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Windy Winery

Winery in Brenham - 0.58 mi

Windy Winery is a small winery right outside of Brenham and it's "a family business". There is "live music, a beautiful patio, and the inside bar" is "spacious too". It "is not a fancy winery like some but it's relaxed and the wines are great". They have "at least 20 selections of wines from very dry to very sweet". The wines are "very flavorful" such as "the Jal-spice" which is "a lovely rose with hints of jalapeño". You can also order "a cheese tray" that has "some housemade crackers" which are "delicious" because they were "soaked in oil, Parmesan and herbs". You can not bring your dogs here because this is a working vineyard.

(979) 836-3252

Brenham Busy Bee Ranch

Farmstay in Brenham - 4.88 mi

Brenham Busy Bee Ranch lets you have the “perfect combination of activities and leisure.” Book one of the rooms, or even the suite, located on their 23-acre working hobby farm. Explore the open pastures, fishing at the ranch’ private pond, watch the sunset or drive the 4 miles distance to the Historic Downtown Brenham to check out the city’s sights and activities. But the most important thing, to relax, take a break at the charming country home accommodation and let go of the worries back home!

(713) 208-4734

Ninety-Six West

Restaurant in Brenham - 5.08 mi

Ninety-Six West boasts a spacious dining area, an exquisite wine room, and an outdoor patio. The interior is finished with rustic wooden floors and brick walls, giving the restaurant a luxurious "vintage" feel. The menu consists of small plates such as "shrimp and spicy cheese grits", sandwiches like "pulled pork slider"; and entrees such as "pan-seared salmon" and "braised short rib". They also feature soups and salads in which you can choose your preferred protein from a selection of salmon, butcher's choice, shrimp, chicken breast, eggs, mushroom, or avocados. Ninety-Six West serves a full menu from 11 AM until 10 PM, bar menu at 3-5PM, and buffet brunch on Sundays 11AM-2PM.

(979) 421-8388

Downtown Brenham First Fridays Farmer & Artisan Market

Farmers Market in Brenham - 5.11 mi

Every First Fridays of the month (except in November) is a special day for Downtown Brenham. From 3:00pm to 7:00pm, the city holds its monthly Brenham Farmers & Artisan Market. The highlight, of course, are the products available from local farmers and artisans. There’s fresh homegrown produce and meats, and and various homemade products.Downtown Brenham First Fridays Farmers & Artisan Market is held on Baylor Street across the Courthouse Square and parking is available all around the square or on Vulcan and Commerce Streets - just one block from the market. You can browse the many shops or visit the restaurants nearby, too!Tip: The City of Brenham’s website and social media pages publishes the full list of the vendors expected at each market day so be sure to check them out!

(979) 337-7256

Mac Daddy’s MacaronsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brenham - 5.11 mi

Mac Daddy’s Macarons, which is located in Brenham, Texas, makes colorful and delicious macarons with different kinds of fillings. They make 6 to 8 new classic macaron flavors every month, so there's always something to look forward to for all the macaron lovers out there. To order, visit their stall when they set up shop in the local farmers' market. Or send a private message. You can order the classic macaron or a set of shelf-stable macarons, which can be put on display longer. These are macarons that sit at room temp for any length of time during an event. The color of the macarons depends on the available colors on hand that can be used. Inquire about flavors that are available for macaron towers and platters. If you are interested, they also make custom macarons: Fat-Mac’s and Boozy Mac’s.

(832) 729-5133

Home Sweet Farm Market

Store in Brenham - 5.18 mi

When couple Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam put up Home Sweet Farm Market in 2013, they probably never realized that the market was just a starting point for even bigger things. The market was actually the brick-and-mortar result of the community-supported agriculture (CSA) program they started in 2004 with other farmers and neighbors. At first, the farmers market was simply a way to give back and feed Brenham’s own community instead of feeding other people in Houston through their CSA program.To make the market more attractive, they opened a Biergarten next door to provide a family friendly gathering place. The place quickly gained a following among friends and family. Initially, people came for the craft beer and live music. In time, their efforts grew and showcased a thriving Brenham nightlife. Today, Home Sweet Farm Market & Biergarten is a unique take on your usual farmers market.

