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3 Sons SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Need some spice in your life? 3 Sons Salsa have what you need! This family owned “artisan food business” is proud to provide you with a “Texas Style Picnic” They have a wide selection of menu that includes sweet southern chicken salad, baked tater salad, white corn chips, liquid gold queso, and of course, their healthy, award winning salsa! 3 Sons Salsa deliver all over Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can also find them at the Keller and Flower Mound Farmer Markets. Their products are also available at Nosh and Bottle in Valley Ranch. If you need a caterer, 3 Sons Salsa can also handle it for you!

(469) 735-6565

Beckendorf Mercantile and Meat Market

Artisan Food Producer in Palestine

The rustic look and feel of Beckendorf Mercantile and Meat Market's interior take you back to the past. This is one of the reasons why this place is appealing because it is charming and a welcome break from doing groceries inside modern stores. It also helps that the food they sell here smells good and tastes good. The pies, the cooked meat - they blend perfectly with the smell of old wood and old cluttered items that serves as part of the aesthetic of the room.

1(903) 549-2336

Louisianas’ Best KettlecornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington

Louisianas' Best Kettlecorn isn't kidding when they said they had the best kettlecorn. If you're looking for them at a particular farmers' market, then just follow the smell! They don't have a permanent location but you can check out their Facebook page to see where they're popping up next, get it? Popping up next! They also have specially flavored kettlecorn depending on the event or the location where they sell at.

(504) 782-1886

New Mexico Desert Farm

Farm & Ranch in Adkins

New Mexico Desert Farm is a honey bee farm. They offer bee pollen, propolis candy, balm & spray for muscular relief, honeycomb, and honey w/pecans. "I’m loving my Wildflower honey but even more, I’m loving the CBD honey and the quick relief I get and the non-after taste you tend to get with other edibles. So good and such a need small amount needed!!!" This is just one of the positive comments from one of their buyers. This only shows how wonderful their products are and you will not regret buying from them. Contact them directly on where you can buy their bee products.

(915) 253-2310

Pullen Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Commerce

The Pullen Family Farms takes pride in how cattle and livestock are raised here. They never inject the animals with hormones or antibiotics. The fields where the cattle graze and feeds are free of any pesticide. The result? Good quality meat. You can choose between grass-finished or grain-finished beef, depending on your preference. If you need pork or chicken, they have these here too. Pullen Family Farms is also proud of the honey harvested here. Here is a good example why supporting local is worth it. 

(903) 366-9096


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The Magical MacaronNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Magical Macaron is definitely the best french macarons you will try in Texas that is Gluten-free! It is “owned and operated by Alyssa Wright”, who started making macarons out of personal curiosity. Soon, Alyssa started using this personal hobby to make imaginative macarons for friend's weddings, parties, and gifts. With flavors including classics like lemon and vanilla to unique specialties like butter popcorn and chocolate bacon, Alyssa's dream is to make these delicious treats available for everyone to enjoy! Absolutely yummy, and the flavors aren’t overpowering. Made with cage-free and local eggs, she tries to use the “best and local ingredients” to make these wonderfully magical macarons, so make sure to check out these adorable macarons and satisfy that sweet tooth!

(512) 870-7583

The Sourdough ProjectNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Baking up deliciously fermented sourdough goodies, including crackers, bread, pita, and seasonal snacks. The Sourdough Project is a business of a husband and wife duo in Austin, Texas. Their “hand crafted sourdough crackers” are made with simple ingredients and cold fermented for a uniquely delightful taste and crunch. They have different variants available in sea salt, whole wheat, everything, and Za’atar flavors. These crackers are fantastic! From the texture to the consistency and the taste, you will definitely love it! One thing that makes their crackers so tasty is the ”week long, cold fermentation process”. The longer something ferments, the more complex and interesting it tastes. Another winning factor is the dough’s short list of high-quality ingredients: flour from Texas-grown, stone-milled heirloom wheat, salt, water and olive oil which makes them vegan.