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(512) Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Austin

(512) Brewing Company is a microbrewery based in Austin offering over 30 craft beer varieties. The company is proud to use only the freshest local and organic ingredients while consciously controlling the brewing process up to distribution. The company is completely independent of the big brands, and features draft beers sold in reusable kegs. Instead of Bisphenol-A (BPA) lined aluminum, they serve their beers in durable glass. Perhaps a testament to their popularity, they were the largest buyers of organic malted barley in Texas in 2016.Catch them at over 715 locations around Texas. Even better, for $12 per person, drop by for their open house on Saturdays from noon to 4:00pm. The fee includes a tour of the brewery's facilities, 6 samples, and a logo glass. You can also attend one of their Cellar Sessions, an intimate live music session filmed at the brewery featuring a musical artist.

(512) 921-1545

Austin Bread Co.No Own Retail Location

Bakery in San Felipe

Locally made and utilizing artisan techniques, are you ready to raise your bread game? Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Austin Bread Company produces “organic and artisanal crafted breads.” Their selection includes Baguettes, Country Loaf, Focaccia, Hamburger Buns, Italian Rolls, Pizza Dough and Crusts. They use the “highest quality ingredients” including all organic flours. The breads and crusts they make go through an extended fermentation period that provide a “superior flavor and crust.” All of their products are “mixed, raised and baked to perfection.” Whether it’s their Country Loaf for Sunday dinner or the signature dough and crusts for pizza night, Austin Bread Company look forward to breaking bread with you!

Austin CulturedNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Austin Cultured is all about ferments! It’s a family owned and operated business that brings you the best in fermented foods. They have “Traditional kraut” that is made simply with cabbage and salt, “Jalapeno Kraut” that will bring a spicy kick to your meal, “Carrot & Onion Kraut” for a little sweeter style, and the customer favorite, “Kimchi-style Sauerkraut!” Inspired by traditional kimchi flavors, this kraut bring a sweet and spicy flavor to your favorite fermented vegetable! If you’re looking to bring some vibrant color to your food, they also have “Purple Kraut”, a sweeter variation of the traditional kraut and “Golden Kraut” that is flavored with turmeric and ginger. For great snack and a perfect probiotic alternative for those who don’t like sauerkraut, they have “Fermented Garlic Carrots”.

Austin Custom Winery

Winery in Sunset Valley

Austin Custom Winery is one of the first micro wineries located in Austin in the city of Sunset Valley. A "friendly local place that makes their wine onsite". Their wines do not have preservatives and lie sulfites which is "the major cause of wine intolerance". "You can customize your label" and they can help you design a custom label for any of their different kinds of wine they make at their winery. This is "great for small business and corporate gifts" and "is such a wonderful and fun way to make your gift special". They have wines by the glass, bottle or case if you need a place to try various wines and enjoy different events.

(512) 394-0600

Barton Creek Farmers Market (Sunset Valley)

Farmers Market in Austin

Barton Creek Farmers Market (Sunset Valley) is dubbed as "Austin's Original Farmers Market". It is located in Austin, Texas. It has organic fruits and vegetables, as well as pastured meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs. If ever you get hungry while doing your grocery shopping here, don't worry. There are artisan breads and prepared foods here too! Barton Creek Farmers Market (Sunset Valley) also showcases local crafts. For entertainment, there is live music for everyone to enjoy. Bring your children here because there are kids activities and educational events here too!

(512) 280-1976

Cafe Malta

Restaurant in Austin

"South Austin has always lacked an upscale restaurant and cafe Malta tries to fill that niche". You will be "pleasantly surprised with this hidden South Austin gem" with a "beautiful interior". "Really small inside so" make "a reservation" especially "for a busy Friday night". They have "excellent service", "the ambience is good", and the "food is wonderful". Their "menu accommodates most tastes and dietary restrictions/choices". You will "love the Mediterranean variety on this menu and its rotating seasonal options too". Their "Brisket ravioli is delicious". You should also try their "Bistro (grilled marinated steak) and Champignon (crimini & oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, goat cheese & fresh herbs baked in a flaky pastry)". "The gnocchi" is "exquisite and perfectly creamy". "Coffee" is "great too" and their "bar service is great with happy hour prices". "Great cocktails and great dessert too" such as the "cheesecake with pistachio crumbles" which is "excellent". And, "wine selection is great and diverse". Since "prices are reasonable", "very affordable" with "great value", you "will be back for sure". Just "make reservations" because "this place stays packed!"

