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Banner Distilling Company

Distillery in Manor

Banner Distilling Company founders Logan Simpson and Anthony Jimenez had a dream of putting up their own distillery. Simpson has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, while Jimenez has a family history of bootlegging during Prohibition. Both were engineers at the same company and one day decided they had enough.With a budget of just $45,000, they established Banner Distilling in 2012. Using Craigslist, Google, and lots of resourcefulness, they designed and created their own still for just $300. Meanwhile, they kept their day jobs and toiled on their distillery nights and on weekends.They released Banner Organic Vodka in 2014 ahead of their preferred whiskey products so that that it could generate enough income while the whiskeys aged. The vodka went on to win multiple awards. The following year, they released their first bottles of Banner Wheat Whiskey, which also won accolades in different competitions. Cheers to bootstrapping!

(512) 815-2326

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy

Artisan Food Producer in Manor

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy is not just a farm producing and selling their own products. It is also a distribution point for other local businesses who shared the vision of Bee Tree Farms and Dairy that there is a greater potential in building partnerships in the community. So go ahead and support them! Bee Tree Farms and Dairy has fresh seasonal vegetables and goat products. They also offer a tour of the farm, if you are curious where the items they sell come from. They love to have you visit and explore the property.

(512) 470-8824

Cameron’s Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor

You will "love all of the products" at Cameron's Family Farm, "everything from jam to body products". You can even use their "goats milk soap" as an "everyday soap" because "this soap is amazing getting everything off without drying" your "hands out...and the smell of oatmeal milk and honey!!" Also, "the goats milk lotion is awesome as well". And, you will also "love all the scents" even if you "don't love sweet smelling stuff but all the scents are amazing". They are also famous for their jams such as the "blackberry jam on some toast" which is "absolutely the best jam" you will "have ever eaten". "Nothing else compares!" Furthermore, you can buy their products at their website.

Central Texas Specialty GrowersNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Manor

In Manor, Central Texas Specialty Growers offers the best specialty lettuces, greens, and herbs. They are a growing sustainable greenhouse farming operation (hydroponics) with farms in Waxahachie and Manor. Also, they do not use pesticides and use less water. It all started when the owner Sean Henry was able to grow an excellent Italian tomato, hydroponically, and without much effort. Upon realizing it, he has produced veggies using the method. Thus, Central Texas Specialty Growers was born. Currently, their specialties include basil, spring mix, superfood (cabbage/greens/mustard mix), baby kale, and various petite lettuces. Buy their harvest in stores under the brand of Franis and Thatcher Farms. 

Francis & ThatcherNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Manor

At Manor Texas, Francis & Thatcher is happy to offer sustainable and organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The Texan farmers in Francis & Thatcher use about 90% less water than traditional agriculture, and they don’t use pesticides or any harmful agricultural run-off. Their workers always wear gloves every time they seed and harvest crops. Furthermore, the farm is into comprehensive practices to produce high quality and fresh food. The products are available in both wholesale and retail. Check their website if you would like to know more about Francis and Thatcher. You can also contact Blake McAlister at [email protected] for a secure transaction!

(800) 707-7070

Manor Community Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Manor

The Manor Community Farmers Market happens on Wednesdays from April to November (exact time varies) at the Jennie Lane Park Pavilion. They have seasonal fruits and vegetables, plants, tamales, organic and gluten-free baked goods, jams, nuts, and other goodies.There’s free parking at the park and plenty of play areas for the kids. The area also features a pavilion, gazebo, picnic tables, and fire pits – great for picnics! There’s even free wi-fi and real bathrooms!The market intends to provide an outlet for local growers and producers while forming a sense of community for both buyers and vendors.

1(512) 278-1611

Munkebo Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor

Germaine Swenson is the founder of the Munkebo Farm. She named the farm 'Munkebo' as a tribute to her great-grandma. 'Munkebo' is the birthplace of her great grandmother from Sweden. Upon learning about her roots through spending time in Sweden in 2009, she founded the farm in the same year.The 80-acre farm practices permaculture methods. Currently, the farm raises pigs, Angus cows, Piedmontese cows, guinea, chickens, and ducks.Facebook reviews generally commend their meat and eggs. "For years, I've been buying duck meat and eggs from Germaine. Such amazing meat cuts with rich smell and flavor. When I saw their selection, there was barely any fat in the meat."Catch them at Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin and Republic Square Farmer's Market.They haven't updated their CSA page since April 2020, contact them directly for more information.

(512) 940-5228

Steelbow FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Manor

Steelbow Farm started in 2017. This is just their fourth year farming in Texas, and yet, the vegetables they produce are always sold out. This is definitely a testament to the quality of the products as a genuine, farm-fresh food. Their veggie box contains restaurant-quality produce, and if you didn't sign up to reserve for one, do not expect that there is anything left once these boxes are sent out and collected by locals who will definitely cook these as soon as they are home.

(415) 317-4797

Tamale Addiction

Artisan Food Producer in Manor

Tamale Addiction was born from hard work and a passion for cooking. Led by husband-and-wife duo, took a few trips around the block trying to sell Mexican desserts and flautas before discovering their niche, “health conscious tamales” that is 100% organic. Since then, they turned the business into a large success. Tamale Addiction is famous for being fresh, organic, local, and delicious! Since their first set up at a farmer’s market in 2010, these Tamales have managed to collect a following of ”tamale addicts”. Each Tamale are handcrafted using the highest-quality ingredients out there. Think 100% organic masa and 0% gluten, lard, trans-fat oils, food additives, or preservatives. You’ve finally found an addiction you can feel good about it!

(512) 278-1775

Tecolote Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor

The longest-running CSA in Texas award goes to the Telecote Farm! With over 2-years of farming experience, the farm has continued to be certified organic until today. It is also 100% solar-powered! While the family moved in 1993 to the farm, they have officially opened it in 1994. In 2010 and 2012, Telecote Farm got the award 'Favorite Farmer of the Year at the local Downtown Farmers Market. Unfortunately, from 2019, the farm has announced that it will be on hiatus indefinitely. While we wait for their come back, check out their farm reviews: This is my very favorite stop at the Lakeline Farmers Market. They're not only knowledgeable and very helpful - their produce is always exceptional, and always accompanied by genuine friendliness! Highly recommend!

(512) 276-7008

The Gardener’s Feast

Food Truck in Manor

Looking for organically made tamales, gorditas, tortillas, and salsas? Look no further than The Gardener’s Feast. If you’re a tamale lover, their “pork pastor tamales are amazing” they are “very filling”. The Gardener’s Feast also has the “best vegetarian tamales”, that are very satisfying and flavorful.  You can try their amazing menu, by catching their lime green food truck or book them for deliveries or catering services. Their food is perfect for any event!  Their old family recipes passed down to generations, is what defines true authentic food. Gardener’s feast is a definite must-try for everyone!

(512) 278-1775

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