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Bent Oak Winery

Winery in Cedar Park

Bent Oak Winery is "located in an industrial business park in the heart of Texas", just outside of Austin in Cedar Park. Their passion is to bring fine wine with grapes sourced from Texas and California, from the Dry Creek valley, slopes of Sonoma Mountain, high-planes of Texas to their back yard vineyard. Their tasting room looks like "a warehouse that is turned into a wine tasting place". "It is so comfy and cozy with great service and happy people". When you visit, "you will walk through the front gift shop to the back tasting room and production area". Share the Bent Oak journey. "They have gone to amazing strides to make a warehouse space homey".

(512) 953-8094

Blue Corn Harvest (Cedar Park)

Restaurant in Cedar Park

Blue Corn Harvest Bar & Grill is a "casual" theme style restaurant serving moderately-priced, authentic Southwestern cuisine. It boasts a "spacious" main dining area and a full bar featuring an extensive list of local and international wine and beer, along with mixed alcoholic beverages. The restaurant also has a tree-shaded patio for guests to enjoy the outdoors. They offer a main menu, a separate vegetarian and gluten-free menu, and a kid's menu. The menu showcases starters like "steak & mushroom quesadilla", soups & salads like "blue tortilla soup" and "organic roasted beet salad", sandwiches like "pulled pork sandwich", and entrees like "blue crab-stuffed chicken".

(512) 528-0889

Christen’s Gourmet PralinesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park

Christen’s Gourmet Pralines are as rich in flavor as they are in history. Every batch that comes out of the kitchen is hand stirred, dipped and sealed. Christen’s family has been making pralines for generations, so making pralines is a birth right for her. She use only the finest ingredients, and she never add corn syrup or artificial flavors. Christen’s Gourmet Pralines truly make a unique and unforgettable praline for you, and one that you will be proud to serve to your guests. A box of Christen’s Gourmet Pralines makes any day a special occasion! It is their passion to be the "Unique Wedding Favor, Special Event, Gift, and Dessert go-to Specialist" by delivering the amazing, over the top experience that the customers expect, and share with their family, friends and guests.

(512) 250-8365

Cianfrani Coffee CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park

Places that has great coffee can make your day wonderful like Cianfrani Coffee, a locally owned and operated coffeehouse and roasting company located on the charming "square" in historical downtown Georgetown. The coffee and baked goodies are “local efforts”. They are incredibly good but with reasonable price. If you are a Vegan, they have delicious options for you too! Here, you can come and hang out with the locals and see their “art gallery” featuring community artists, discover up-and-coming musicians, or get to know their friendly barista while enjoying their freshly roasted coffees and organic teas! You will definitely love the atmosphere. The roasting of fresh coffee fills the air with wonderful aromas.

(512) 297-8624

D Chi Kitchens

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park

Committed to helping people find a natural way to strengthen their immune system, D Chi Kitchens crafts a powerful tonic made with the simplest and freshest ingredients from the market – or straight from your backyard. Using onions, garlic, horseradish, ginger, turmeric, Habañero peppers, oregano, orange, and lemon, Deven ferments these ingredients with unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider and kombucha vinegar to produce an effective tonic that you can rely on. “This stuff is absolutely amazing and is truly a healing concoction.” Helping your body to increase vitality and ward off oncoming illness, “Deven’s tonic is the bomb!” Use it to alleviate “heartburn and or upset stomach” too. And not only it is considered a “high-quality medicinal food product,” but it also carries “great flavor.” An absolute staple in every home. Disclaimer: no approved therapeutic claim.

(512) 431-8223

Hedgehog Brewing

Craft Brewery in Cedar Park

Specializing on bright, hoppy ales and unique farmhouse beers, Hedgehog Brewing was founded by lifelong Austinites and brothers "Chris & Jonathan Harris." The name of this craft brewery comes from owner, Jonathan Harris, Scottish family’s crest, which is said to have hedgehogs on it. They focus on wild ales, fermented with "Wild Hill Country yeast" that has been collected in Texas, as well as hop forward beers, and barrel aged stouts/barley wines. They brew what they enjoy to drink and are excited to share it with you. Some of their selection includes Double Dry-Hopped Hoptimism, Need For Tweed Scotch Ale with coconut, Double IPA, Farmhouse ale with mango and habanero, and Farmhouse ale with pineapple, dry-hopped.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Cedar Park

Restaurant in Cedar Park

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Cedar Park is one of Hopdoddy's most beloved locations due to its proximity to a lot of family friendly destinations in Cedar Park like the Museum of Science and Technology and the Austin Steam Train Association! All of their beef burgers are made from 100% hormone-free Angus beef and their buns are made and baked in-house daily! If you're not in the mood for a scrumptious beef burger then they also have non-meat burgers available like their Magic Shroom burger which is made from mushrooms, goat cheese, and basil pesto! This burger can please even the pickiest of palates (and meat eaters!).

