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Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Bastrop

The Bastrop 1832 market is a project of Bastrop Sustainable Agricultural Community (BSAC) and is on a mission to promote small family farmers, ranchers, producers, artisans, and the economically disadvantaged to sell their own farm and ranch products, artisan wares, ready-to-eat foods and other homemade products. The market’s efforts include various side projects such as scheduled events for cooking demos and recipe handouts, pet adoption events 3-4 times a year, Change for Food which raises much-needed funds for the hungry, drop-off points for non-perishable canned goods to help feed the hungry and for plastic bottles and aluminum cans for recycling, and even a book exchange program. Find the usual freshest produce and the best artisan crafts the area has to offer and enjoy the occasional featured live music in a covered indoor setting year-round. They welcome food purchases using Texas Lone Star Cards.

(512) 237-0553

Bastrop Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Bastrop Cattle Company offers the highest quality pasture-raised and naturally-grown beef in Bastrop. Moreover, their humanely-raised meat is free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. You can also have a custom butchery for free. Their business started in 2006 when Rancher Pati Jacobs took over their cattle trade intending to raise grass-fed beef. She decided to directly sell her meat to sustainable co-ops, restaurants, and families in the area. Delivery is available to both Austin and Bastrop. Also, you can get their beef in many Austin restaurants.  Give them a call or visit www.bastropcattlecompany.com for online orders or any other specialty cuts.

(512) 537-6983

Blinderhund RanchNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop

Blinderhund Ranch got its name from the family blind miniature dachshund for which the “Blind Dog” bee ranch gets its name. The Honey Bees and Family Farm are located in Bastrop and the family started the Blinderhund Ranch September 2017. Their bees produce delicious “wildflower and mesquite honey” and they have local pure raw honey for sale. They also have “Farm Fresh Eggs” from hens and ducks that are free range and supplemented with only locally sourced, non-GMO, non-medicated, soy free feed with organic vitamins and minerals. Blinderhund Ranch also produces Fresh Roasted Organic, Fair Trade, Sumatra Mandheling Coffee that you can buy at the Farmer’s Market.

(512) 867-5603

Chickamaw Organic Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

In Choctaw (American Indian) language, 'chickamaw' means native, or sacred land. The Chickamaw Organic Farm & Ranch is the only certified biodynamic farm in Texas.This certificate means that the farmers focus on healing the farmland by nurturing it properly. This method is done so that in return, the farm can 'heal' us through the food it produces.According to the owner, everything they do to the soil, water, land, and animals matter a lot because it is what we also do to ourselves. Therefore, getting food from properly raised food means we are also correctly taking care of ourselves.The farm offers five different kinds of blueberries and Irish Dexter beef.If you love to pick blueberries, be sure to check them out. 

(512) 567-3456

Colorado River Winery

Winery in Bastrop

Whether you want to have a "nice weekend stop" or when you're on your way to Austin, The Colorado River Winery is "worth the stop if you're in need of a pour". They have a really "neat old building and rustic tasting room" in the Tuscan style where you can relax, taste, sip, swirl and purchase wines. They have "good tasting wines using a combination of local and outsourced grapes" such as the "Seasonal Bliss red table wine", the "smokey and rich" Cabernet or even the "Tempranillo red from a Texas grape". The owner is "very nice and also knowledgeable about the various brands offered". The winery keeps things fresh and fun by introducing different types of both red and white wines made in small batches.

(682) 227-0710

Copper Shot Distillery

Distillery in Bastrop

Copper Shot Distillery is a small distillery in Bastrop established in May 2016. Owners Stephen and Cheri Todee named their distillery Copper Shot because the company includes a logo-engraved copper shot glass with each Copper Shot bottle. (At the distillery, you can purchase their bottles without the shot glass.)The distillery currently produces moonshine, vodka, and whiskeys at their downtown Bastrop location. They only use rain water, natural grains, and sugar for their handcrafted spirits. Some spirits occasionally require raw local honey.Stephen personally conducts the tours and tastings at the distillery. The distillery continues to operate during the tasting room's operating hours. Guests can actually see the production process while sipping their drinks! Cheri also sells distillery merchandise at the 150-year old tasting room. Every Friday and Saturday evenings, there’s a live music performance by local artists.

(512) 412-6414

Genius Distillery

Distillery in Bastrop

Genius Distillery is now located in Bastrop, Texas with "a bigger, better, and more beautiful" space. The story of how and why it happened, you can read it on their social media page. You can just look for March 2019 posts on their social media pages. They are "really passionate about their gin". They distilled their gins artfully and made from scratch which may take them longer to do but still guaranteed and it is worth it. Their products include Gin Standard Strength, Gin Navy Strength, Oaked Genius Gin, and Old Highborn Gin. You may also call them regarding tours because they also offer "a very extended informative tour and tasting".

