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KM Flood Family FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Laredo

KM Flood Family Farms does not just grow nutritious crops. They also make different kinds of bread, biscuit, and more. If you are looking for fresh food from the farmland or freshly baked goods, they've got you covered. For fresh produce, they sell cucumbers, peaches, tomatoes, corns, and greens. If you happen to come by, don't forget to try their strawberry margarita bread. Customers say it is fantastic. It is moist and super flavorful. Another must-try is their beer bread. If you are not a fan of beer, they also have the butterbeer bread. Don't worry; this bread does not contain beer of any sort! You can find them at Canyon Farmers Market

Pondaseta Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Amarillo

Showcasing the hard work and dedication of local producers, Pondaseta Brewing Company strives to bring you the “highest quality beer in a casual atmosphere.” Owners Kaleb West and Trever Martin started exploring home brewing and the craft of beer scene 10 years ago. After much learning, many mistakes and a lot of taste testing, this hobby became a passion. After living away from the Texas Panhandle for the past 13 years, they decided to come home to Canyon, Texas and make their brewery dreams come true. Today, Pondaseta Brewing is one of the best place to get craft beers in Amarillo. The brewery itself is so nice and clean! They have different selections and most are brewed from locally sourced businesses. They also offer small plates and have food trucks on the weekends.

(806) 418-6282

Tir Bluen

Farm & Ranch in Canyon

The Tir Bluen, owned by Justin Trammell, is an organic farm that started in 2013. To give you a brief background about him, he grew up on a family farm. As a child, he has always been in love with wildlife agriculture. As a result, he decided to pursue his dream through the 3-acre the 3-acre Tir Bluen farm. They offer pastured chicken, sheep, and organic vegetables. What makes them shine is their high-quality agricultural products that are both affordable and budget-friendly.Furthermore, Tir Bluen describes their agriculture operation as regenerative and eco-friendly. The goal of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming is to restore the ecological function of a piece of land and focuses on soil health. A perfect example of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming is using meat birds to increase organic matter in the soil. Tir Bluen believes that healthy soil is the key to thriving agriculture. Aside from offering organic chicken, sheep, and vegetables, the Tir Bluen also gives farm tours. If you are interested in visiting Tin Bluen and avail their products visit their website at https://tirbluenfarm.com/ for more information.

(806) 567-0746

Trigger Happy BBQNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Amarillo

The competition just got hotter! Located in Amarillo, Texas, Trigger Happy BBQ is a competition BBQ team produces an “award-winning barbecue sauce” with complex flavors that will burst in your mouth leaving you with a unique finish. This sauce was developed for all things barbecue. It is best used for glazing or as a dipping sauce. They also have “Candied Jalapeno” with extremely tasty jalapeno slices that has a perfect blend of spicy and sweet. This jar is filled full of sweet and tangy, spicy cowboy candy. You can add these delicious mouthwatering treats to any dish you desire.

(806) 672-4318

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