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Brewsome Brewery

Craft Brewery in McAllen

Brewsome Brewery is a “small batch craft brewhouse and restaurant” that opened in March 2019 in McAllen, Texas. They have a pet-friendly patio, and reviews about the ambiance of the place have been generally positive. “The atmosphere was great” and similar reactions dominate the reviews. On the other hand, the reviews of their beer have been inconsistent, at best. Some visitors gave the highest marks while others gave their beers low or mediocre grades.The marks for their food are also inconsistent. Some love the food, but others don’t. The brewery currently offers guests about 10 different varieties. For those who don’t like beer, they have a selection of Southern Style Craft Sodas.

(956) 627-2380

El Terco

Restaurant in McAllen

El Terco promises to bring only the "best tasting" seafood in town right at your table. This seafood restaurant proudly serves locally grown shrimp from its own family farm located in Raymondville, Texas. In addition to "fresh", "flavorful" shrimp-focused dishes, it also serves a wide variety of seafood, including a huge selection of whole fish and shellfish. It offers an extensive menu, featuring appetizers, soups and salads, seafood tacos, signature dishes, seafood cocktails, and desserts. It also features non-seafood offerings such as beef burgers and chicken fajitas. A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages also round up the menu.

(956) 686-1933

Growing Growers Farmers Market

Farmers Market in McAllen

Growing Growers Farmers Market (sometimes spelled as “Grow’n Growers”) held its first market day in February 2008 as an extension of a series of classes on organic gardening and nutrition education. The outreach program in September 2007 taught families how to cultivate backyard gardens for their own supplies of fresh produce as well as potential supplemental income for the family. By February 2008, these families were ready to sell their own produce at the newly established farmers market.Although products sold at the market are often organic, most are not certified because participants can’t afford the certification for small-scale operations. The market also offers grass-fed beef and lamb, honey, jellies, eggs, baked goods, and organic beauty products. They may also feature cooking demonstrations, food tastings, and master gardening classes. “Everything… everyone is so informative,” says one recent visitor.

1(956) 330-6410

Purrfect Bake ShoppeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in McAllen

Purrfect bake Shoppe is a home-based bakery situated in McAllen, Texas that was put together by two friends who are self-taught home bakers. They specialize in baked goods ranging from decorated sugar cookies, to banana bread and coffee cakes. Gluten-free options are also available, should you request it. Even though this business is quite new, they have “the most delicious pastries” in the neighborhood. The sugar cookies are not just pretty, but it is moist and flavorful as well. “You can totally tell they’re made with so much thought, time, and love!” And speaking of love, this bakery also crafts some delicious dog and cat treats for a great movement as they participate and take part in various events like Paws for a Cause. 

(956) 563-3114

Reserva Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in McAllen

Roasting and brewing coffee is what Reserva Coffee Roasters do everyday. It is McAllen's newest local “independent coffee shop” serving locally roasted craft specialty coffee, loose leaf teas, and pastries that are made from scratch. They diligently craft each coffee in the “Rio Grande Valley” to deliver fresh and bring out the best of every origin in every batch. Hand roasting each batch honors the effort and ensures the coffee offered by Reserva Coffee Roasters is the best that it can possibly be. This is a nice place to relax if you're in the mood for some quiet time. The ambient is tranquil and provides just the right mood to lift your spirits.Reserva Coffee Roasters is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

(956) 900-1805

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