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Saenz Mini Mart

Store in Roma - 70.41 mi

Saenz Mini Mart is a “neighborhood grocery store” that has been planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today when it comes to grilling or cooking. From the backyard to the kitchen, wholesale to local restaurants and the taco stands, they can handle any special event that consists of “having beef on the plate.” They carry a variety of cuts including “pork, lamb, and poultry.” They have everything from one half pound to five hundred pounds of what you need for a snack, dinner or for a catering. Saenz Mini Mart also have a “slim deli section” where they slice to order. Aside from their selection of meats, Saenz Mini Mart also carry “essential groceries and produce on the go” with no long lines and competitive prices. Seafood is also available here! 

Earth Born Market

Store in McAllen - 101.37 mi

Earth Born stands as a premier farmer’s market, offering USDA-certified organic citrus, fruits, veggies, and fresh-squeezed juices. Indulge in wholesome, flavorful food amidst a fantastic ambiance. Whether you're into cold-pressed juices, smoothies, or nourishing snacks, this is your go-to spot. Expect top-notch produce and invigorating juices, complemented by exceptional customer service. Don't miss the exquisite local orange blossom honey, perfect for allergy-conscious individuals. Explore an array of jellies, jams, bone broth, salsa, and unique treats. And remember, their gift baskets are a brilliant choice for any occasion!

Weslaco Farmers Market

Store in Weslaco - 102.87 mi

Welcome to Weslaco Farmers Market, proudly owned by the Frantz family. Our doors are open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, offering a delightful array of fresh, in-season vegetables and fruits. Some of our produce comes directly from our family's own farm, while we also partner with local farmers to provide you with the best selection. To enrich our offerings, we source fresh produce from out-of-state, ensuring a diverse range of options for you. Additionally, we have a variety of other products, including delicious tortilla chips. Come and explore our market for a taste of freshness like never before.

Steve D. Cervantes Farm

Store in Mathis - 104.60 mi

Embark on the captivating journey of Steve D. Cervantes Farm, a tale woven with unexpected turns. Once entrenched in trucking, Steve's path took a twist when an injury redirected him to the world of aquaponics in 2009. Today, his eponymous farm flourishes with an abundant produce stand, showcasing organic treasures and imported delights. Operating five days a week, we nourish local stores and markets with fresh harvests. Convenient payment methods include cash, credit cards, and EBT. Join our agricultural odyssey right here in Mathis, Texas!

Christy’s Fruit Stand

Store in Raymondville - 113.07 mi

Visit Christy’s Fruit Stand, a charming family-owned haven in Raymondville. Open daily from 8:00am to 9:00pm, we offer fresh fruits and distinctive Mexican decor. Delight in quality produce and exceptional pottery. Explore our wide range of options, all with friendly and knowledgeable service.

Granzin’s Meat Market – Pleasanton

Store in Pleasanton - 119.37 mi

In 2015, another retail store of Granzin's Meat Market opened in Pleasanton, offering “same quality, service, and amazing products” that shoppers can expect. They have everything you need to create fantastic meals, including “freezer packs, seasonings and sauces, beef and turkey sticks, dry sausages, and jerky.” They also offer produce you need for your next home-cooked meal or outdoor cook out, “hand-selected with quality” in mind. They have friendly staff that will help you choose the right cut of beef for your meal. Each has a unique taste, and all are freshly processed. Some of their beef recipe includes “Rubbed Beef Ribs,” featuring Anita’s Season All Brisket Rub; or a classic T-Bone with Roasted Garlic.

Natural Grocers – Corpus Christi

Store in Corpus Christi - 121.15 mi

"Natural Grocers – Corpus Christi is clean, organized and service is impeccable; very helpful and friendly". "The layout is like a mini version of its major competitor". It is a "great spot to pick up a healthy snack or even get a few items for dinner". "Other than having no bags, this place is Gluten-Free Heaven". It is "a place that sells the largest gluten-free and organic selection in town". They also have "a small organic produce selection which is usual but they also carry two aisles of medicine that is natural". And also, "there's no meat, seafood or alcohol". They also "always have great juices to choose from, try the Beetology!"

Lone Star Taste

Store in Port Aransas - 141.45 mi

A Texas based “gourmet specialty shop,” the Lone Star Taste carries everything you need to take the Lone Star State home with you. They have a large selection of salsas, jams and jellies, pickled foods, rubs, seasonings and over “1500 other tasty treats” made in small batches by talented Texas artisans. Lone Star Taste is committed to bringing unique foods and products to the Coastal Bend. With popular brands from “Terlingua to San Saba, from Cuero to Fredericksburg” as well as a large array of Lone Star Taste branded products, “Manager Karen” can hook you up with all the flavors! So, if you’re looking for a little treat while on the coast, or to complete your souvenir list, head to Lone Star Taste!

Fruteria Los Amigos

Store in San Antonio - 147.87 mi

The Fruteria Los Amigos has been doing business at the South Side of San Antonio for many years now. Primarily known for their good selection of fruits and vegetables, they get especially good reviews for their low-priced, high-quality fruits for sale. They have a “great selection of fruit for half the price”. The store is also quite popular for their fruit cups. It’s a small business but they have loyal customers. This is not just “a great fruit stand on the South Side”, but, “This is the place to go for the best damn mangonadas. It is right across from the Little Red Barn and a must to stop by. They also have all kinds of candy, ice cream, elote, and Aqua Frescas”.

Chicho Boys Fruit Market

Store in San Antonio - 148.94 mi

Chicho Boys Fruit Market is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Since 1995, the Gonzalez family has been delivering weekly deals on fresh fruits and vegetables, delighting customers with unbeatable prices. With a dedicated and friendly staff, shopping here is a pleasure. Indulge in their on-site Fruit Bar for a quick snack or explore their fruit platters and gift baskets, perfect for any last-minute gathering. For convenience, pre-order your items via phone or email for curbside pickup. Plus, they accept credit cards for a hassle-free experience!

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