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5th Element Brewing

Craft Brewery in Leander

The craft beer scene in Texas has been expanding throughout the years and 5th Element Brewing is one of the brewery in Austin that is making their own name in the industry. Behind this are artisan beer producers who “thirst for beer and the human connection brought through it’s enjoyment.” In 2018, 5th Element Brewing has chosen old town Leander as their new location for the brewpup, showcasing some their great brews including “Whisky Porter on Nitro, Session IPA, Pickle Weisse, Blonde Ale, and a couple of special secret potions!” It is a dog and child-friendly place with brewing equipment, indoor seating and a Biergarten structure outdoors.

(512) 922-3849

Coyote Moon CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Leander

Committed to providing full-flavored, delicious, and fresh coffee that has a rich, clean, and never bitter taste, these Texas artisans gave birth to Coyote Moon Coffee. Their coffee beans are being meticulously sourced worldwide, locally processed and roasted in small batches to create a bean that has that personal touch – handled and cared for from start to finish. From there, they focus on the perfect espresso shot that will turn your preferred drink into something special. They have “the best flavor, the darkness of roast and smooth finish off any coffee - national or local!” Be sure to try their “Brazil coffee” as it is “one of the best flavors” they offer. Allergic to caffeine? This roaster also has the “best decaf coffee” in the neighborhood. “An amazing find,” indeed. 

(512) 868-2557

CrazypatskettlecornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Leander

Thanks to Crazypatskettlecorn, kettle corn flavors don’t have to be old school anymore. Twix bar in a popcorn form isn’t impossible at all with their bourbon caramel mixed with bourbon chocolate and finished with a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. Feel the magical taste sensation of the Chicago mix, a savory cheddar cheese corn mixed with mouthwatering, buttery, and sweet caramel. Spice up your life with their Jalapeño kettle corn, where sliced Jalapeños are cooked right in the kettle coated with sugar and pink salt. Trick yourself with their creamy garlic dill pickle popcorn that hides a secret Ghost, Jalapeño, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers. So take your chance to try their unique and wonderfully popped kettle corns because they are “fricking amazing stuff!”

(512) 639-3605

Falcon Oak Farms

Farm & Ranch in Vidor

Falcon Oak Farms is also known as Falcon Oaks Nursery and Market. They have fresh organic unsweetened plain yogurt and Almond Coconut Shortbread. Also, Kahlua black walnut fudge and coconut washboard cookies. Plus, Umami multi-seed Crackers, Garlic Herb multi-seed Crackers and Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix. These products are also available online. Handcrafted artisan gifts set collection from seasoned cedarwood and oiled to bring out the natural beauty of the wood are also available. With such products, you really "can’t wait to go shopping" at their greenhouse/storefront. You can check often their website and Facebook page for updates on product availability, news or upcoming workshops/seminars since they also teach people how to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

(512) 534-0533

Farm to Fork

Restaurant in Leander

Farm to Fork is a neighborhood restaurant specializing in Texas Southern Homestyle Cuisine prepared with a French flair. It features a menu that consists of familiar comfort foods made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients. Menu items vary depending on what ingredients are fresh that week, and in season. They offer an extensive menu, ranging from salads & sandwiches like "sous vide turkey cobb salad" and "beef tenderloin sandwich" to entrees and sides such as "chicken fried steak" and "mac and cheese". They also feature a selection of beer & cider, wines on tap, and bottled wines.

(512) 246-8158

Great Oaks FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Point Comfort

A farm with so much more to offer, Great Oaks Farm offers fresh seasonal items and handmade products. They use organic practices to grow and produce florals while ditching the synthetic pesticides. Moreover, they allow the poultry animals to free-range to get the majority of its food from healthy pastures. The farm also houses several beehives, which they never chemically treated. What people love about the farm are their products. They sell soaps, lotions, honey, bath bombs, non-plastic food wraps, candles, sugar scrubs, and more. If you want natural food and products for your body, Great Oaks Farm is a great place to start your research! They are just north of Austin! Visit them in Leander today!

Humble Pint Brewing

Craft Brewery in Leander

Humble Pint Brewing Co. is a family-owned and operated brewpub in Leander, Texas, serving craft beer and handmade pizzas! At Humble Pint Brewing, their goal is to brew and serve great craft beer in a welcoming, friendly taproom environment for superb guests.  Those aims should be at the top of any small independent brewery’s list of priorities! Humble Pint Brewing takes environmental concerns seriously.  They constantly work to improve their operation’s impact through recycled/upcycled use of brewing grain, methods for reduced water usage during equipment cleaning, investigation of solar options for powering the brewhouse and taproom, and analysis of possible alternate uses for other brewing byproducts, such as side-streaming brewery wastewater.

(512) 271-4672

Isle Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Leander

Conveniently seated in the outskirts of Old Town, Leander Texas, Isle Acres Farm is a 2-acre urban farm ready to meet your organic food needs.Becky, along with her husband Farmer Pete, manages and owns the farm. They do everything on the farm by hand. This means that they do not till the land and do not ever use a tractor.They offer CSA programs for people to get a share of their harvest. On a side note, the farm also donates a portion of their produce to the Hill Country Community Ministries. They also offer Farm classes for children.Facebook reviews generally applaud their produce. "Their produce is super fresh and of superior quality. Also, the owners are super helpful and friendly!"

(512) 763-5293

Jewell’s Jelly & JamsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Leander

This artisan’s love for simple cooking, foraging, and of course, jelly, is what inspired her to start this business. Now, Jewell’s Jelly & Jams is a local business that sells homemade artisan jellies and jams that’s made with love and a boiling pot. It is hands down the best jams and jellies” in town. “She had a huge selection of jellies to sample” and all “were very flavorful.” Some of the local favorites are holiday jam, strawberry peach, chai tea jelly, strawberry rhubarb, and apricot amaretto. The "almond mimosa flower jelly taste like luxury in your mouth” and her “cantaloupe habanero is ridiculously good” as well. Her goods come at a “great price” – affordable delish in a jar! 

(512) 619-9497

La Chaparrita Meat Market

Butcher in Leander

Serving Latin authenticity to the Leander community, La Chaparrita Meat Market is an “Authentic Mexican meat market and grocery store” that offers traditional, made-from scratch dishes. Their full service meat market is pretty complete with all the Favorites and “interesting marinated meat and chicken.” The butcher shop offers fresh, “traditional cuts of meat at affordable prices.” Even if it’s not listed, they’ll happily make anything to order. It is a one-stop-shop for all things tasty! All of the food they offer are made from scratch with “authentic recipes and ingredients.” Selection includes mouthwatering tamales, masa by the pound, homemade tacos, menudo, and barbacoa made fresh daily. Whatever you’re craving, La Chaparrita Meat Market will make it the authentic way.

(512) 259-0584

Old Town Leander Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Leander

You probably won’t complain of the heat as much when shopping at Old Town Leander Farmer's Market. Held at the entertainment venue of Smooth Village, the Old Town Leander Farmer's Market is held under some of Leander’s biggest trees and these provide ample shade to vendors and shoppers alike. Most of the shoppers take notice and enjoy this benefit. They also love the beautiful surroundings and enjoy having the kids’ play area nearby. The venue has tables and chairs to sit on and enjoy coffee or cold drinks.The market just launched in May 2018 and is still growing. Market days are every Saturday morning from 9:00am to 1:00pm. It’s the best little hangout on Saturday morning and pet-friendly, too!

(512) 698-1839

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