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Bay BeesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Brownsville

"Glenn Simpson, a local beekeeper and owner of Bay Bees, is one of a select few who distribute honey in the Rio Grande Valley". All the "Honeybees that Simpson uses to harvest honey come from all across the Rio Grande Valley- each with their own unique flavor". You can send a message me or call Glenn at 361-455-7433 to make arrangements. You can also check out his social media page for more updates. And, you can also visit his bee farm because "Glenn is an awesome beekeeper!". And he is also always "doing the best job possible to educate new beekeepers!"

(361) 455-7433

Brownsville Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market in Brownsville

The Brownsville Farmers’ Market is a project by the Brownsville Wellness Coalition (BWC), a Texas not-for-profit corporation, and created to provide the community with a source for “fresh, affordable, locally grown produce”. It was designed to address the community’s poor health status as well as to promote proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle among the city’s low-income families.In the past, residents of the largely Latino city struggled to find affordable, healthy food which led to alarmingly high overweight and obesity rates. The health crisis prompted concerned community members to unite and create the market. The BWC's other projects also included, among others, nutrition education.At this market, families can also enjoy a day of fun with the nearby Museum of Fine Art and the Gladys Porter Zoo. The market accepts EBT debit cards, and SNAP, WIC and Farm Fresh vouchers. Watch out for its relocation to a better location in downtown Brownsville in the Mitte Cultural District in 2020!

(956) 465-4178

Juices by TrishaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville

Juices by Trisha knows that the best way to make juices is by using fresh fruit and vegetables. To ensure that the juice is a healthy option, Juices by Trisha does not add any sugars, sweeteners, or preservatives. If you want to stock up, Juices by Trisha offers gallon orders. And you don't have to worry about how to bring it home since Juices by Trisha also delivers for free anywhere in Brownsville, Olmito, and Rancho Viejo on orders of $20 or more; follow Juices by Trisha on social media to know more.

(956) 525-9744

Raw XocolatlNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville

The name may be difficult to pronounce, but there is no mistaking what this is at first look: chocolate. The mission of Raw Xocolatl is to return to the healthy, all-natural enjoyment of cacao, at a time when there are many choices for chocolate lovers, although many of these products are unhealthy. Raw Xocolatl allows you to enjoy the taste and flavor of chocolate, but without the guilt that comes from eating unhealthy food.

(360) 888-3453

Serendipity JellyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville

Serendipity Jelly, formally known as “Serendipity of the Valley” has been around since the late 1970s. In June of 2018, “Michelle Breeden” bought the company and they have been selling homemade jams and jelly pretty much every weekend. Serendipity Jelly has a wide selection of flavors including, Blueberry with Chili Pequin, Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jalapeno, Mesquite Bean Jelly, Mayhaw Jelly, and Hot Jalapeno Jellie. They also offer “sugar free option” like the Sugar Free Triple Berry Preserve and Sugar Free Mango Peach Preserves. Aside from these homemade jam and jellies, they also have spicy salsas and other gourmet treats, made in their own Southwestern Texas kitchen. If you haven't tried them yet, come "Taste the Best of Texas!"

(956) 371-3067

Tasty ProbioticsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville

Tasty Probiotics is a specialty grocery store located in Brownsville, Texas selling a variety of yummy and healthy fermented food. You can buy by the gallon although their products also come in mason jars. They have freshly-brewed kombucha (featuring fruits of the season), kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha pickled avocado, and roasted garlic dressing. They also sell black garlic. Catch them at the SPI Farmers Market and enjoy the nutritional benefits of fermented food.

(956) 570-3423


Restaurant in Brownsville

Located in the heart of Downtown Brownsville, Terra's Restaurant is serving modern Mexican cuisine at "reasonable" prices. It proudly operates a "scratch kitchen", sourcing its ingredients from local vendors and small businesses around the area. It offers a frequently changing menu, inspired by fresh ingredients that are in season, featuring appetizing starters like "chicharron de ribeye", organic greens like "caesar salad", seafood specialties like "chimichurri salmon", savory poultry dishes like "chipotle alfredo", flavorful meat entrees like "blackened short ribs", hearty vegetarian offerings like "torta de champinones", and succulent desserts like "blueberry cheesecake". Mimosas and cold beverages also round up the menu.

(956) 621-0886

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