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Animal Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cat Spring

The Animal Farm in Cat Spring, Texas, is a Permaculture Center and a Certified Organic Produce Farm. They usually supply in Farmers Markets and specialty restaurants with their most excellent and most nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs, such as arugula, broccoli, cilantro, chard, collard, greens, florets, spinach, spring onion and many more! Also, they have a farm tour for the public at least twice a year during spring and fall. Furthermore, they organize retreats for holistic practices such as yoga and open up their facilities to others. One happy customer says: "The animal farm can transform a property into an artistic haven. The products are of high quality and also have a fantastic flavor and variety. We highly recommend the farm." Visit Animal Farm and try their delicious organic products! Visit their website for more details.

(979) 992-3038

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch

Farmstay in Cat Spring

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch offers a different type of relaxation and tranquility just about an hour from Houston. This bed and breakfast opens their doors for romantic getaways, as well as an “enchanting setting for outdoor weddings” as well as other functions like private and corporate retreats and events, family reunions, or as a place for a “tranquil escape.” This “magical place” is also a 500-acre working ranch where guests can “enjoy the simple life” by interacting with animals, exploring the area and lakes, stargazing or do nothing and focus on relaxing.  

(713) 301-3235

CatSpring Yaupon TeaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cat Spring

Born out of desire to rediscover the lost American resources of yaupon tea and under-served Texans, Cat Spring Tea sustainably harvests “Yaupon”, the only caffeinated plant native to America, while creating second chance employment opportunities. Although enjoyed for centuries by Native Americans and a powerful source of jitter free energy and antioxidants, the use of the tea plant has been forgotten. With harvesting, processing, and packaging all done by hand, the yaupon tea making process requires a large amount of skilled and unskilled labor. Cat Spring Tea creates second chance employment job positions, amplifying the message that, although overlooked, our people and our product have great value. Cat Spring Tea collaborates with Texas organizations that offer support for individuals fighting poverty, previous incarcerations, addictions, disability, and other personal obstacles.Need your Yaupon Tea Fix? Order directly from Catspring Yaupon Here

(979) 476-9876

Watermelon HillNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Visit and buy Watermelon Hill's beef at selected Local Farmers Market in Texas. Check out the calendar on their website for the locations and schedule. You will surely "love the beef" you will "get from Watermelon Hill". Its "texture and flavor is always good". You will "feel good knowing where our food comes from and they take such great care in what they do". They "are also helpful and know just about every secret to cooking grass-fed meat". It is "definitely worth a trip to Bellville, Sealy or Columbus to pick up great meat". You will "definitely be buying these again!"

(979) 256-9413

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