(979) 530-7994

Home Sweet Farms

Store in Brenham - 5.18 mi

Home Sweet Farms is a “local food store and biergarten” featuring the largest selection of Texas Craft Beers in Washington County with live music every weekend and “Seasonal Farm to Table Dinners” and sometimes guest food trucks. Home Sweet Farms is owned and operated by “Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam” who are a “local food pioneer in the Lone Star State” and are integral to the Brenham evolution. This farmers' market–biergarten hybrid hits hard in the nostalgia department. Even if you've never lived in a small town, Home Sweet Farm immediately grabs your heartstrings and reminds you of simpler times. The atmosphere is carefree and the ambience is “authentically Texas.”  They also host a Farmers Market every first Sunday of the Month, supporting local farmers, artisans and musicians.

(979) 530-7994

Brazos Valley Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Brenham - 5.47 mi

Located in historic downtown Brenham, Brazos Valley Brewing Company is a five-man team of craft brewery enthusiasts. The team is composed of brothers Josh and Jeremy with longtime friends Nelson, Todd, and Richard. Their philosophy is simple: “We brew what we like and (we) want to share them with you!”Jeremy and Nelson started homebrewing their own beers, and not long after, Jeremy’s brother Josh and the others were into it as well. They officially launched their first products in late 2013. Their current lineup of beers include their bestseller Mama Tried IPA, and 7 Spanish Angels, a collaboration with Independence Coffee Company. They also offer the award-winning seasonal beer Silt Brown Ale, among other seasonal offerings. There's a line of products they call their B-Sides and Rarities as well. 

(979) 987-1133


BBQ Joint in Brenham - 5.73 mi

LJ’s BBQ, which is located in Brenham, Texas, is a barbecue restaurant open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM until they've sold out. They have brisket, pork, turkey breast, ribs, and sausages. If you are unsure what to order, you can have the sampler - 1/2 pound of your choice of four meats. This will help you decide which one you like best. And no one will blame you if you end up liking everything here! And that won't be a problem anyway, since you can order a 1-meat plate, a 2-meat plate, or a 3-meat plate. Sandwich is also in the menu, as well as side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

(979) 421-8292

Bliss Candy Company

Artisan Food Producer in Brenham - 6.05 mi

Bliss Candy Company is a manufacturer of “Fine Toffees and Confections” in Texas. Everything they make is "Simply Blissious", The recipe came from the mother of the owner, who makes toffee for every special occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays and family reunions, to name a few. Today, Bliss Toffee is the perfect combination of 4 ingredients, impeccable timing and lots of creativity. Once you get a taste of Bliss Toffee, you’ll understand the incredible success they had. But you won’t care because you’ll be too busy enjoying that taste explosion going on in your mouth because it’s “Simply Blissious!

(979) 421-8530

Wakefield Farms

Farmstay in Brenham - 6.05 mi

Wakefield Farms allows its visitors to “experience the beauty of the changing seasons and farm life with an upscale twist.” This place is all about relaxation and luxury, being the only “rural lodging establishment” in Washington County with a swimming pool and outdoor spa. Relax and cool down at the pool, soak at the heated spa, nap at the king-size bed at the private cottage, or check out the happenings and establishments downtown, all these are possible! But the most important part: the serenity, solitude and peace that comes with staying at the Wakefield Farms.

(979) 251-1459

Seward Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Brenham - 6.16 mi

Seward Ranch offers grass-fed beef, from their pasture to your plate.  They sell different cuts of beef like ground steak patties with 10% fat, very lean ground beef, as well as ribeye and NY Strip steaks and other options through several farmers markets in the area like the Nacogdoches Farmers Market and Jones Creek Farmers Market.  Contact them on their social media page for more details.

(979) 235-7343

Dos Brisas Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mirando City - 6.20 mi

Dos Brisas Farms is located at "The Inn at Dos Brisas" in historic Chappel Hill. There is a wide variety of certified organic vegetables throughout the year aside from being Certified Organic. From a historic ranch that became a five-star luxury ranch resort, this is "a terrific getaway that is so conveniently close to the Houston airport". It "is a self-contained organic farm that offers upscale fine dining (at a very reasonable price relatively) with an amazing wine collection". There is also "great food with fantastic service". Plus, "the views are great and it’s a very relaxing place for a quiet charming date". Highly recommended as a "must-do visit" for those who "like horses". "If you go, you MUST get the five-course dinner at the restaurant".

