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Alpine Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Alpine

The Alpine Farmers’ Market at the corner of 4th and historic Murphy Street is open all year-round for the community’s needs. While farming is “a true challenge” according to one recent visitor, this market has “some of the best to offer and great folks”, too. They are open from 9am until noon every Saturday with plenty of fresh veggies, baked goods, handcrafted items, and more available for sale.Tip: They're active on their social media page with fun facts on nature, delicious recipes, and other "what-nots". Their social media manager seems to like bees a lot! Go check them out!

(432) 837-0118

Bella Roca Organics

Farm & Ranch in Alpine

Bella Roca Organics prioritizes “growing plants sustainably.”  Through the years, they have had a great line up of produce that is fresh and locally raised and harvested.  Some of their products include garlic, onions, okra, different types of tomatoes, cilantro, kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and more!  Bella Roca Organics also offers scones, muffins, tacos, or soup!

(432) 837-5274

Blue Water Natural Foods Alpine Texas

Store in Alpine

Founded in 2008, Blue Water Natural Foods company offers a full selection of “Fresh Organic Produce, frozen, refrigerated, bulk, dry goods and the largest selection of Vitamins” in the Big Bend area. They have a “friendly and helpful staff” that will make you feel welcome and to make sure your needs are communicated, that your requests bear fruit, and that your shopping experience is enjoyable and dignifying. They offer a big city selection of products and hours open with the “convenience of a small store, but not the high prices.” Blue Water Natural Foods is a company that really cares for the community, the people and the environment.

(432) 837-5889

Far West Texas Cattle Co.No Own Retail Location

Online Service in Alpine

Far West Texas Cattle Co. offers ranch-to-table beef subscriptions, hoping to make it easier for consumers to buy beef. The farm is located in Alpine, Texas. The business of offering a ranch-to-table beef subscription sounds like a smart idea. It makes it easy both for buyers to buy beef, and for them too, to sell beef. But that is not the best part of the story. It is the fact that 90% of the profit goes to helping people in need. They provide financial assistance to help refugees in Lebanon and starving children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. How they manage to sustain the business operating under this condition is nothing short of a miracle, financially. But they make do, and that is all that matters. Nothing is difficult or impossible to someone who is dedicated to helping others.

Red Wagon Farm Alpine

Farm & Ranch in Alpine

Red Wagon Farm offers locally grown vegetables that they raised and harvested using organic techniques. They also keep chickens and ducks for eggs that they offer to the community as well. You can find them selling their produce and eggs at the Alpine Farmers Market at the Hotel Ritchey Courtyard on Historic Murphy Street. They also sell homemade pickles, relishes and mustards. Check out their social media page to know more updates about their farm.

(432) 837-0118

Taste & See Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Alpine

A bakery, gourmet wine & cheese shop, and a fine arts gallery and a “sweet little neighborhood café,” all in one place! Get a jampacked sensory experience from “farm to table” in Taste and See Bakery.  “A true manifestation of southern hospitality,” shop to your heart's content hearty and filling loaves of bread and other yummy treats made from scratch, using freshly milled specialty grains and stone-ground flour. Also available are specialty cheeses, a highly curated wine selection, more vegan items, and other deli goodies, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, and of course, “amazing coffee”! There is just so much to choose from and they even offer vegan and gluten-free options! Visiting this cafe is “all good for the soul.”

(432) 386-3772

Taste and See Bakery

Bakery in Flynn

Located in Alpine, Texas, Taste and See Bakery is not your average bakery. It is run by “Baker Ginger Hillery,” seeking to nourish the world, one loaf of bread at a time. They offer delicious local coffee and all their bread and pastries are “made fresh daily.” Everything is made from scratch and there is an “artistic expression” to the place as well. Taste and See Bakery produces real food made with whole ingredients. Their “freshly milled specialty grains” are baked into delicious breads, pizza crusts, and other yummy treats. They also offer “stone ground flour” milled for your own home baked goods.

(432) 386-3772

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