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The Blue Onion Brewpub (Weslaco)

Restaurant in Weslaco - 4.24 mi

Promising “good times and great food with character (and) soul”, The Blue Onion Brewpub in Weslaco is a Rio Grande Valley success story. Founded by friends Eric Arndt and Gary Ancelin, the two quit their jobs and set out to establish the restaurant – something they had always wanted to do. Eric was a home cook and 9th grade teacher who used to work at several restaurants while in college. What differentiates their restaurant is its use of fresh, local ingredients – “no microwaves and no prepackaged nonsense”. They opened for business in 1999. By 2001, with the Dan Price as additional partner, they opened a second location in McAllen. In 2014, they added a third location at Sharyland. All three locations serve excellent beers and even carry “obscure beers” from other parts of the world. “We stock what we like”, the owners say. Of the three locations, however, only the Weslaco location brews its own beers on site.

Nana’s Taqueria

Restaurant in Weslaco - 4.78 mi

Nana’s Taqueria is a restaurant that makes tacos that are considered one of the best in Rio Grande Valley. The restaurant is located in Weslaco, Texas. They have steak tacos, chicken tacos, and fish tacos. They have mini-burritos, lonches, quesadilla, torta, and stuffed jalapeños. The salsa verde is freshly made, as well as the lemonade. The food here is so delicious that this restaurant is frequented not just by locals but Texans coming from different parts of the Lone Star, like Austin and Corpus Christi. It is also not surprising to find tourists from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, California, Illinois - even Canada - eating here. This restaurant was voted by radio station Wild 104 as the best tacos in the Rio Grande Valley, but customers also believe they have the best lonches as well. They describe the food as delicious and mouth-watering. They love the great food, the great music, and the great service, and many customers promise - and do - come back. When the weather is fine, customers opt for cozy al fresco dining. They eat outside under the shade of the trees surrounding the restaurant. It is open by 11:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. Nana’s Taqueria also offers catering.

The Blue Onion Brewpub (N. McAllen)

Restaurant in McAllen - 20.85 mi

The Blue Onion Brewpub is dedicated to using only the freshest, local ingredients to make "delicious", "healthy" food. This restaurant ensures that everything is made to order, which means, no food made in large quantities, no microwaves, no dishonesty, only "real food". It is also passionate about making everything in-house, from housemade dressings and sauces to handmade pizzas. The menu features flatbreads paired with homemade dips like "hummus with roasted garlic", salads like "grilled veggie & feta salad", wraps like "gyro", and an extensive selection of pizzas, including "shrimp & garlic", "pepperoni", and more "flavorful" creations. Blue Onion also prides itself on offering a vast selection of microbrews from around the country, featuring over 22 microbrews on tap!

El Terco

Restaurant in McAllen - 20.92 mi

El Terco promises to bring only the "best tasting" seafood in town right at your table. This seafood restaurant proudly serves locally grown shrimp from its own family farm located in Raymondville, Texas. In addition to "fresh", "flavorful" shrimp-focused dishes, it also serves a wide variety of seafood, including a huge selection of whole fish and shellfish. It offers an extensive menu, featuring appetizers, soups and salads, seafood tacos, signature dishes, seafood cocktails, and desserts. It also features non-seafood offerings such as beef burgers and chicken fajitas. A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages also round up the menu.

The Republic of the Rio Grande

Restaurant in McAllen - 20.94 mi

The Republic of the Rio Grande's famous takes on Southern classics have diners coming back for more. Prioritizing quality and the overall experience of every table, this buzzing food joint in McAllen, Texas uses only the freshest ingredients from local sources. Walking into this bar & grill, there are different dining areas where you can find suitable seating. Expect a fully-stocked bar with cocktails and drinks that are best paired with their in-house dishes like their tender and flavorful ribeye.

Salt New American Table

Restaurant in McAllen - 21.17 mi

Salt New American Table, has a modern, chic look & feel to it". Experience "superb service from the moment you walk in!" Also, "Salt serves up some elaborate cocktails that'll be worth a try while you wait for your order". Try their "burrata, cauliflower soup, filet, crispy pork shank and rosemary black pepper ice cream" because you will not be "disappointed". Also, "Dessert Baked Alaska didn't disappoint either- warm cake, cool sweet ice cream, and fluffy meringue" can be "the perfect ending to this meal". Anyone should "definitely take a date here for a romantic time and great food". And, "if you want some show stopping flavors that make the whole table shut up and eat you need to try Salt".

The Patio On Guerra

Restaurant in McAllen - 21.41 mi

The Patio On Guerra is a family-owned fine-dining restaurant that is steeped in local tradition. Visiting this restaurant, you'll find that they are located in historic downtown McAllen. The building was restored to offer an authentic vintage dining atmosphere. This paired with their excellent wine selection and their signature dishes like their Rack of Lamb guarantees a great dining experience.

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