(512) 853-9584

Casa Brasil CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Keeping it simple, Casa Brasil focuses on discovering the “incredible coffees of Brazil” and bringing them to you at their fullest potential. They are working directly with Brazilian coffee growers to source “best-of-harvest coffees” and import them to their roasting facility in Austin, Texas where they meticulously roast them, fresh-to-order in small batches. Every batch that comes out of the roaster is cupped to ensure quality before it goes out the door. After nearly a decade of doing this, Casa Brasil Coffee have developed great relationships with some of Brazil’s top growers. Their goal was to help Brazilians living in Central Texas, promote “Brazilian culture,” and provide a place to touch Brazil.

(512) 407-9887

Casper FermentablesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Fermenting highly nutritious and probiotic foods from seasonal farm-direct produce, Casper Fermentables strives to make nourishing fermented foods for the community. It starts with farm-direct wild-harvested tea from “Nannuo Mountain in Yunnan Province.” Their kombucha is always dry, balanced, and smooth drinking, highlighting the nuanced flavor of the tea without adding fruit juice or excess sugars. The owner came from an Eastern European and Korean household, and fermented foods are integral to both cuisines. He wants to make it easy to eat fermented foods made from high-quality ingredients. Casper Kombucha is health-focused and ingredient-driven. Their tea is sun-dried and hand-harvested from old feral trees.

(512) 368-8852

Central Market (Austin Westgate)

Store in Austin

Central Market (Austin Westgate) "has the most beautiful, detail-oriented displays" and "besides the vegetables & fruit being beautiful, they create these works of art with them". "Great selection, fresh coffee at the coffee bar, several kinds of seasoned shrimp at the fish counter, a feast of grocery shopping". Also, "many wonderful cheese varieties as well". "Raclette cheese, amazing crunchy French baguette, great seafood collection, and even good quality affordable wines!" There is also "a fresh salad bar with fruit and meats". They have an "amazing bakery selection" with "little cute delicious desserts". These include "the mini cheesecakes, the chocolate crisp cookies and the fruit tartlet". 

(512) 899-4300

Damn Good CakeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Damn Good Cake is a cottage bakery based in Austin Texas that will make you wanna "eat your treats."  They offer various flavors of mouthwatering cakes. You can find them at the "Gateway Farmers Market". They also offer "delivery within the city of Austin!" Delivery is available between the hours of 10am and 5pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. It is also $40 for one dozen individually-wrapped damn good cakes in Damn Good Chocolate and Damn Good Vanilla Cappucino flavors. There is also an additional delivery fee. And, also allow a minimum 24-hour notice for baking and delivery.

Fresh for Less (St. Elmo Road)

Farmers Market in Austin

SFC Farm Stands are now Fresh for Less Mobile Markets. This market is just one of its locations. Families are able to purchase locally-grown, and low-cost produce at this market. They can also engage in the local food system and also gain access to knowledge about cooking healthy, affordable food. Also, Fresh For Less Mobile Markets accepts Double Up Food Bucks, which doubles the value of purchases made using SNAP benefits. You can also pay in cash. Each Fresh for Less Mobile Market is also operated by "Farmshare Austin". It also has promotional support from Sustainable Food Center and a dedicated group of community volunteers. You can find this market at St. Elmo Road (Sierra Vista Apartments), 4320 S Congress Avenue.

(512) 337-2211

Jaded Bear Coffee & HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Bringing a little joy into your life, Jaded Bear Coffee & Honey is known for roasting “small batch coffee” and producing “local unfiltered raw honey” for consumers who want more than just a "commodity" and are interested in sustainable, fair-trade quality products. The honey that they produce focuses on target locations in the Central Texas area to provide premium varietals with the best flavor profiles. They uses two floral varieties, the “Lemon Bee Balm & Firewheel,” that has a clear flavor distinctions of each. Their coffee is sourced from single origin small farms or direct co-op trade, focused on only “top graded quality beans.” They have different variants of their delightful coffee under the name of, Pastuso, Otso, Marsican, and Kuma.

