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Big River Brewery

Craft Brewery in Pharr

Big River Brewery was founded by husband and wife team Steve and Bertha Padilla. Both in the medical field with nursing degrees, Steve happened to get his hands on a home brewing book and a starter’s kit. During their travels, they would also visit different microbreweries. The more he studied, the more interested he became in brewing his own beer, especially the science part of it all. The hobby soon turned into a passion, and the passion eventually became a business in 2017.Still keeping his job as a nurse and anesthetist, Steve puts in extra hours to keep brewing his craft beers. He gets a lot of help from the family especially with Bertha manning the taproom and managing their accounts. Their son and daughter pitch in at the brewery and the taproom, too. All the beer the family creates incorporate an element of the Rio Grande Valley.

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