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Jones Haskell Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Stamford

Jones Haskell Farmers Market is located in Stamford, Texas. They sell fresh vegetables as well as pork, chicken, and other products. They have fresh salad onions, spinach, shallots, and turnip greens. ML Farms will provide fresh meat for sale. Jones Haskell Farmers Market is looking to expand and offer more to visitors. If you are a Stamford local and have a business you want to grow, consider becoming a vendor at Jones Haskell Farmers Market. It could be farm products, handicrafts, baked goods, drinks, or anything customers will buy.

(325) 772-2987

ML Farms

Farm & Ranch in Stamford

Try ML Farms' "keto bread" because it is "delicious" and their "keto cinnamon rolls as well!" You will also like their "apple pie jelly" for your "jelly sandwiches".  You will "definitely will be getting more". You can find them selling their "jams, jellies, pickles, and" their "Keto treats" such as "Keto buns, Keto cinnamon rolls, and Keto Pecan Pies" at "Abilene's Farmer's Market". Check out their social media page too for more updates about their farm. You can also "check the Chrane Ranch Market" because "you can also find all" their "jams, jellies, and pickles there". They also participate "at the Pecan Festival" in "Clyde, Texas".

(325) 721-4479

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