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Burklee Hill Vineyards

Winery in Levelland

Burklee Hill Vineyards is a family and locally owned bistro and wine tasting room in Levelland, Texas. They are conveniently located just 25 minutes from Lubbock. Established in 2016, Burklee Hill is proud to be a family and locally owned vineyard, producing 100% Texas wine. The name, Burklee, honors the owner’s grandfathers, Burk and Eddie “Lee.” "Excellent wine and the owners are fantastic". They have "an exceptional selection of locally sourced wines" including an "award-winning Malbec" and they also "are serving tasty cheese trays, flatbreads, and charcuterie that’s so delicious". You can also "enjoy the patio" and "great music on the weekends and showcase local talent".

(806) 568-9463

Onion Shed FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Levelland

Onion Shed Farms started as a small garden under the kitchen window. They are committed to bringing customers the healthiest, best tasting, farm-fresh produce. The owners grow several types of squash and zucchini, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, peppers, green beans, black-eyed peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and watermelons. They also grow microgreens and also have farm-fresh and cage-free eggs. Also, for weed control, they use plasticulture, hands, hoe when the plants get too high for the tractor and sweeps. Neem oil and Spinosad are also the pesticide of choice and are both organic certified. They are sometimes selling at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market. "Really beautiful produce" is all you can say.

(806) 997-3002

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