(979) 277-7750

Independence Coffee Co

Artisan Food Producer in Brenham - 6.39 mi

Creating a passionate community of coffee and tea enthusiasts, Independence Coffee Co provides the highest quality hand-roasted and packaged “world class” coffees and hand-blended tea products on time. This Specialty Coffee Roaster and Retailer in Texas is a must try if you love a really good coffee. The coffee and tea options are endless, samples available for trying and flavor was on point! “The Original Madalyn’s Backyard Pecan” is one of their signature flavored selection that has rich flavor and aroma of pecan with carefully roasted coffee that will really delight you. Independence Coffee Co is roasting one of a kind blends from the best growing regions throughout the world. One taste and you too will be hooked!!

(979) 836-3322

Leaning Cedar Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Brenham - 6.52 mi

Leaning Cedar Ranch raises registered Dexter and Texon cattle and registered Dorper sheep. The cattle in Leaning Cedar Ranch are dual-purpose, providing milk and meat. If you are thinking of starting a farm or raising cattle of your own, Leaning Cedar Ranch can help you because this family farm specializes in raising and selling registered Dexter and Texon seed stock. They also sell pasture-raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meats like beef and lamb. Leaning Cedar Ranch is located in Brenham, Texas.

(979) 337-3103

BriannasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brenham - 6.61 mi

Briannas makes BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressing, a salad dressing made from an original family recipe. Briannas has a lot of products for you. Their most recent is a collection of salad dressing with avocado oil as the base. The three different flavors are Avocado Oil Dairy-Free Garden Ranch, Avocado Oil Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, and Avocado Oil Herb Vinaigrette. They also have the BRIANNAS Organic Line, a collection of organic vinaigrette with different flavors. They have mango, apple cider, honey ginger, rich poppy seed, red wine, and many more. Briannas is located in Brenham, Texas.

(979) 836-5978

The Inn at Dos Brisas

Restaurant in Washington-on-the-Brazos - 7.51 mi

The Inn at Dos Brisas is undoubtedly an epitome of "fine dining". Sitting at the foothills of Texas Hill Country, The Inn at Dos Brisas features dishes made from organic ingredients. Recognized as a five-star restaurant by Forbes and has a 7,000-bottle wine cellar that earned the title of "Best of Award of Excellence" by the Wine Spectator magazine,  the award-winning restaurant offers an extensive menu that emphasizes vegetable-centric dishes. With a classic 18th century fireplace and exquisite centerpieces, the dining room in the Spanish country manor decor adds a flair of elegance to every meal. Each and every dish is served on a Bernardaud China kitchenware that completes a "stellar dining experience".

(979) 277-7750

Kettler Family Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Brenham - 8.09 mi

Kettler Family Dairy, which is located in Brenham, Texas, represents five generations of families who dedicated their lives to farming. Kettler Family Dairy provides its customers with fresh milk and meat products. They have ground beef, beef roasts, steaks, and other cuts of beef like brisket, osso bucco, and short ribs. You can also buy heart, oxtail, and liver if you need any of this for the dish you are making. Not only that, but they also have turkey and different pork products like sausages, roast, pork chop, pan sausage, and pork ribs. Follow their official Facebook account if you want to stay updated on news and other important information, like when they are having a sale.

(979) 251-4172

Pleasant Hill Winery

Winery in Brenham - 8.28 mi

You will "love the layback vibe of Pleasant Hill Winery". It is "interesting to see the old school winemaking process". They also have events and activities where you will enjoy and have "so much fun" such as the grape picking then "getting to “STOMP” them". You might be "able to put" your "footprints on a keepsake T-shirt". They have "a variety of wines to drink while you enjoy the nice view of the hill country". They have "some good sweet wines" such as the "Sweet Rose" which is recommended, "if you're into sweet wines". There is "something for every wine drinker", from the "novice to those with sophisticated" palates.

(979) 830-8463

Schulte Cattle Company Beef

Farm & Ranch in Brenham - 8.49 mi

Schulte Cattle Company Beef is a small cattle ranch in the Independence Community of Washington County. This local business started in 1992. This family-owned and family-operated business is located in Brenham, Texas. The ranch sells home-grown, ranch-raised beef. It is premium quality beef that is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. They offer a great selection of meats like chuck eye steaks, Denver steaks, New York Strip steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties, and steaks, perfect for family dinner or during celebrations (Christmas, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.) The ranch raises its own cattle. It also has its own feed mill. Those who live or work near WoodmenLife in Washington County, can find Schulte Cattle Company Beef's stall there selling quality beef. Buy from them and show your support to local ranchers and local businesses.

(979) 830-1885

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