(512) 710-7907

Green Acre CTX

Farm & Ranch in Port Lavaca

Green Acre CTX is a great place to get the freshest and most nutritious lettuce in town. They focus on growing greens that will nourish the body with its abundant nutrients. That is why the farm plants as many lettuces as they can for people to enjoy in their salads. With a tagline 'Lettuce serve you,' the farm catches the attention of everyone, even those who do not like to eat salad greens. If you want to try out their products, call them at 512-342-ACRE, and they will gladly assist you.On the other hand, the farm also offers farm tours. You can call the same number above to inquire about the visit. Book your tour today!

Green Gate Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

The Green Gate Farms was restored by Skip Connett and Erin Flynn. They left their corporate careers in public health and with little knowledge on community-supported agriculture. Despite this, they set out to restore the historic Green Gate Farms. Their mission/vision was to create “a community (food) resource for neighbors of all incomes” and to “cultivate an organic farm that feeds mind, body, and soul”.Today, the farm is a USDA certified organic farm with over 125 seasonal CSA members. In addition, they regularly provide educational classes and camp programs to community members. They also operate a farm stand three days a week selling organic vegetables, flowers, eggs, and meats. A Workshare Program allows community members to work in exchange for organic produce. It accepts SNAP and WIC food vouchers.The farm is a past winner of the Critics’ Choice Best of Austin award from The Austin Chronicle. “Excellent opportunity... for youth and adults to explore the world of farming. My kids did the farm camp and loved it!” – Facebook review

(512) 484-2746

Kalbas Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Kalbas Farm was born because of the passion for farming by the owner. They have fresh, local, and healthy vegetables through front yard sustainable farming. Their vegetables include Baby carrots, Lettuce Heads, Lettuce Blends, Leeks, Cilantro, Parsley, Collard greens, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Kale, and even Orach. You may be able to see their produce if you visit the Bastrop Farmers Market 1832. They also have seasonal produce including "cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and basil!!" You may contact them at their website or Facebook page. You can also send an email to order fresh, local, and healthy vegetables and free range eggs.

Micro Barrio

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Micro Barrio is a small urban farm in Bastrop County, Texas. They produce hydroponically grown and nutrient dense microgreens and vegetables. They Have a wide variety of lettuce, pak choi, swiss chard and bell peppers, all grown hydroponically! All of their produce is fresh-cut on the day so you'll be sure that what you're getting is as fresh as possible!

(512) 710-4844

Middle Ground Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Middle Ground Farm is a community farm by the community, for the community. They grow a wide variety of vegetables and are certified to be USDA organic. Some of the vegetables that they produce (all organic!) are onions, tomatoes, eggplants and a whole slew of leafy greens.

(361) 317-2433


Restaurant in Bastrop

Neighbor's Restaurant sits on the banks of the Colorado River in Bastrop, deep in the heart of Texas. It is a pizza place, music venue, and event space all in one spot. You can either catch your favorite sports team on the huge screen inside the restaurant or have a breath of fresh air and enjoy live music at the outdoor seating. The menu consists of appetizers, salads, sandwiches & wraps, pizzas, and cocktails. They also offer chicken wings in different flavors such as "sweet sriracha" and "parmesan basil". With a wide variety of pizzas, from "Margherita pizza" to "chicken pesto pizza", Neighbor's Restaurant is indeed the "ultimate pizza place".

(512) 988-7036

Priverno Farm

Farm & Ranch in Universal City

Priverno Farm is a small farm that grows vegetables using ORGANIC methods. This is owned by a "passionate farmer who is very knowledgeable about his craft". Their Ducks and Chickens are PASTURE raised, supplemented with Non-Soy and Non-GMO layer feed, for the most nutritious and best-tasting eggs around. They also make Biscotti with their Duck eggs. "They have awesome duck eggs!" You will also "love their veggies" and they also "have a great variety of peppers". They also have "great and tasty fresh produce"."Try spaghetti with onions from Priverno and oil and you will eat it again and again and again".  

Radiant Mama Juice & Smoothie Bar

Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop

Radiant Mama offers plant-based drinks and products including raw cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, fruit sorbets, mason jar salads, and more. Danielle McDonald, the owner, started this business with a simple homemade elderberry recipe. After seeing how this product positively impacted the well-being of the community, she then expanded her business by offering various healthy living products, health coaching programs, and launching a cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar. “Danielle is an amazing health coach” and she crafts “amazing products and juices.” Her “elderberry syrup” and “super berry ice pops” are definitely must-haves. Not only do these products stand as “a huge hit” to the kids, but they also “contain so many immune-boosting ingredients” that help alleviate “allergies” and congestions. “Just be careful” of the “cold-pressed juices” though, “because once you try them, you’re hooked” on it forever. Overall, we “highly recommend” not only her edible products, but also the inedible ones.

(479) 236-8034

Red Beard Brothers Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Red Beard Brothers Farm is a family-run farm in Bastrop with three brothers, also known as the Red Beards, "growing three different breeds of pigs such as Ossabaw Island hogs, Red Wattle hogs, and Large Black". Moreover, their pigs eat organic produce and fermented grains. Also, a Texas State licensed butcher processes their pigs. Aside from pork, "they also have eggs and turkey". Furthermore, their middle Red Beard brother, Zach, creates "baked goods you can find from the farm or Bastrop Producers Market and Wheatsville Co-op". They are under the label Munchees Lunchbox. "The Pringle Family is the best" because "they treat their animals with lots of love and just like they are part of the family. Plus the animals probobly eat better then the Pringles do- we have bought meat from them and its the best!!"