Jake & Jubi’s Snack CoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Jake and Jubi’s Snack Company offers radically simple, fruit sweetened snacks for mindful people. All products are a blend of wholesome, grain-free and dairy-free ingredients, such as dates, nuts, coconut and coconut oil. They have “Date Bites” that is made from wholesome ingredients, the “Granola Nut Butter”, a delightful spreadable blend made from pecans, pumpkin seeds, and almonds, and the “Nut Crunch Granola” is a versatile mix that was handmade by roasting a hearty mix of nuts, seeds, and fruit in coconut oil. It’s a joyful balance of sweet and salty! These are Organic, Grain Free, Paleo, Vegan, and No Added Sugar. Whether it’s the date bites, nut crunch, or granola butter, their handsomely imperfect snacks prove that real food ingredients can satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

Jmark FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Plano

The Jmark Farms in Austin, Texas, is a family-owned that operates to bring the best food in the table. The farm provides high quality and organic food for the local community. They supply fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs in restaurants, and local markets. Also, they have eggs, bread, jams, pretzel roll, and many more! They firmly believe that success is the result of a strong foundation of God, family, and community. Just like Jeremiah 17:7-8 says in the bible, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruits.” Their farm indeed is very successful! One of their clients says, “The Cantaloupe bread in Jmark Farms is amazing & tastes great! I will come back again for more!!” Check their website and visit them!

(512) 766-5141

Lake Austin AlesNo Own Retail Location

Craft Brewery in Austin

Lake Austin Ales is a craft brewery that is focused on hazy IPAs. Everything they do is to emphasize the “fruitiness and the juiciness of the beer.” They produces tropical juice bombs that are full of positive waves and golden haze. They pack boatloads of citrus hops into every can until they emerge as “luscious, eminently crushable beers.” Their offerings include a juiced-up IPA that will float your boat, a double dose of primo haze, and a blonde ale that’s more fun in the sun. Their products are “Super Premium Craft” that’s fresh enough to satisfy the thrillseeker and chillseeker in everyone. Hop on board and grab a taste!

Little City

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Born from an iconic Austin café, Little City Coffee Roasters travels the world to source unique lots of coffee, and roasts them in small batches in Austin, Texas. In order to ensure that quality is maximized throughout the supply chain, careful attention is paid to every detail, from the partnership with the growers to the storage and roasting of the coffee. It is this philosophy of “Everyone deserves a great cup of coffee” that is at the core of what Little City does. Beyond the team’s passion with coffee, their goal is to make sure these incredible beans make it not only to restaurants and coffee shops, but to the local corner market where you grab your favorite six pack of craft beer.

(512) 407-9887

Odd Pop

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Odd Pop is a “unique and odd" popsicle company that provides the Austin, Texas area with “gourmet and artisan popsicles” unlike anything you will find. They offer a wide selection of flavors from classic “Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Raspberry” to new and unique flavors like “Lemon Thai Basil, Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” and their newest flavor, the “Peanut Butter and Jelly!” But, what’s more “Odd” than an ATX food trailer? Recently, customers haven’t seen Odd Pop ATX on social media because they’ve been hard at work to introduce "Ella" to the customers! It’s a “new popsicle trailer” that you can find around town. Odd pop’s homemade frozen confections are truly delectable and refreshing!

(206) 369-9741

Pebble Rock CellarsNo Own Retail Location

Winery in Austin

Visit Pebble Rock Cellars and you will see that they are "great people who make great wine". They are "experts in their field and always up for an authentically good time". Pebble Rock Cellars offer 100% Texas wines including Chenin Blanc, Rose of Sangiovese, Malbec, and Madeira-style dessert wine. Their tastings are available on a reservation basis. Check out their website for the available tasting hours. You can also purchase wines online. They can ship their wines in Texas only and will not be shipped until cooler weather arrives. You can also join their wine club wherein members will have complimentary tastings per their membership benefits.

(830) 385-2110

Pickle My FancyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Located in Austin, Pickle My Fancy produces small batch, plant-based, super food ferments. Some of their products are “Kimchi I’m Dreaming” - that has a vegan twist that brings tang, spice, and a crunch, “Kraut of this world” that tastes great on rice bowls, avocado toast, tacos, veggie dogs, and more! They also have the “Jicamazing” a wonderful substitute for salsa. You can find these best selling jars of probiotic filled veggies at your local Austin pop up markets. Pickle My Fancy also offers educational, hands-on fermentation workshops to groups around Texas. Whether you’re looking to offer a Fermentation Workshop to your business, friends, colleagues, family, or classmates, Pickle My Fancy can orchestrate it for you.

