas. Visit them today to learn more!

(210) 422-4890

Wildwood Treasure

Store in Stockdale

Wildwood Treasure started as a woodworking shop. They are also offering some woodworking, but now also offers edible and medicinal plants, food items such as cookies, cupcakes, jams and jellies as permissible by the Texas Cottage Food law, soap, eggs when they have extra, and other items. Their "homemade cookies" are "made with organic flour, real sugar, and real butter". You can find them selling on the side of the road by their property on Highway 87. This is "just before the merge to 97" which goes down to Floresville. They are two miles from Sutherland Springs, Texas. They also have a Paypal business account, so they can accept credit card swipes or cash.

(210) 473-1162

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