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Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Store in Austin

Your charcuterie board just got a whole lot better. Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is at the heart of Austin’s cheese scene. It is owned by storytellers of “artisan cheese and good food makers”. They offer cheese platters that are curated with love and decades of knowledge by experienced cheese-mongers, and include a diverse selection of “local, domestic and international cheeses” with accompanying meats, veggies, fruits and nuts. They also have complimentary cheese tastings daily, cut-to-order services. Antonelli’s prides itself on working only with farms that focus on sustainability, fair and humane treatment of animals and ethically sourced materials. You can make sure that you are getting the finest ingredients made with minimal impact on the environment. As if you needed another reason to love cheese.

(512) 531-9610

CL Butaud

Winery in Austin

C.L. Butaud (pronounced C.L. ′byü tō) is a winery that features 100% Texas grapes. Their C.L. Butaud Tempranillo is an "excellent" example of their wines. You will notice that it does not have a "fruit bomb" taste but "your mouth is filled with delicious fruit". Once you taste it, you will notice that it "has a perfumed nose of black cherry, herb, green pepper". They also have other wines which you can enjoy especially if you are a wine club member. Their C.L. Butaud Rosé has soft aromas of blossom, red berry, and butterscotch. They make a few hundred cases of wine yearly and their wines are sold primarily to members of their mailing list.

(832) 771-8419

Duval Market

Store in Austin

The Duval Market calls itself an "upgraded version of a convenience store."  The owners are big supporters of local businesses and carry several local products like artisan chocolates, snacks, jerky, and more.  Organic, gluten-free, vegan products are available as well!  Their drinks selection is also notable!  Browse through the store for their "enormous wine selection and craft beers" as well as the always-available and freshly-made coffee of different flavors and syrups!

(512) 467-1870

Foreign and Domestic

Restaurant in Austin

Foreign and Domestic is a chef-owned and operated restaurant serving cohesive dishes with bold Texas flavors and ingredients. It strives to consistently create "bold" and "creative" Texas food, all delivered from farm to table in as short a timeframe as possible. It offers a chef-inspired, seasonally-changing menu that showcases the freshest, organic produce and superb ingredients from the restaurant's local partners. The menu features appetizers like "steak tartare", salads like "texas blueberry salad", entrees like "slow-roasted duroc pork", and desserts like "buttermilk pies & peaches". It also offers a nose to tail tasting menu, a four-course dinner meal at a fixed rate per person.

(512) 459-1010

Fresh Plus Grocery (Hyde Park)

Store in Austin

Fresh Plus Grocery in Hyde Park is a truly “wonderful neighborhood grocery store” that offers fresh meat, seafood, produce, prepared salads, local salsa, and pretty much everything you would stop for at a corner store but, a bit nicer than a convenience store. There are a lot of products that are “gluten free and more healthy option” Including organic dairy products and eggs from local farms! They also have lots of household products and anything you need to make a dinner some evening and don't feel like messing with the mad rush of the larger grocery stores nearby. Fresh Plus Grocery in Hyde Park also offers an extensive selection of whole bean coffees & wine.

(512) 459-8922

Guan Yin Tea House

Store in Austin

Guan Yin is a community tea house, specializing in “Gong Fu Cha in Austin, Texas.” It is run by incredibly beautiful team of people, serving the best tea in a magical environment. They offer “farm direct tea, quality artisan tea ware, as well as tea tastings, classes, and workshops.” Their goal is to spread Chinese tea culture and the art of Gong Fu Cha, and their tea service. The tea selection is vast and enticing, “the pricing is fair and the atmosphere is perfect” if you want everything to feel like smooth sailing. Guan Yin Tea House is a unique place where you can play Super Nintendo, drink tea from China in a dojo like setting and enjoy an open mic night.

