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Batter + Bowl

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Batter + Bowl is a local business in Lubbock that bakes delicious cookies and cake pops for meetings, school parties, sport events, gatherings, and any other occasion. They provide fresh and homemade cookies that come “for a great price.” Their “peanut butter cookie” and “chocolate chip cookies were the best!” They have the “perfect size” with the perfect texture, and you can definitely experience “fresh-out-of-the-oven delicious cookies even the second day!” Indeed, it’s such an “amazing” experience to try these goodies. Don’t forget to check out their website for cookie flavors. “Order for friends, family, or business” – you won’t get disappointed.

(806) 855-3011

BOLD Grounds CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Bold Grounds Coffee is a family-owned and operated coffee shop in Lubbock, Texas. They make great artisan coffees, roasted to order. Equipped with “40 years combined restaurant and hospitality experience, unmatched work ethics, and an immeasurable drive for quality,” these roasters are really worth-trying for! So if you are someone who knows how to start a great day, you will absolutely “love this coffee!” Do you believe in the benefit of free coffee in your workplace? Great! Bold Grounds Coffee Company also supplies Lubbock and surrounding areas with their finest coffee. They’ll provide and install the necessary equipment in your office, set you up with your own online order portal, and voila! You now have a hassle-free and free-flowing coffee to keep that productivity flowing.

(806) 544-5473

Cafe BeniNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Committed to conscious eating and responsible living, Cafe Béni is a local catering company that specializes in dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, allergen-free, and vegan food preparation for both savory and sweet treats. They use the freshest, most authentic, organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, and responsibly sourced ingredients from the local suppliers to ensure the highest quality of their products. They have a seriously huge menu and “every item has been spectacular.” They also carry the “best GF chocolate macadamia nut bar” in the neighborhood; “the cookie base is crisp and yummy!” Its “chocolate filling” is perfect, and there’s “no skimping on macadamia nuts. Excellent taste!” From here “you can tell this company really cares about their products. The taste is unbelievable” and so is this business. You can find them at Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market, Chicago Station Market, and at select pop-up locations.

(806) 789-0363

Cookies By KaylaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law, Cookies By Kayla is a home-based bakery in Lubbock, Texas that specializes in custom-decorated sugar cookies for all events. Even though she still considers herself as a beginner, Kayla’s “cookies are so yummy” and “cute!” It’s easy to tell that she “is such a natural at this”; she is “so nice and professional,” and she is “open and helpful to” any “ideas” you might have. Her “carrot cake, pumpkin spice, and German chocolate cookie” are just some of the local’s favorites as “not only were they reasonably priced and absolutely beautiful,” but  “they were amazingly delicious” as well. And if you’ve got kids at home, the “DIY cookie kit” is something that your family will surely enjoy. Y’all “definitely” consider “Kayla for all your cookie needs!” You won’t regret it.

(806) 632-0099

D’Lites LubbockNo Own Retail Location

Food Truck in Lubbock

The world is currently facing a health crisis, mainly because of the food we eat and the choices we have as consumers. It is a good thing that there are many businesses today invested in selling healthier food options. D’Lites Lubbock is one of them. Enjoy the yummy taste of sweet, delectable ice cream that is low in sodium, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. This ice cream is also cholesterol-free. This is healthy ice cream that retains the great qualities of ice cream we all have come to enjoy - the creaminess, the texture, and the flavor are all similar to regular ice cream.

(512) 925-1627

Gols Stripe Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Gold Stripe is a Lubbock coffee roastery offering specialty roasted coffee and mobile espresso catering services in West Texas. It began as a mobile espresso bar in 2012 known as Courier Coffee, and it still has its mobile coffee van that you’ll see around Lubbock as well as their specialty coffee store. The shop is a bit small but don't let that stop you from checking this shop out. Gold Stripe will not disappoint and the coffee is priced really well, especially for the quality you get! Their green coffee supplier sources coffees directly from farms around the world and they roast all the beans fresh themselves. They place the roast date on every bag as their commitment to quality, freshness, and transparency. These are the standards that equip Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters to serve real Good coffee.

(806) 412-7303

Humbly Fed

Food Truck in Lubbock

Looking to make a change in your diet? Humbly Fed is a meal-prep service that’s well proportioned and high in nutrition.If you live a hectic and busy life and don’t have the time to cook, Humbly Fed’s meal prep services are a convenient and healthier option than getting take out every day.What’s great about their services is that “the food is delicious” and “reasonably priced”. Following a rotating menu, you won’t get tired of your “great portion sized meals”. By ordering their food, will make your “meal prepping and planning easy”. Making dieting a whole lot easier.

(361) 522-0987

Kelle B Jammin’No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

The name alone evokes high, positive, contagious energy, and it is exciting! Kelle B Jammin' is a smart play on words, perfect for the business of selling delicious jams. Kelle B Jammin’ makes and sells small-batch, artisanal, gourmet jams. But don't be fooled by the name. They also sell snacks and pickles, rubs, spices, sauces, as well as mixes and kits. This small, local business is located in Lubbock, Texas. Just as sweet is the other project by Kelle B Jammin' - Kelle B Kids Cookery Camp, where kids are taught basic cooking skills. That is an important skill and who knows, maybe someday one of the kids here start their own jam business, just like Kelle B Jammin’!   

