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Sun Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Canutillo

Serving craft beer and comfort food, Sun Brewing Company started its journey back in the garage of the owner. Through a lot of hard work and passion, they continuously make process improvements to create original and seasonal craft beers for people who love trying new things. Their highest priority is to satisfy the customer through their “Borderland Avant-garde style,” infusing the flavors of the region, creating beautiful styles of Indigenous beer. Sun Brewing Co strives to deliver beer innovatively and to more customers, but always keep Sun Brewing's culture. Sun Brewing Co always goes to the farmer’s market to find new local ingredients around town and whenever they can, they get seasonal organic produce, and spices to give a unique regional flavor.

(915) 433-3048

Zin Valle Vineyards

Winery in Canutillo

You will enjoy "live music and good wine" in a "very relaxed atmosphere". Zin Valle Vineyards is "a quaint place where you can talk, relax, enjoy really good wine and get away from it all". It's a "very small winery producing" many cases "a year from a combination of Texas grapes and California's Sonoma Valley". They also "sell some wine they import from Italy". Their "Texas whites are off-dry to sweet" and their "Texas reds are mostly dry". They are "almost in New Mexico". It's "an interesting stop" since "this is the farthest west you can go in Texas" and "it is well worth your stop, too".

(915) 877-4544

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