Republic WhiskeyNo Own Retail Location

Distillery in Austin

The "Republic Whiskey has rich notes of oak and vanilla fading into dark cherry with a bold finish like a West Texas sunset". It is "smooth sipping" and "you can really taste the vanilla notes and the caramel in the nose". When you drink, it "goes down easily and warms the belly in all the right ways". It is "smooth and enjoyable on ice or however, you wish to drink it". It also has a "beautiful bottle too" because it has the shape of the map of Texas that truly embodies their Texan spirit. They became part of the Dripping Springs Distilling portfolio in 2018.

(512) 858-1199

Saint Liberty WhiskeyNo Own Retail Location

Distillery in Austin

Saint Liberty Whiskey distillery is the only company that gives recognition to the untold stories of pioneering women bootleggers through their products. Their Bertie Brown’s, Bear Gulch Bourbon has "stone fruit and candied oranges on the nose and slightly smoky with hints of caramelized vanilla, apricots, and brown sugar". It also "has dried fruits on the spicy rye finish". This is a "great unique and interesting bourbon". It has a "nice complex spice without the typical rye heat" with "enjoyable grain-almost dark bread or cereal finish". You may check their website and social media pages since they are planning to launch another whiskey.

(214) 929-1442

SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley

Farmers Market in Austin

The SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley is one of two current locations where the Sustainable Food Center (SFC) operates its farmers’ markets. With the mission to “cultivate a healthy community”, the SFC is continuing the aim of its predecessor, the Austin Farmers’ Market, to make Austin a food-secure community. The SFC's weekly markets feature over 100 vendors, including dozens of local farmers. This number ensures that SFC is cultivating a “just and regenerative food system”. It also adds to their distinction as two of the largest weekly farmers’ markets in the state of Texas. "Everyone is so nice. Always fun to sample and walk around. Trying new things is fun for the kids and bringing home the fresh foods is always the best." The market accepts SNAP, WIC, FMNP and SFC Double Dollars benefits.With the kids in Austin and looking for grass-fed beef? Check out SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley and others as they were featured in Kim's 5 Places to buy Grass-fed beef and Entertain the kids in Austin.

(512) 236-0074

Spokesman Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Howe

Representing the “finest quality-roasted coffee and draft beverages” in South Austin, Spokesman Coffee was developed by service industry professionals that desired more than the usual coffee experience. Spokesman Coffee's cafe was designed to be the ultimate platform for their “small-batch roasted coffee” to shine. Some of their coffees include Mexico Mocabe, Colombia La Paz Microlot, Kenya Nguvu AA Plus, Nicaragua Finca Porvenir, Colombia El Paraiso Natural, and Decaf Colombia Trilladora Andes Mill. They also offer Beers in can and bottles at night. Spokesman work to provide an outstanding product that speaks for itself with an eye for being friendly, educated and approachable throughout.

(512) 586-9657

St Elmo Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Austin

St Elmo Brewing Company boasts a bar, brewery & beer garden with rotating craft taps & an on-site food trailer for mostly Asian fare. This relaxed, unpretentious brewery is the product of two beer loving friends and plays host to live music, yoga events, community pint nights and more. They wanted to focus on being a “neighborhood taproom” and keep their days filled with making beer. St Elmo Brewing Co offers approachable beers for all types of drinkers. From hazy IPAs, fruited sours and traditional German styles to light beer, and even Austin’s first hard seltzer, brews are available to enjoy at the tap room or in crowlers to-go. It is a neighborhood spot perfect for hanging out with friends after work, relaxing with family on the weekend, or just grabbing a beer at the bar.

(737) 300-1965

Steamm EspressoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Steamm Espresso is a brand and business that's based in Austin, Texas. Espresso is defined as "a strong and smooth coffee that's crafted by forcing hot steam through finely-ground coffee beans at high pressure" and this is what Steam Espresso brings to the world. These espressos are elegantly packaged in blue bottles and are sold in various markets and stores. You can find these products in the chilled coffee section of the local Central Market in North or South Austin, Southlake, Plano, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Fort Worth. Or, you may order in 6 or 12 bottles online via their website. Nonetheless, if you need a real and hand-pulled artisan espresso, Steam Espresso is the way to go.

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