Llano Estacado Cattle

Butcher in Amarillo

From the finest steaks to custom bacons, Llano Estacado Cattle Company is your source for “the best meat in Lubbock.” The company was founded to provide the finest meats with unmatched customer service. They have the “finest pork, chicken, and beef with custom butchering” for the right cut every time. They have artisan butchers that provide the highest quality steaks as well as novelty cuts that you will not find anywhere else. Llano Estacado Cattle Company strive to provide you with a great experience where you leave confident in the quality of your meats and educated about the best practices to prepare them. They also custom orders for events, tailgate parties, and special occasions.

MacaroundNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

French macarons are the hottest cookie on the market right now. An elegant sweets that you can have anytime of the day! Located in Lubbock, Texas, Macaround offers personalized “Hand Painted Macarons,” made with the best ingredients. These Custom French Macarons are great for weddings, birthdays and parties! The menu includes, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, caramel-apple, pumpkin spice latte, cookies n cream, vanilla bean and fruity pebbles. Macaround also offers “unicorn macarons!” and “Vegan Lavender-Chocolate Macarons” for the health conscious folks who wants to enjoy a sweet treat. The vegan macarons are filled with vegan dark chocolate ganache inside and strawberry jam on the center. This dainty french cream-filled sandwich cookie will definitely bring you happiness after one bite!

Mama Thais

Food Truck in Lubbock

Craving for some Thai food? Located in Lubbock, TX, Mama Thais serves traditional Thai food that can satisfy your cravings.The Thai food truck offers “delicious” food that’s served “super quick” and “absolutely worth it!” Mama Thai’s uses genuine family recipes that really encapsulates the authentic flavors of Thailand.Inspired by her childhood in Thailand, owner, chef Heather Weber has brought the delicious dishes of Thai cuisines to West Texas.They provide drop-off and on-site catering services ideal for private events. If you want to try something new, this is a great choice to expand your culinary horizons.

(806) 789-6140

Natural Grocers – Lubbock

Store in Lubbock

The Lubbock branch of Natural Grocers is small, but it's a huge addition to the community. They have local cooking classes that make use of local produce. They also carry a lot of brands that can't be found anywhere in Lubbock. Their dairy section is stocked with dairy products from many local producers, so that's a big plus!

(806) 783-8990

Pecan Ridge

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Pecan Ridge can be considered a West Texas Tradition as "Lubbock's only full-service independent pecan sheller since 1995."  They have been in the industry for 25 years now, offering fresh-grown pecans harvested from the 30 Pawnee pecan trees on their property.  Pecan Ridge offers pecans that are fully shelled and bagged or cracked and blown only.  They also sell Signature Flavored Pecans as well.  Their West Texas Country Store also serves as "Lubbock's Favorite Gift Store" as they feature "growers, producers, talent, and artists from Lubbock and surrounding communities," helping local entrepreneurs with their business! 

(806) 794-2022


Farm & Ranch in Lubbock

R & R Farms was established by a retired Air Force Veteran, Ray, and his wife, Rhonda, to harvest and sell locally grown produce in the West Texas panhandle.  They started out by growing produce for themselves as they didn't like the stuff they saw at the market and groceries and has then expanded by them catering to their area.  Its mission is "to be a year-round local source for high-quality, healthy produce for the Lubbock community." R & R Farms offers eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as preserves and jams.  These are all fresh and all-natural, grown using organic practices and sustainable agriculture, with no chemicals added to the soil or the plants.  The poultry are also raised free-range and are organically fed.

Strawn PecansNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock

In Lubbock, Strawn Pecans is a small family farm that started in 1973 under the care of the owner's grandparents. For several years in a row, they sold pecans as the trees started bearing their produce. Since then, they have harvested excellent pecan crops, so they decided to sell some. Strawn Pecans nuts are free of pesticides or herbicides and treated with west Texas well water & rain whenever there is. Because they live outside the city limits, they feel fortunate to have wildlife such as foxes, hawks, doves, quails, bobcats, coyote, various snakes, lizards, and other species. For more information, contact Tracy Fondren.

Treatsies BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Treatsies Bakery is a home-based bakery that specializes in cakes, candies, cookies, and cupcakes. On top of that, this bakery also does custom-orders and specialty cakes that will certainly won’t disappoint you. Every batch is made at home from scratch, using recipes that have been passed down from mother-to-daughter for generations. The cookies and creative cupcakes will surely warm your heart, as they deliver these goodies fresh from the oven. Moreover, each piece of candy is formed, dipped, rolled, and drizzled with love and utmost care. Among these candies are turtle bites, peanut patties, chocolate fudge, peanut butter balls, Martha Washingtons, and peanut brittle. Thus, such lovely treats are perfect for giveaways, souvenirs, and even gifts. And that is, if you don’t finish them yourself. So, if you want to get a hassle-free package for your next occasion, consider getting the treats from Treatsies.

(806) 786-4881

Vengee’s CrispsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

Vengee’s Crisps "always fulfills that crunchy snack attack with healthful and delicious crispy veggies and fruits!" This is owned by a family in West Texas who love spending time together. They started drying fruits & veggies one winter simply to share some healthiness with each other. Realizing after a few months that they wanted to make more to share with their community. So, they decided to join a farmer's market family to spread the love. You can follow them on their social media on their next event appearance. You can also buy their items at the online store of their website. They also participate in the Kelle B's Chicago Station Market.

(806) 218-0517

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