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AFT Distillery

Distillery in Luling

Edelbrand or “noble brandy” is a premium European fruit brandy created by following strict standards. Master distiller Alexandra Cantwell and husband KC are the founders of AFT Distillery, the only edelbrand producer in Texas. The usual fruit brandies produced today use fermented fruit juice. Edelbrands, meanwhile, require using only whole fruit without the additional sugars, flavors, or additives. This Alpine process, an 800-year old tradition, defines the category of edelbrands.The distillery released its first Alpengold apple, Williams pear, and cherry edelbrands in February 2018. This was after the couple spent four years quietly perfecting the craft to produce them. Despite many bumps in the road, the distillery’s quest to produce traditional artisanal brandies recently won it five of 18 medals in the brandy category of the 2019 American Craft Spirit Awards.

(830) 875-5019

Bugtussle Farms

Farm & Ranch in Luling

Bugtussle Farms, which is located in Luling, Texas, is a farm that raises hens, ducks, and goats. They also sell chicken meat from pasture-raised chickens. The good thing about Bugtussle Farms is you can reserve your order. For a $10 deposit, you can reserve 1 chicken. You can reserve 2 chickens for a $20 deposit, and 4 chickens for a $40 deposit. You can choose a pick-up location, depending on which one is closest to you: San Marcos, Lockhart, Martindale, or at the farm.

(432) 559-6930

Luling’s Original Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Luling

Luling’s Original Farmer’s Market continues to uphold the town’s reputation by selling some of the sweetest watermelons available,  among other fresh produce. The market is “one in a melon”, someone swears. A tip from another shopper: prices at the market are “negotiable”.In the late 19th century, Luling was known for being the “toughest town in Texas”. These days the town's watermelons give the town its deserved fame. In honor of the watermelon, the town even celebrates the yearly Watermelon Thump during the last weekend in June. They hold a seed spitting contest, too. 

(512) 738-0493

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