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Cowboy Candy SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Buda

Cowboy Candy Salsa started in 2016 in Carrollton from the love of the sweet and spicy candied jalapeno. A new Texas tradition – just the right amount of sweet and heat. You may also be able to find their products at the Central Market (Dallas). Their Cowboy Candy Salsa is made in Texas with fresh ingredients that combine for a sweet and spicy combination. "Yummy goodness!" It's smoky, spicy and sweet in all the right places. You can also enjoy it with your favorite chips, or as a compliment to just about any meal. Four flavors, the original Habanero, Chunky Habanero, Smoked Poblano and Garden Fresh, the mildest salsa. "Its Candied Jalapenos... deliciousness!"

Dear Run Longhorns

Farm & Ranch in Buda

Douglas and Cynthia Dear are the proud owners of Dear Run Longhorns. They love breeding premium registered longhorns. For them, their longhorns are an extension of their family, and that is their therapy after a stressful day. The Dears' believe that being good stewards of the land and taking good care of longhorn is an excellent humane practice. Their longhorns raised with no amount of antibiotics or steroids that makes their beef 100% natural! Also, their animals are in different locations, depending on the breeding season. If you want to check their working ranch, you need an appointment first to visit. Call them at (512) 848-9797.

(512) 848-9797

Deer Run Land and Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in Buda

Deer Run Land and Cattle Co. owner Douglas and Cynthia Dear are very passionate about raising premium Texas longhorns. They talk to experts. They associate themselves with fellow breeders and learn from them. They are meticulous and take good care of the cattle they own. All of these reflect the quality of what they sell. And even if the price tag of what they are selling is upwards of $100 (which is no joke considering the economy today), you can see that they still have customers who buy from them and supports them because they are very good at what they do and what they sell is top of the line.

(512) 848-9797

Downtown Buda Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market in Buda

The Buda Farmers’ Market started in October 2010 with a vision to support local farmers and artisans while providing residents and nearby communities with a place that provides local goods, promotes sustainability, and supports a healthy lifestyle.The market is open year-round and offers a unique setting for would-be shoppers – the Buda Mill and Grain Co. grounds. Formerly a random set of old barns, silos, and a cotton gin from the early 20th century, it is now a vibrant venue for shopping, dining, and other activities. Shop for your usual farmers’ market finds with live music in the background from local musicians. While you’re at it, admire the revitalized buildings and grounds lovingly restored with the help of the community. It’s a “tiny little market for a tiny little town… but they have awesome booths!”

(512) 395-5775

Gray Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Buda

The Gray Family manages and owns Gray Gardens. They have been growing produce organically for personal use for the last 18 years. However, in the effort to help the Buda Farmers Market get started, Gray Garden began to sell their personally grown food to the community.Since then, they have provided healthy food to the people.The farm has opened a CSA program where they have already provided freshly picked produce for over forty families in Texas. Aside from that, they also offer a work-trade option. This practice allows people to get vegetables in exchange for helping out on the farm.

(512) 395-5775

Green Space, TX – Natural Foods + Juices

Food Truck in Buda

Located in the heart of downtown Buda, Green Space TX offers pressed juices that are “so fresh, ice-cold, hearty and so wonderfully tasting”.A vintage trailer restored into a food truck, Green Space TX aims to promote awareness around the benefits of plant-food diets and to offer healthy food options in the local Buda area.To ensure that they’re providing their customers with the best produce of juices, they work with dietitians and nutrition consultants. Their juices are sourced from local and organic produce.Also offering deliveries, Green Space is a great option for anyone who wants to go on a juice detox or simply add nutritional value to their diet. They are of “great value” and come in flavors that are “complex and delicious!”

(512) 361-9786

HinoSpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Buda

Hinospices takes spice rubs to the next level with Chef Tonni’s innovative “flavor fusions”. They specialize in Low Sodium Products, BBQ Rubs, Chili Mixes, and All-Purpose Seasoning. These unique blends of spices are designed to excite the palate and enhance the food that is being cooked. Each flavor-charged blend can be used to dust or rub on poultry, fish, beef and pork. Hinospices are also a natural complement to vegetables, salads, popcorn and more. It was created out of the need for great tasting spices and add enhancement to any food without the additional taste of salt. They use only the freshest all natural ingredients, without gluten, preservatives, MSG, or fillers to make their spices the best of any spice made anywhere.

(512) 523-0742

Jardine’s FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Buda

Producing authentic “Texas-style foods” since 1979, Jardine's Foods offers ranch recipes, and premium salsas that are carefully handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients. Besides a large variety of chip-dipping salsas, Jardine's also sells hot sauces, BBQ sauces, marinades, spice rubs, and a few pickled condiments.Every one of their premium small-batch products is truly “farm to jar”. That's how they make the creative flavors, seasonal creations, signature fruit salsas and all manner of mouthwatering salsa goodness. And that quality translates to all of their product lines, so if you decide to pick up and try their dry rubs, chili mixes, marinades and more, you’re sure to get nothing but the best.

(800) 544-1880

LaBranza Farm

Farm & Ranch in Flower Mound

For quite long, the Labranza Farm in Buda, Texas, is in the business of having a high-quality standard of farming. LaBranza Farm sustainably produces locally grown fresh vegetables and pasture-raised eggs from ducks and chickens. Also, they have the best radishes and turnips in town. Furthermore, Labranza Farm is a beautiful place where people can relax and have quality time with their loved ones. One of their clients testifies, “The place is incredibly beautiful, and it has amazing ducks and chicken eggs!” If you want to know more about Labranza Farm, you can check their website and Facebook page! Call them now!

(254) 424-8620

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Buda

An Austin-based roastery that specializes in “direct-trade coffees” and cold brew on tap. Tiny House Coffee Roasters has a mission to create a better world, with better coffee by working with small producer farmers and spreading “specialty coffee” to new frontiers. They are creating a simpler path between the people, exceptional coffee, and a better world. Their delicious cold brew comes to life where craft meets precision - the perfect blend of advanced brewing techniques and the brewers touch. Crafted in house, they roast and brew the same ethically sourced coffee they sell to cafes and restaurants. Delivering not only exceptional coffee, but a lasting trust so you always know that Tiny House has your back.

(512) 831-2199

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