(512) 686-8323

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Triangle

Restaurant in Austin

This Hopdoddy Burger Branch is located in one of Austin's upscale areas known as "The Triangle" This upscale location in surrounded by trendy shops and is frequented by young professionals. So if you're in that demographic, then this is the perfect burger joint for you! What sets Hopdoddy from the other burger joints in the area? We definitely would say it's their hand made burgers made from hormone-free meat and their handcrafted buns that are baked fresh in-house daily! They also have a burger made with chicken! So if you're not into beef then there's an option for you as well!

(512) 335-2337

Hyde Park Market

Store in Austin

The Flag Store of Hyde Park is also known as “Hyde Park Market” and “The Flag Store” by their great customers in Hyde Park and the Austin community. This store is “adorned with international flags” and it is the Hyde Park's “one stop shop” for import beers, quality wines, all things organic, exotic candies, consumable brands, tools and whatever basics to make life awesome. They carry over “500 different beers,” including every beer distributed in Texas. You can buy whole packs or mix and match your own six pack! You can also find wine, organic products, ice cream, tools, cigarettes and more! They also offer free money orders with no fees, deals on check cashing, and, of course, flags for sale.

(512) 524-4217

Komé Sushi Kitchen

Restaurant in Austin

Kome Sushi Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant that strives to offer great food at reasonable prices in a casual, comfortable environment. Founded by a native Japanese couple, you'll know for sure you're in for an authentic Japanese flavor. They offer an extensive menu, featuring "takoyaki", "ramen", "rice bowls", "homemade gyoza", and more. They also offer desserts such as "tempura fried ice cream" and "green tea parfait". And, of course, a Japanese dining experience wouldn't be complete without an expansive selection of "sushi". Their sushi menu features anything from "nigiri" and "sashimi" to "classic & signature rolls". Happy hour runs Monday through Thursday 5 PM - 6 PM.

(512) 712-5700

La Orxateria

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Located in Guadalupe, La Orxateria sells hot and cold drinks from around the world. They offer orxata from chufa or tigernuts imported from Spain and prepared in the traditional way. Orxata de Chufa is dairy free, gluten free, nut free, naturally sweet and full of vitamins and nutrients. The name is based on the word ”orxata”, the Catalan word for horchata. The menu includes variations on orxata, including one made with mangoes, another with cold-brew coffee, and a tea version with Yaupon Chai. Visitors to La Orxateria can also order agua fresca flavors like cucumber lime mint, pineapple ginger and tamarindo, another traditional Mexican drink made from tamarind. The shop carries many of Mom & Pops’ usual flavors, usually about 20 of them available at a time.

(512) 373-3075

Lammes Candies

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Lammes Candies gives only the most wonderful shopping experience to their customers.  Proudly made in Austin, its current bestseller is the world-famous "Texas Chewie Pecan Praline."  It took seven years of recipe testing to present to the world this delightful perfection!  Lammes' kitchen prepares a good variety of chocolates, taffies, brittles, and more sweet surprises.  Lammes Candies is able to go the extra mile to offer mouth-watering confections in all their branches.

(800) 252-1885

Mom & Pops All Natural Frozen Pops

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Mom & Pops provides delicious All-Natural Frozen Pops made with locally sourced ingredients, sweetened with “Organic Cane Juice and Agave Nectar” and made only with love. Manuel and Laura started testing out flavors in their kitchen and they realized that their creations were actually very good. So good, that in that Summer of 2008, Manuel and Laura decided to start their own popsicle company called “PopSoCools” and changed its name to “Mom & Pops” in the Spring 2011. Mom & Pops All Natural frozen Pops are made with fresh, natural, organic ingredients, and local produce when available. Pops are made with no artificial colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or stabilizers.

