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Almighty SpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Imagine a collection of gourmet spices, hand-blended to create the perfect seasoning for all your cooking needs. Not only it enhances the flavor of your food, but it is also far away from your usual store-bought seasoning as this contains NO MSG and NO Added Preservatives. They also have a new item on the list which has NO salt! “These spices make everything better.” Sprinkle the House Seasoning with anything and everything. Use the BBQ Seasoning on beef, chicken, pork, or whatever you throw on your grill. The Seafood Seasoning makes a great compliment to literally anything from the ocean. Add a hind of zest to your meals with the Chicken and Pork Blend. Spice up your shrimp, crab, or crawfish with the Cajun Boil. And finally, cook an authentic Mexican cuisine with the use of the All-Purpose Mexican Seasoning. We won’t tell your grandma, promise!

(210) 255-8653

Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow CookerNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow Cooker knows that there aren't many bakeries dedicated to making baked goods that are safe to eat for diabetic people. I think what the owner of this bakery didn't know is that this bakery doesn't just provide for people with diabetes the sweet treats they can enjoy, this bakery is also a good source of sweets for those who do not want to risk diabetes later in life. People should help spread the word because Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow Cooker offers a low-sugar option that can help people keep the risk of diabetes at bay. If this bakery succeeds in the long-term future, so do the local, small businesses from which this bakery sources its ingredients.

(210) 556-7291

Chicago Bagels

Bakery in Windom

Rooted in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, Chicago Bagels & Deli is a family owned and operated bakery that has been a “community favorite for 19 years.” It is formerly known as Daily Bagel. They offer a variety of flavored bagels, challahs and gourmet breads to satisfy every craving, “made fresh, in-house by family artisan.” They make their famous bagels from scratch everyday and boils them. They mix and shape it by hand, giving the bagels that “distinct tough shiny texture and delicious, chewy inside.” Chicago Bagels only uses high gluten flour, sugar, salt and yeast. They don’t use any dairy products except for egg bagels.

(210) 691-2245

Huebner Oaks Farmers Market

Farmers Market in San Antonio

The Huebner Oaks Farmer’s Market is part of a wider network of farmers’ markets established by the Four Seasons Markets group. This group gives entrepreneurs a platform to establish and grow their businesses while changing the way people learn about, buy, and consume food. Customers have a wide array of possible farmers, ranchers, and artisans – 2,789 in total. Around 20 vendors are usually present at Huebner Oaks with products for sale including local produce, breads and cakes, and more!This market is conveniently located at the parking lot of the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center.The Four Seasons group operates 7 other markets around the State of Texas.Don't know where to go for family time? Check out Huebner Oaks Farmers Market as they were featured as one of the 7 Farmers Markets in San Antonio for the Family!

(972) 884-0680

Just Smash’em

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Just Smash’em, a food truck serves “awesome lemonade”, that’s “fresh” and “tasty” in the San, Antonio TX area. Perfect for a hot summer’s day, their lemonades are a definite must-try! Offering a variety of different flavors like “cucumber, strawberry, pomegranate, and classic lemonade”, and a few more. With their exceptional freshly squeezed lemonades and great customer service, Just Smash’em is a definite must-try! To catch them in action, follow their social media accounts to know when and where they are. Instead of getting yourself a sugar-filled drink, go with a healthier option—choose Just Smash’em’s lemonades. You can’t go wrong with them!

(210) 254-5595

Little Cuties Cake ShopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

“Gourmet” cake and “cupcake shops are so easy to come by in San Antonio, but it’s difficult to find a bakery that has homemade” and “excellent quality baked goods.” In line with that, “Little Cuties Cake Shop is a hidden gem that you must try.” They make personalized cakes that “are super moist”; plus, they’re glazed with a “frosting that melts in your mouth like butter,” yet “was not overly sweet” at all. Their “flavors are endless” but we assure you that they’re all “amazing” and “delicious.” Not to mention that they also do flourless, low-carb, sugar-free, and no added sugar options on top of that. We “highly recommend giving them a try; you won’t regret it.”

(210) 992-7711

The Cake Shop

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Established in June 2003, The Cake Shop is a reputable and well-established business in San Antonio, Texas. They are known for their “beautiful, creative” unique, and “delicious” specialty cakes. Using only the finest ingredients possible, this bakery guarantees the freshest flavors and tastes that are captured in every slice of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and mini desserts. Every cake “was stunning and everyone raved about how wonderful” they taste. It’s “very moist; the frosting was delicious and the filling was good.” On top of that, “the designers” can easily “replicate” any design you might have, even better most of the time. “The service” is “great too,” I must say. “They deliver on time” and the entire team is “very helpful throughout the entire process.” Overall, it’s like hitting “the jackpot” when you order from them – can’t recommend them enough!

(210) 561-1700

Tri-County Meat Market – Shavano Park

Store in Shavano Park

Locally owned and full service, Tri County Meat Market in Shavano Park is dedicated to providing the best cuts and selections for all of your needs. All of their products, from meats to produce, are “carefully selected to provide the best experience” and results for any occasion. They also have a small but essential selection “fresh produce, seasonings, and BBQ supplies.” The customer service is always spot on with taking requests and answering any questions about different cuts or even how to prepare them. Tri-County Meat Market in Shavano Park has plenty of experience and will make sure the meat you select comes out perfect!

(210) 474-6827

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