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Koch Ranches

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

With a commitment to raising the leanest and most nutritious beef, Koch Ranches has created meat with an unmatched delicious flavor. The 4400-acre land with rich pastures and almost 400 acres of irrigated grasses give the animals, fruits, and veggies have an abundant supply of nutritious food. It guarantees a diet that's highly focused on greens. The farm also ensures that all of their meat is on grass from birth to butcher. Currently, they have Longhorn cows, goats, wild boar, and lambs. In addition to that, the ranch sells honey, fermented food, and sausages. The farm opened in 2011, but the fifth, sixth, and seventh generation of farmers help each other in managing the farm. Contact Cheryl Koch Ludwick today! Happy customers say, "the best beef I ever had! I'll be a customer for life!" "Duck eggs were good!", and "beef is wonderful as is their honey."

(210) 858-9795

Mother Culture

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Michelle Numbers is the founder and CEO of Mother Culture. When she had to find healthy dairy for her kid, it never occurred to her that she'd one day run a small dairy production facility.Her business boomed quickly, and words about her wonderfully delicious product spread fast in Central Texas. From one Farmer's market to four today, her client base keeps on growing.Most of the Facebook reviews are all about the goodness of her products, especially her cultured yogurt. Our family loves Mother Culture yogurt. It’s the highest-quality and yummiest yogurt you can find. Their greek yogurt is so creamy, flavorful, and perfectly sweetened. Michelle has an impressive talent for mixing and matching flavors."Though handcrafted preparation, locally-sourced ingredients, she has captured the palate of many!Mother Culture still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

(210) 343-2210

Ranger Creek Brewery & Distilling

Craft Brewery in San Antonio

Ranger Creek Brewery & Distilling is San Antonio's award-winning brewery and distillery that produces “handcrafted beer and bourbon one batch at a time.” They age their beers in the same barrels they age their spirits in, and even distill beers down to spirits, which really highlights the relationship between the two arts. Their tasting room is a great way to experience their beer, whiskey, and unique beer cocktails. They have a simple, rotating menu that always has “something new and exciting” on it, including a few food options. Throughout the years, Ranger Creek has definitely helped the craft brew culture in their area of Texas. They have won numerous awards for beers including their “unique and delicious pecan-smoked doppelbock.” They set a benchmark for other breweries to aspire to and helping the seventh largest state in America make a name for itself in the brewing industry.

(210) 339-2282

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Distillery in San Antonio

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is the only “brewstillery” in Texas and they have won several awards already. When you visit, "don't be fooled by the somewhat nondescript surroundings". You "just open the door and your senses and warm welcome will let you know you are in the right place". The tour they offer is "the most informative" if you "have been on several brewery/distillery tours" already. You also "get to sample their whiskey and 2 of their full-size beers". Also, "for a small surcharge, you can also try two of their award-winning whiskey". They have "great choices for beer and the bourbons and rye are great". This is "a must stop when you're in San Antonio!"

(210) 339-2282

San Antonio Food Bank Farmers’ Market Association – WIC Clinic Naco-Perrin

Farmers Market in San Antonio

The Farmers Market in WIC Clinic Naco-Perrin is located right along the Naco-Perrin Blvd in San Antonio, Texas. It's one of the many participants of the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) Nutrition Program.The SAFB has been in existence since the year 1980. Their advocacy is to zero-out the starvation rate of San Antonio and Southwest Texas. Thus, through their campaigns, one of which is their nutrition program, we can help and support as well. The SAFB has a farm that grows fruits and vegetables. Vouchers can be purchased and can be used to buy these crops, which they sell at select farmers' markets such as this one in Naco-Perrin. They also have a list of qualified candidates who will stand as a beneficiary of their profit.The SAFB in WIC Clinic Naco-Perrin Farmers Market runs every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

(210) 431-8480

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