(512) 743-4850

RRR Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

RRR Farm is a small organic family ranch in Bastrop, Texas, "specializing in heritage breed livestock and heirloom varieties of seasonal vegetables". You can find their products at farm stands, and they offer them in local restaurants. Currently, they are working on their USDA organic certification. Moreover, "their livestock eats a natural diet and free to forage" in large areas. Furthermore, they rotate their vegetables and livestock throughout harvesting and fortifying their land. Also, they are "always looking for volunteers and people who want to get to know about farming". Since their place is on the Lower Colorado River, "they welcome volunteers and friends to camp and swim".

(512) 789-0988

Texan Honey Farm LLC/ Barton Creek HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop

I always think that a lot of wedding favors are impractical and wasteful. I'm glad that many couples are leaning towards practical or useful wedding favors. I haven't been to a wedding where they gave away honey wedding favors but I think that is a great idea! This is actually one of the items sold at Texan Honey Farm LLC/ Barton Creek Honey. They are located in Bastrop, Texas. If honey wedding favors are part of your wedding vision board, you should visit Texan Honey Farm LLC/ Barton Creek Honey or leave them a message. They also sell raw honey and creamed honey - a product you don't always find in all apiaries and beekeeping businesses.

(512) 748-5611

The 602 on Main

Restaurant in Bastrop

The 602 on Main specializes in serving a wide selection of craft cocktails and beers. On top of that, they also serve lunch and dinner, with each and every flavorful meal perfectly complements their beverages. A few of their most popular beers include the best-seller "India pale ales", which is most commonly referred to as "IPA", "honey pale wheat ale", and "Stella Artois", all of which are served in frosted glasses. They also have an extensive variety of "savory dishes" and "delightful desserts". Their entrees include "cajun garlic shrimp with smoked gouda grits", "rib-eye steak with brussels sprouts" and more. For dessert, the "smoked cheesecake" is the crowd's favorite.

(512) 321-3577

Tough Cookie Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop

Tough Cookie Bakery and Café started in 2011, serving the community “mostly organic fresh-baked vegan and vegetarian” menu. This locally-owned café, bakery, and coffee shop offers brunch and lunch items, as well as espresso, that are mostly wholesome food – vegan and using the highest quality and organic local ingredients. Tough Cookie Bakery and Café is great for those with diet restrictions, but everyone can enjoy their menu items, even the kids with their sammiches and cookies!

(512) 629-6936

Violet Crown Spirits

Distillery in Bastrop

Violet Crown Spirits is the first absinthe distillery in the state of Texas and their "product is beyond delicious!" "Stop by" and "learn more about this botanical beverage". You will find it "a very classy and freshly-flavored product". Their "Elderflower Liqueur" has a "unique aroma and flavor" and you can feel "the smoothness of the drink". You can find their products at your favorite retailers or cocktail bars which they have posted on their website. They have also posted on their website several ways to create cocktail drinks using their absinthe. Their "crew" is also "absolutely delightful, passionate, and full of knowledge". Note: Their tasting room will reopen this September so stay tuned for updates!

(512) 766-5090

VRDNT FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

VRDNT Farm is a "small-scale," technology-forward, "female-owned and operated vegetable farm in Bastrop, Texas." It focuses on bio-intensive growing practices while striving to optimize on-farm efficiency. Bio-intensive means that the farm system practices biological processes rather than chemical inputs. All the fertilizers and sprays that are used on the crops are organic, OMRI-certified products. Thus, you can be certain that you'll not only get the most organic but also the most flavorful and colorful vegetables in the area. And the good news is, if you subscribe to the CSA, you can get a box with 5 to 9 different vegetables, fresh from the farm, for 5 consecutive weeks.

Waterson Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

The Waterson Ranch has been raising sustainable beef since the '50s, the 1850's. Yes, they have been in the ranching business for almost 200 years!  They raise cattle with no growth hormones and antibiotics. Their herd graze and freely roam their ranch and are never penned up in a feedlot. While it takes twice as long to produce grass-fed beef, they're much, much healthier than their industrial counterparts. In their own words, "Great tasting certified grass fed natural beef from a local, sustainable and proud Texas ranch, previously available only to our kin." 

(512) 332-6084

Watterson Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Since the 1850s, the Watterson Ranch has been producing local, natural, sustainable, grass-fed beef. Running on its 6th generation, they continue to provide the luxury that has only been available to them in the past. But today, they are ready to share their food on your plate. They commit to delivering honest food without shortcuts, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, nor additives. Therefore, the farm takes twice as long to raise cattle for harvest compared to commercial ones. Get your beef from a certified honest ranch today! Watterson Ranch is American Grassfed certified, and Animal Welfare Approved. Contact Tim Miller to learn more.

(512) 988-9429

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