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Barking Armadillo Brewing

Craft Brewery in Georgetown

Established in 2017, Barking Armadillo Brewing is a family owned and operated brewpub, committed to brewing quality beer using “carefully selected ingredients” to bring you fresh and tasty pours. The team started as “homebrewers” in 2013, experimenting with different beer styles, malts and hops until they have evolved their craft over the years. Their offerings include their staple brews as well as rotating guest taps, hand-selected wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. Their taproom is a “local neighborhood gathering space for all” and they look forward to bringing the community together through taproom events and plan to support local members of the community in any way they can.

Gullick The Emu

Farm & Ranch in Vanderbilt

Gullick the Emu opened in 2013. They offer USDA-inspected emu meat that is free of pink slime, hormones, and antibiotics. If you ask the farmers, the best cut you can get from an Emu is the fan meat. The farm also offers emu eggs. These eggs are large, perfect for big dishes and art projects. According to the farmers, their approach to farming Emus is beyond organic. They never expose their emus in anything that they will never eat. As a result, their emus can offer healthy and nutritious flesh. Also, they provide pure emu oil with AEA certification. Emu oil is perfect for people looking for skin and joint support. It is also an ideal heart-healthy alternative to eggs and beef.

(512) 466-9295

Natural Grocers – Georgetown

Store in Georgetown

"Natural Grocers – Georgetown is a great location behind Target with pretty decent parking considering its central Georgetown location". "All items are organic and the supplements section is fantastic". "They also carry Ayurveda items, yoga and essential oils". Also, "the fresh meat options are limited so if you are going in to find butcher meat this isn't your place". "They do have a quick grab and go options as well for those looking to grab something for an office lunch". And, "they have a lot of healthy alternative foods and supplements including bean nacho chips and soy ice cream". "They also have a small book collection of health food books and cookbooks".

(737) 808-7052

Oak Grove Hut Sausage

Artisan Food Producer in Georgetown

“Rarely do you come across homemade sausage that’s this wonderful”, Oak Grove Hut Sausage hits it out of the park when it comes to their meat selection.With their premium craft sausages, they are made gluten-free, with no MSG, no additives and other unnatural seasonings.Aside from their amazing customer service, “it’s a pleasure buying food that you know has been handled properly and with great taste! ”. You can contribute to the local community by supporting their small businesses. As a local business, Oak Grove Hut sells homemade sausages made from fresh ingredients that have “bold delicious flavors” that are an absolute must-try! 

(512) 630-9875

Southern Sweets Kettle CornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Georgetown

Established in 2017, Southern Sweets Kettle Corn is owned and operated by Justin Motsinger. This business specializes in gourmet popcorns that are so “fresh and tasty.” This “kettle corn is top-notch” as its “quality speaks for itself.” They use mushroom-style popcorn and a few ingredients, keeping the traditional kettle corn Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. There are lots of flavors to choose from, as Justin spends his spare time creating new flavors so that you will never get bored. But, among his classics is “caramel” and sea salt. This variant is so “delicious” that “you can taste the sweet and the salt” with “no hauls of corn syrup” lingering in your mouth. On another note, the team is “friendly” and their “customer service” is outstanding, “bar none.” 

(512) 864-5401

Wolf Ranch Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Georgetown

The Wolf Ranch Farmers Market is held at the Wolf Ranch Town Center parking lot. It's a  year-round, rain or shine Saturday market in Georgetown with market hours from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Organizers hope to provide a venue for local farmers and food producers to sell directly to the residents of Georgetown and Williamson County.There are different activities each week and live music, too. Shoppers can actively participate in salsa-tasting competitions, cooking demonstrations, and kids-only activities. They can also support local farmers and businesses further through the purchase of $10 gift certificates available at the market’s information booth. These gift certificates may be used towards the purchase of items from any vendor booth during market days.

(512) 555-1212

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