(512) 373-3075

NadaMoo!No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Non-dairy ice cream in the house! NadaMoo is an Austin-based “dairy-free ice cream shop” that offers scoops of its popular coconut milk-based ice cream flavors, like the mint chip, birthday cake cookie dough, maple pecan, and snicker doodle. Everything is available in cup, cone, or milkshake format. NadaMoo is not only delicious, but the prices at the scoop shop are very reasonable too compared to most hip ice cream shops. Keeping with the theme, NadaMoo is also serving vegan baked foods and coffee with dairy-free creamers. They also have gluten-free waffle cones that are incredible! Though it is Dairy free, the taste of their ice cream has not been compromised. All the flavors are so good and it's definitely worth checking out.

(512) 566-4964

Quality Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Austin

Quality Seafood Market offers the best from the sea straight to your tables or kitchen! Grab any of their fresh haul offerings at the market, “driven up from the Texas coast or flown in daily from waters around the world,” as well as other frozen specialty items like homemade seafood salads, signature sauces, rubs and more. They have “friendly fishmongers” in-store or professional chefs who are “highly qualified to suggest cooking methods and presentation techniques.” Quality Seafood Market has been in the industry since 1938 and is considered to be an Austin institution. It has gone through a lot of revamps and upgrades, management changes, additional offerings, including a restaurant, food truck, on-site cooking classes, and more. But one thing remains constant: their mission “to provide Central Texans with the freshest possible seafood.

(512) 454-5828

Sala and Betty

Restaurant in Austin

Sala and Betty aims to provide wholesome and well-prepared meals especially for people who are often too busy to cook for themselves. This restaurant features a drive-thru for guests who wanted their meals to-go and a full-serving dining lounge for guests who have time for a sit-down dining experience. For appetizer, you could never go wrong with their "roasted cauliflower". The most popular entrees from their menu are the "mister T sandwich", "Mexican meatloaf", and "smoked chicken". They also serve a variety of desserts, with the "chocolate souffle" being the best-seller. You can get $1 off draft beers and wines by the glass during the happy hour, which runs from 3-6 pm daily.

(512) 645-0214

Sheena’s PicklesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Pickling is a process that is easy to learn. What makes it an art is the care put in making pickles - choosing only the freshest ingredients of herbs and spices sourced from local farmers and growers. Building the flavor of a pickled food requires imagination. Sheena's Pickles has shown that it has rise above this challenge judging from how each canned product tastes. Sheena's Pickles stand by this promise to make great-tasting pickles and be part of a community that celebrates and uplifts one another through great tasting food.

Texas Sake Company

Winery in Austin

Texas Sake Company has a "very relaxed setting with plenty of different sakes to pick from". They make sake "the old-fashioned way, and the sake they make is fruity and smooth". Their "sample flight came with four different types of sake - Junmai, Nigori, Nama, and Oak". The staff is "friendly and informative". Visiting them is "definitely a unique experience in Texas and worth the adventure". It is a "small venue, but great staff and products" and "each Sake have a great taste, and the options are diverse". They also have "a front outside area with a few games to play and misters to keep cool".

(512) 344-9127

Vino Vino

Restaurant in Austin

Vino Vino, after being featured in a Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the "local secret" has since started gaining fame. With an extensive selection of bottled wines impressively displayed on the walls of the wine bar, it's no surprise that visiting Vino Vino is a "no-brainer for wine lovers". An exceptionally knowledgeable bartender and the finest skilled chef makes a superb duo, making the place a "great wine bar with excellent food". While Vino Vino is primarily known for its wide variation of wines, it also takes pride in its dishes. Some of the bestselling, well-loved dishes off their menu are the "three-cheese platter", "mussels and fries", and the "wagyu beef slider".

(512) 465-9282

Zucchini Kill BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

If not for the third word in its name, it would have been difficult to guess what particular enterprise this represents. But Zucchini Kill Bakery is a bakery with a personality. And at the end of the day, the food is really good. That's the bottom line. I don't care what's the name of the bakery if they are making oatmeal cream pies, pumpkin diamond cupcakes, chocolate donuts, pumpkin brownies, and orange cranberry almond muffins as delicious as this.

(737) 215-5936

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