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Gulf Breeze Alpaca & Sheep Ranch & Lodging

Farm & Ranch in Lake City

Gulf Breeze Alpaca Ranch sits on a 40 acre of sloping hillside overlooking Lake Corpus Christi. It is a working ranch owned and operated by Lyn and Mark Christoph since 2007, and their goal is to breed quality alpacas. They feed their alpacas with a specially formulated feed, the Coastal Bermuda Hay, that they source locally. Moreover, they continuously add and rotate pastures to keep their forage fresh. PPPeruvian Royal, 4Peruvian Legacy, 6Peruvian Dona Ariana, SA Peruvian Black Epic, Peruvian Bueno are few of the fantastic bloodlines available on their ranch. These bloodlines are not readily available in Texas. They also offer tours to the ranch and cabin rentals! You can call Lyn at 361-537-0503 if you have questions about the ranch. One of their satisfied customers said, "This place is great! When we visited, there were beautiful lavender fields, turkeys, alpacas."

(361) 537-0503

Steve D. Cervantes Farm

Store in Mathis

The Steve D. Cervantes Farm has a very interesting history. Steve Cervantes purchased some land back in 2009 but didn’t have any plans just yet to go into farming. Instead, he and his wife drove 18-wheeler trucks for a living. An injury sidelined him, however, and he happened to read a book on aquaponics. These unfortunate circumstances eventually led to his long and fruitful relationship with farming.Steve always approached things with a go-all-out attitude. He did that with farming, too. He didn’t start out small, and today, Steve’s eponymous farm has a produce stand open 5 days a week. They have organic produce, and imported fruits and vegetables. He also supplies fresh vegetables to groceries and sells his produce at farmers’ markets.Steve D. Cervantes Farm accepts cash, major credit cards, and EBT.

(361) 510-5714

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