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Argus Cidery

Cidery in Austin

Founder Wes Mickel was only 25 when he set out to establish Argus Cidery in 2010. A trained chef and hobbyist beer brewer, he created his first cider in high school using commercial brand apple juice and packaged yeast. After culinary school and working as a recipe tester for a star chef, he moved to Austin to start creating his cider operation. His first products used Texas-grown apples, until the cidery eventually moved on to include other fruit sources. Argus Cidery focuses on making “dry hard ciders, perrys, and other 100% fruit fermentables – never pasteurized – and free of added sugars”. The tasting room at Pauls Valley Road is also open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. This is also the best place to test out their new, experimental offerings. They also offer cider by the flight or by the glass and sell bottles-to-go.

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co.

Distillery in Austin

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co."is one of those places that if you're in the know, it's one of the coolest experiences in your life". This is "a bar full of only cask strength whiskey" since "almost everything is presented at cask strength". When "the whiskey is not enough the beautiful scenery is just as amazing as the people that work there". Their "outside deck offers an amazing place to hang out with friends and enjoy the afternoon". You will have "a wonderful time tasting some whiskey and enjoying the patio" and "their Eleanor 1856 bourbon is delicious!" This is "just an all-around great location for just about anything!"

(512) 850-9622

Goldenwood MushroomsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Meyersville

Goldenwood Mushrooms opened in May 2018, intending to grow gourmet and specialty mushrooms and microgreens. They wanted to offer their food to the public, restaurants, groceries, and catering services. To start, the farm cultivates their mushrooms in rooms that they specifically made to produce high-quality shrooms solely. They can control the climate in each room to encourage fruiting. In addition to that, they also grow microgreens that thrive in soil. They use coffee grounds and mushroom production by-products to cultivate their microgreen soil. As a result, they can produce nutritious greens while being sustainable. Find them at Jolt Coffee and Beverage or visit their farm in Driftwood, off FM1826.

(512) 970-1961

Last Stand Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Austin

Founded in 2015, Last Stand Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery that offer a "wide array of delicious beers" complimented by their food truck, brewers choice grill. This is a picturesque destination brewery in the Texas Hill Country with an inviting taproom that has a large beer garden. They specialized on bringing the "highest quality full flavored beers to the market." They particularly like playing with hops and yeast in the brewing process to produce truly unique flavors in our beers. Their motto is "big attention to small details" which results in a variety of high quality beers. Last Stand Brewing Company aim to be a place where friends and families can gather as they welcome you into their owners second home!

(512) 373-3629

Navidad Farms

Store in Austin

Natividad Farms is a sweet little shoppe in the Texas Hill Country that is well known for their “quality farm fresh pecans.” The original Navidad Farms pecan orchard was on the Navidad River and it was the dream of “Dr. Tom Vandivier and his son, Tom.” With family help, the trees were planted, grew, and after due time, started producing. The store & shelling plant were opened years later up in Austin. The small store grew and flourished in the small community of Oak Hill and they have maintained a “stellar reputation for fresh, quality pecans.” Today, Natividad Farms sells all type of Fresh Texas-grown Pecans, Delicious Tamales, and other Texas Gourmet and Specialty Foods.


Nutty Brown Farmers Market

Farm & Ranch in Austin

The Nutty Brown Farmers Market in Austin, Texas, is a local flower farm that is built from the ground up. Kim Stearns, the founder of Nutty Browns Market, uses nature's beauty with a whimsical style as her inspiration. Kim Stearns' husband Joel helped her to start the business until her passion for flowers leads her to make beautiful bouquets. One of their clients says, "The Nutty Brown Farmers Market is a beautiful flower farm! I went for a mother's smother's day event and had a wonderful time! I highly recommend it!" You can drop by on the flower farm if you are looking for fresh-cut flowers and bouquets. They are accepting cash, card, or checks for payment. To know how you can reserve flowers for an event, contact Kim on their official website!

Rainbow Greens

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

Rainbow Greens is a private farm of wheatgrass, sunflower and pea shoot located in Austin, Texas. They believe that "grass and sprouts are perfect foods". They also offer sprouting seeds such as Peas and Broccoli. Also, other premium sprouting seeds are available on their website. They use certified organic seeds in growing their wheatgrass and greens. "Fresh wheatgrass juice enlivens the spiritual in addition to nourishing the physical". These wheatgrasses and greens are also nurtured in organic composted soil with filtered water. And then, harvested also at their nutritional peak then packaged and delivered. You can also buy Kitchen Essentials including Juicers, Dehydrator, Sprouters, Grain Mill, and Fermenting Crock Pot.

(512) 721-8841

Revolution Spirits

Distillery in Austin

Revolution Spirits is a "solid distillery" with "awesome creative cocktails". You will be "really impressed by what these guys are producing here: High-quality gin & other spirits, & beautifully crafted artisan cocktails". Their "Austin Reserve Gin is fantastic" and "this is a very cool place to get away from the city". You "always have a good time" for the "fresh, distinctive gin and other distillates in an unassuming business park shared by a cidery and brewery". They also have "superb burgers with onions grilled into the burger". Also, when you visit "on a chilly night, the warm drinks are epic". They have "great staff to assist with the tasting too!"

(512) 358-1203

The Hearty Vegan

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

The Hearty Vegan is Texas’ first permitted Tempeh producer. Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented food staple that is traditionally made from soybeans and has a rich, nutty flavor and chewy texture. This meat alternative can be compared to beef in terms of protein percentage, along with it being high in fiber, low in saturated fat and has no cholesterol. The Heart Vegan, established by a vegan mother-daughter team, uses non-GMO soybeans, black-eyed peas, and garbanzo beans that are domestically grown. Gluten-free and soy-free tempeh have also been developed. They’ve even published recipes for their customers to follow like Tempeh shepherd’s pie, Italian Tempeh meatballs, Tempeh Bacon, Tempeh Chili, and so much more! It’s so versatile and tasty, one “cannot resist the tempeh-tation!”

(512) 786-5137

Wonder Pilz KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

A small batch kombucha, Wunder-Pilz Kombucha was founded in 2010 crafting a variety of raw, unpasteurized, organic fermented Kombucha teas - a tasty cultured beverage produced by “brewing and fermenting” organic teas and herbs until the perfect balance of acidity and smoothness is reached. Wunder-Pilz is a dry and refreshing alternative to sugar laden drinks. It is sold exclusively on tap to maintain freshness, minimize our waste stream and to encourage reuse of existing containers. The aim of Wunder-Pilz is to consistently produce a variety of delicious drinks that mix the health benefits of Kombucha with the specific energetic and healing properties of herbs. Wunder-Pilz Kombucha takes its name from a German word for kombucha. Wunderpilz translates literally to “miracle mushroom”.

(512) 786-5137

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