(737) 346-9387

La Mimi BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park

Letting go of artificial flavors and preservatives does not mean skimping on the flavor! La Mimi Bakery has proven that as she bakes and develops pastry after pastry that is stunningly tempting and delectably tasting, but low carb, high protein, and Keto, Paleo and Gluten-Free!  The owner even had the chance to present her products to a ketogenic discussion with dietitians, organized by a health and wellness company in Austin, where it was said to be well received.  Be health-conscious and still get to indulge in yummy cookies, sweet and fruit glazed keto donuts, paleo bread loaves, gluten-free pastries and so much more!

Moonstone BakingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park

From the idea of "sharing her favorite childhood breakfast treat" to "uncovering that both of her great-grandparents were actually Czech bakers," the owner and baker of Moonstone Baking Co., Kelsie, has indeed found a deeper connection and a new meaning in baking and handcrafting her kolache creations. And one thing she is proud of, that all her baked treats are made from "consciously sourced ingredients."  Ingredients do matter, as she uses only the highest-quality, organic, and local products. Check out her specialty Texas-style, grass-fed beef kolaches, as well as other savory options, plus the seasonal fruit variants. Everything that is “fantastic,” “heavenly,” and “amazing” that will surely "make your day a little sweeter."  

(512) 402-2584

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Cedar Park

Located in Cedar Park, Texas, Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Company offers fresh house roasted coffees and house brewed beer. It was founded in 2014 through a “passion for artisan coffee and craft beer,” and profound entrepreneurial spirits. With a focus on supporting other local artisans, Red Horn also offers locally sourced baked goods, charcuterie, cheeses, sodas, kombucha, wine, and a variety of sandwiches, salads and other artisan coffee and craft beer. They take great pride in what they make, what they serve, and their moral compass. Ultimately, Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing was designed to be a “welcoming place with good vibes and quality products and service.” Whether it’s sitting at the bar, lounging on a couch, or listening to local live music, their atmosphere is laid back and inviting.

(512) 986-7038

Texas Farmers Market (Lakeline)

Farmers Market in Cedar Park

This is one of the two markets operated by F2M Texas. The Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline is a once-a-week market that aims to bring the community closer with the food that they consume and the people who grow their food. Chef demos are held thrice a month and there's even a petting zoo for the kids! The Texas Farmers Market at alkaline is one of the largest markets in South and Central Texas so there's sure to be something for everyone. Not only does the Texas Farmers Market have locally made goods, but other artisan services and products are available as well.

(512) 953-7959

The Vinegar JointNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location

The Vinegar Joint specializes in vinegar elixirs and tonics. The elixirs are made with raw and organic apple cider vinegar that is mixed with some superfood ingredients; and, the tonics are made using the slow and old method. Extracts, concentrates, powders, or anything artificial were never used to make these products. They’re “refreshing, delicious, and healthy.” Therefore, “if you are into apple cider vinegar, check this place out.” However, if you’re already “accustomed to a morning cup of warm water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and honey,” and wants to “step up the game,” we recommend you to buy the “Elixir No. 2” instead. It is a “spicy booster” and it “is much more palatable.” You can also “mix these with alcohol” and create some wonderful “mocktails and cocktails” out of it. So if you want to be healthy, then it’s time to start your Vinegar journey!

(210) 802-7317

Whitestone Brewery

Craft Brewery in Cedar Park

Ryan Anglen’s day job is in the software industry but he had a chance to turn a hobby into a business. With the help of another Texan whom he hired as head brewer, Ryan and his wife Danielle established Whitestone Brewery in January 2016. Whitestone Brewery currently has about 5 or 6 beers on tap year round with seasonal offerings all throughout the year. They distribute 6-pack cans in groceries and liquor stores or find them in over 200 bars and restaurants in Austin. Join their Pub Club ($100 for the first year and $50 thereafter) to get exclusive merchandise and party privileges. Van's Damn Tasty Tacos & Ronburguesas is on standby daily if you’re hungry. There’s also a selection of wines, mead, ciders, and soda for those looking for an alternative to their beers.

(512) 765-4828

Whole Foods Market (Cedar Park)

Store in Cedar Park

The Whole Foods Market (Cedar Park) "store has the usual HUGE BEER SELECTION you've come to depend on at WF". "Wine offerings are few, but unlike other competitors where there are only 4 Cabs each priced around $5, this place has something great to satisfy every price point". This store is also "bright, open, and modern". It also "has a fantastic produce section" and the "fruits such as bananas, apples, etc. are priced singularly, not by the pound". There is also a "plethora of 365 and other quality brands in the aisles". Plus, "there is a juice bar inside (JuiceLand) and also a Bake Shop and Beer Garden (Easy Tiger). This is "a great perk and also provides some indoor seating and a large outdoor patio".

(512) 690-2605

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